Week 6 College Football Final Thoughts, Predictions & Investment Advice

Week 6 College Football Final Thoughts, Predictions & Investment Advice


Week 6 College Football Final Thoughts, Predictions & Investment Advice


Week 6 College Football Final Thoughts, Predictions & Investment Advice

The final thoughts, a few predictions, and some investment advice to make your life a heck of a lot better than it currently is. 

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Week 6 Fearless Predictions
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Week 6 Final Thoughts & Investment Advice

Almost at the halfway mark of the season, you’re just about at the point where you are what you’re ever going to be.

There might be some schedule improvements and breaks, but there’s a good enough body of work to go on with each team to get a feel for what’s happening. The trick now will be to find the upsets, and to fight through all the preconceived notions.

This is all just for spits, giggles, and entertainment purposes only, however, just in case you dabble …

I’m a fan of this plucky Buffalo team with its solid defense, but Western Michigan might have figured it all out over the last few weeks. It’ll be a fight to get there, but the Broncos will get by the Tyree Jackson-less Bulls by more than a touchdown.

What are you doing to me, spreadmeisters? You know I can’t figure out Eastern Michigan – EVER. You know this team always screws me up, and yet you’re giving me 14 against Toledo after it opened at 11.5? Fine. EMU was able to stay within three of Rutgers, seven against Ohio, and four against Kentucky. You’re handing me 14? I’m taking it.

I keep thinking Central Michigan will eventually be good, and it keeps getting piledriven into the ground. The O has stopped working, and it’s on the road, but Ohio has a way of keeping both teams in the game. 11 is a big enough number to keep waiting for this Chippewa machine to pay off.

All of a sudden, Akron losing to Troy 22-17 on the road a few weeks ago doesn’t look so bad. I hate this pick – I’d hate picking Akron against air – but Ball State is really, really struggling. 6.5 isn’t that big a number at home for the Zips.

Yes, just go with Miami University and the 14.5. I know, the team doesn’t quite have it, but Bowling Green is AWFUL.  This Falcon team is a machine at not covering.

Uhhhhhh, Marshall is sort of in a groove. Uhhhhh, it just blew out Cincinnati, and Charlotte remains winless, and uhhhhh, it’s only 15? Uhhhhh, don’t be scared off by the 30-29 loss at FIU. The 49ers can’t hang with the Herd.

Until Cincinnati starts getting better at college football, and until UCF does anything that’s not absolutely flawless – skypoint to George Michael and his best song by far – take the Knights on the road. | UC vs. UCF Preview

Oh go ahead. Coastal Carolina is a home PICK against a Georgia State team that doesn’t have an offense. Both teams are wildly flaky and inconsistent – assume the road team will be the flakier.

Northwestern is a double-digit covering god, and Penn State isn’t the No. 4 team in the country and will eventually be exposed. However, while all the stats work out for Wildcats and the 13.5 – 14 if you can get it – this team isn’t any good. Everyone is going to tell you to Go You Northwestern, but just … just be careful. | Penn State vs. NU Preview

Totally and completely stumped by Temple -2 at East Carolina. Temple has no O whatsoever, East Carolina has no D whatsoever. I’m having a hard time buying that the Owls really have sunk so far so fast. Go with the team that might run for 300 yards and break out of its slide – even on the road. | Temple vs. ECU Preview

I finally got a Duke game right last week, so I’m happily diving back into the pool and thinking Virginia – at home with two weeks to rest up – will be wearing water wings. | Virginia vs. Duke Preview

I know I told the world to just go with the Texas Tech – Oklahoma State over because it would be fun, and you’d be mad at yourself if you weren’t in on the joy – it just missed on a late stalled drive. With that in mind, considering they combined for 137 points last year, the 66.5 in Pitt and Syracuse feels like a trap. I’ll still go over, but these two also combined for just 43 points two years ago. | Pitt vs. SU Preview

If at any time you had a thought that Virginia Tech could’ve beaten Clemson last week, then you should also think it should be good enough roll by a miserable Boston College team. | VT vs. BC Preview

You don’t want anything to do with Appalachian State vs. New Mexico State. Too much State, too many consonants and vowels, too much Sun Belt #FunBelt, too many X factors. NMSU has the type of offense that can make things annoying late.

Look, I’ll absolutely admit it if I’m reading this totally wrong or if I whiff here. It won’t be bad luck, it won’t be a bad beat, it won’t be anything else other than not seeing what’s there. Maryland getting 31 against Ohio State is a miracle.

Ohio State destroyed Rutgers, but it beat UNLV by 33 and Army by 31. Again, Maryland is getting 31? So the Terps are about as good as Army vs. the Buckeyes, and close to being as good as UNLV?

Yeah, of course it’s possible tOSU wins in a brutal demolish job. If it does, then it’s time to get scared, College Football Playoff contenders, because that means it’s 2014 again. | OSU vs. Maryland Preview

No, no, no. Don’t start thinking Wake Forest just might be that good because of the near miss against a Florida State team that’s playing about ten feet below its talent level. Clemson. -21.5. At home. Don’t get cute. | Clemson vs. WF Preview

I’m dead wrong here. I’m picking Purdue even though Minnesota is better. I’m going with it, but it’s a wrong pick that I can’t go back on because I’ll be angrier at myself for not sticking with my first answer. Sorry. I’m confused. I just ate too much peanut butter. | Purdue vs. Minnesota Preview

If you can figure out how Michigan State is going to run in any way on this Michigan defense, I’ll consider your argument for an upset. By the way, Michigan State couldn’t run on Iowa. At all. It was ugly. | Michigan vs. MSU Preview

Wow. Really? Southern Miss is getting 13 against UTSA? That’s more about USM being a massive clunker than it is about USTA being good.

If you don’t know what to do with WKU -17 vs. a horrendous UTEP team that just lost its head coach, then I can’t help you.

Whatever you want to say on Stanford -4.5 vs. Utah, I’ll agree. Utah does too many things well, but nothing at a super-high level. This is the week the Cardinal ground game slows down. | Stanford vs. Utah Preview

All four Louisiana-Lafayette games this year combined for 66 points or more, and the other three hit the 99 point mark or went higher. 64 is the total vs. Idaho? It’s possible both teams score that by themselves.

Sorry to be so non-committal, but part of this is knowing when to not guess. Right now, trying to figure out what kind of Utah State team shows up at home against a terrific Colorado State squad is a coin-flip.

Tulsa has one of the nation’s worst run defenses, Tulane is at home and rested with a not-that-bad option attack. That -4.5 might be way too easy. | Tulane vs. Tulsa Preview

Army should be better than it is. The 11.5 against Rice shouldn’t be a problem – the Owls can’t stop anyone’s running game – but the Knights had a hard time with UTEP. No one has a hard time with UTEP.

Never try to analyze tragedy and emotion. San Diego State is three touchdowns better than UNLV.

The line for Air Force-Navy came WAY down. Navy is playing far better, and the New Mexico loss for Air Force is scary. But the Falcons might be able to pull this off outright and it’s getting 7.5. | Air Force vs. Navy Preview

I like South Carolina at home vs. Arkansas. I was told by people a lot smarter than I am that Arkansas was going to win this with ease. Always listen to the smarter people. | Arkansas vs. USