Week 7 College Football Final Thoughts, Predictions & Investment Advice

Week 7 College Football Final Thoughts, Predictions & Investment Advice


Week 7 College Football Final Thoughts, Predictions & Investment Advice


Week 7 College Football Final Thoughts, Predictions & Investment Advice

The final thoughts, a few predictions, and some investment advice to make your life a heck of a lot better than it currently is. 

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Week 7 Fearless Predictions
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Week 7 Final Thoughts & Investment Advice

Oh, poor you.

There aren’t any games between top 25 teams. There aren’t any superstar powerhouse matchups to get fired up over. This is a throwaway weekend of college football.


It’s one of just a few days out of the calendar year that we’re given the gift of of a smorgasbord of college football games. And you know what’s going to happen?

There will be an Iowa State over Oklahoma. There will be a performance like Arizona QB Khalil Tate had against Colorado last week. There will be a moment that will shape the season.

So whine all you want about a mediocre slate of games. It’s college football. You have absolutely nothing else that’s any better to do.

This is all just for spits, giggles, and entertainment purposes only, however, just in case you dabble …

Not in any way happy about going with Stanford -10. Oregon’s D should keep this close, and Stanford still can’t throw. | Stanford vs. Oregon Preview

Wisconsin is just begging to get tagged at some point. A sharper Nebraska passing game last week would’ve made it interesting. The Badgers will beat Purdue without sweating too hard, but it’ll be a stretch to get to the 17. | Wisconsin vs. Purdue Preview

Maryland is down to its fourth-string quarterback, but a banged up transfer from North Carolina is still good enough to beat this dog of a Northwestern team. | Maryland vs. NU Preview

If you’ve been reading this over the first half of the season – thank you – you’re all in on one incontrovertible fact. Kent … State … Doesn’t … Score. Yeah, Miami QB Gus Ragland is out, and -9 for this RedHawk team seems like a lot, but … Kent … State … Doesn’t … finish this for me, will you? | MU vs. Kent State Preview

Do you want to take a chance that Bowling Green figured it out? After Ohio lost to Central Michigan and the Falcons shocked Miami University, just stay away. Too flaky. But if you have to – Ohio rebounds, even giving away 10. | Ohio vs. Bowling Green Preview

Don’t fall into the trap. Yes, Akron has won two straight. No, it’s not all that great. Yes, Western Michigan needed seven overtimes to beat Buffalo. No, that’s not too bad, because UB is okay. WMU -14 is a lot, but Akron’s O won’t keep up. | Akron vs. WMU Preview

UGH … the bane of my existence, Eastern Michigan. What are you doing to me, oddsmakers? Taking a chance here that Army isn’t all that great, and the EMU defense will rise up to potentially win this outright, or keep it within six. | EMU vs. Army Preview

If you enjoy the under, take a look at NIU at Buffalo. That Bull D really is good enough to stop the Huskie offense that doesn’t explode. NIU has yet to score more than 28 on an FCS team. The 50 might be a wee bit high. | NIU vs. UB Preview

Do you like the team with no offense, or the team with no offense and absolutely no defense? Don’t quote me on this because it’s a baby-soft pick – I just don’t like this Owl team – but Temple should get by UConn easily. | Temple vs. UConn Preview

Virginia. Oh yes. Virginia. North Carolina has shown you nothing – nothing – to suggest that it can beat a team that’s not making any major mistakes. The Cavaliers are only giving away -3.5? Oh, heavens yes. | Virginia vs. UNC Preview

Really, really good game for all of you who think this weekend might suck: Texas Tech at West Virginia. Two things: 1) I’m buying that WVU is good, and 2) these teams almost never have the shootouts you’d think they’d have. That 75 point total is way too high. | TT vs. WVU Preview

If you liked NC State before, Pitt QB Max Browne being out for the year doesn’t change much. The only concern with the -11 on the road is the letdown factor after Louisville. After all, it’s NC State. It’s coming … it’s coming … | NC State vs. Pitt Preview

Just … stop it already. Really? You’re thinking about Indiana +7.5 at home against Michigan?! The Wolverines won’t run much, but they’ll win this in a total defensive wipeout. | IU vs. Michigan Preview

You want to talk respect? The UCF line vs. ECU started at 29, and now it’s up to 36. East Carolina is awful, but … wow. USF beat the Pirates by 30, and West Virginia won by 26. It’s not an insane line, but ECU will score a bit.

With that said, UCF could hit 70 points all by itself. Take that for what it’s worth in the total. | UCF vs. ECU Preview

Don’t be totally fooled by what Tulane’s O did against Tulsa last week in the 62-28 win – Tulsa has a miserable run D. FIU doesn’t. However, FIU doesn’t score … and Florida International doesn’t, either. Loved it at 11.5, not pleased at 13.5. | Tulane vs. FIU Preview

It’s not going to feel good, and you’re not going to like this, but … BC plus the points vs. Lamar Jackson. | BC vs. UofL Preview

But if you hated that, you’re really, really going to despise this … Kansas plus the points vs. Iowa State. Call it a gut feeling that Kyle Kempt is about to turn into Kyle Kempt. | Kansas vs. Iowa State Preview

Week 7 Fearless Predictions
ACC | Big Ten | Big 12 | Pac-12SEC
AAC | C-USA | IND | MAC | Sun Belt

Yeah, Kansas State gave Texas a rough time in Austin, but TCU is about as rock-solid right now as anyone. Until it shows something different, yeah, -6.5 on the road isn’t that awful. | KSU vs. TCU Preview

In a you-didn’t-even-know-it-played-college-football sort of way, Old Dominion might be the season’s biggest disappointment so far. It just got wiped out by 30 at home vs. FAU, and Marshall might be better than the Fighting Kiffs. | ODU vs. Marshall Preview

Come on, Florida State. Don’t let Miami beat you twice. If the Noles care in any way, the seven their giving up at Duke won’t be an issue in any way. | FSU vs. Duke Preview

Houston struggles too much to score, but Tulsa’s defense is really, really, really, really, really, really -13.5 point really, really, really, really awful. | Houston vs. Tulsa Preview

UAB is playing well, and Middle Tennessee has been all over the place. If you can figure out the Blue Raiders, you’re the better person – but you knew that. You map out any scenario with UAB getting four at home, and you might be right. | Middle Tennessee vs. UAB

ULM -7. Don’t think about it. Don’t do any research. Don’t try to look up anything Georgia State has done with wins on the road over the last two weeks. 1) ULM, 2) over 57.5. The Warhawks have scored 56, 51 and 45 over the last three weeks. | ULM vs. Georgia State

But WKU is so bad. This isn’t the WKU of the last few years – it can’t score. Charlotte might be the worst team in college football, but the Hilltoppers only beat UTEP 15-14. Even if it’s wrong, Charlotte +16 is the right play. | WKU vs. Charlotte

Wow. Wyoming is at a point where it’s the underdog at Utah State? Stay away from this. Utah State hasn’t played the same game twice.

In theory, Air Force should be -7.5 better than UNLV. But the Falcon D has yet to show up this season, and here’s the bigger problem – UNLV’s offense is still a mystery. It was stopped cold by Ohio State and San Diego State, and blew up against Howard, Idaho and San Jose State. What will it do against a D that’s in the middle of all of that? | Air Force vs. UNLV Preview

I’m done thinking Idaho is going to be quirky-good. Appalachian State is having problems consistently scoring, but I’ll go with the -13 out of spite. | Idaho vs. ASU Preview

I don’t care if Sam Darnold finally starts playing like the next New York Giant. USC is too underwhelming to give away 13 points to Utah. | USC vs. Utah Preview

Oregon State just lost its head coach, and Colorado will lose Mike McIntyre if he loses to this miserable Beaver team. Colorado had better be ten points stronger. | Colorado vs. OSU Preview

I’m really buying in on Arizona. Last year’s team was decimated by injuries, and this year’s team is showing what can happen when it’s healthy. UCLA still can’t stop the run, and the RichRod machine is humming. | Arizona vs. UCLA Preview

Okay, I concede this one. There are a few bleeeech games this weekend, and Vanderbilt vs. Ole Miss really, really is one of them. I’m assuming Vandy gets this done as an underdog, because there’s nothing bleeeech about winning. | Vandy vs. Ole Miss Preview

I admit that I’m way, way overthinking Oklahoma-Texas. Until it melts down again, I’ll buy in that the Longhorns are playing a little D, and OU isn’t. The whole focused and angry thing doesn’t fly when it comes to the Sooners. They appear to have lost their fastball over the last few weeks, and Texas seems to be playing on a dead even keel. File this under the And You’re Giving Me Points?! category. | Oklahoma vs. Texas Preview

And file this one under the Ride This Until It Stops category. I don’t think for a second that Ohio State should beat Nebraska by more than 24 points on the road, but I don’t get to make that decision. When there’s a hot streak of blowouts happening, stay on it. | OSU vs. Nebraska Preview

Just to be polite, I’ll ask. Has anyone actually watched BYU’s offense? The D might be just good enough to keep it tight, but Mississippi State might win this 25-0 and cover the 24-point spread without any help.

BTW, on that 48.5 point total, BYU games have hit that just once, and it wasn’t even close in four of the other five games. | BYU vs. Miss State Preview

Arkansas being 31.5 point underdogs to anyone shows how bad things are. You don’t want to be that team to deal with an angry Alabama a week after it struggled to put away Texas A&M. | Bama vs. Arkansas Preview

Baylor can score a little bit. As bad as things have been in the 0-5 start, the biggest loss was just 14 points. It can score a little bit – the 25.5 points the Bears are getting from Oklahoma State are a whole bunch. | OSU vs. Baylor Preview

Georgia has won its last four games by an average of 40 to 8, with the last three against Mississippi State, Tennessee and Vanderbilt. Missouri is far worse than those teams. 30 points worse. | Georgia vs. Missouri Preview

Memphis can’t stop the run. Navy is an underdog. You can figure that out.

Georgia Southern might have a fun option attack, but it’s not going to be able to keep up with a New Mexico State offense that hung 24 points on Arkansas and almost beat Troy. If you think the Aggies will win, the seven points aren’t an issue. | Georgia Southern vs. NMSU Preview

As bad as UTEP is, it might be plucky under Mike Price. It gave WKU a battle last week, but Southern Miss should still be 23 points better. | UTEP vs. USM Preview

Arkansas State is absolutely 17 points better than Coastal Carolina. The Chanticleers haven’t played anyone remotely as good as the Red Wolves. | ASU vs. Coastal Carolina Preview

I HATE this theory, so forgive the laziness. UTSA just lost at home to Southern Miss 31-29. North Texas won on the road at Southern Miss 43-28, and then got two weeks to rest. UTSA is favored at North Texas. Something’s missing here. | UTSA vs. North Texas Preview

RUN don’t walk, RUN to the window on Texas A&M getting points against Florida. This Gator team has absolutely nothing offensively, and the Aggies are okay. | Texas A&M vs. Florida Preview

I haven’t been right on South Carolina yet. At least it feels that way. So take it with 11 grains of salt that I’m picking the Gamecocks to upset Tennessee in Knoxville. | USC vs. Tennessee Preview

Okay, fine. The Auburn pick -7 over LSU is a wee bit of a guess, considering LSU has the talent to win this. As much as I despise picking against LSU as an underdog at home, stick with the hotter team. | LSU vs. Auburn Preview

It’s not going to be pretty, and you’re going to do a whole lot of sweating, but Michigan State will slug it out against a Minnesota team desperate for a win. You’ll never, ever feel comfortable until the end. | MSU vs. Minnesota

Washington hasn’t played anyone who’s any good at this whole college football thing. Arizona State can’t stop anyone from getting into the backfield, but it has just enough talent to keep this thing from going off the rails at home. | ASU vs. Washington Preview

Fresno State is a really, really tough call. Yeah, it one the last two games with ease and is unbeaten in Mountain West play. But Nevada and San Jose State are miserable. That New Mexico is getting any points is a gift. | Fresno State vs. New Mexico Preview

If the Boise State vs. San Diego State game was in Boise, I’d think the Broncos would pull it off. Aztecs by 6.5 in San Diego. With a statement. | Boise State vs. SDSU Preview

It’s not just that Cincinnati isn’t good, it’s that USF saw what UCF did last week. UCF won by 28 over the Bearcats. Don’t think for a second that the Bulls want to look better than That Team Up I-4. | USF vs. Cincinnati Preview

All six San Jose State losses coming by 17 or more, plus desperate Hawaii team, plus game in paradise = Rainbow Warrior blowout win in a shootout. | Hawaii vs. SJSU Preview

And Finally … 

Alright, Georgia Tech. You want to sit at the adult table. Take your two weeks off and beat this depleted Miami team that got beaten up by FSU. Show us all that you’re ready to challenge for the ACC title. | Georgia Tech vs. Miami Preview


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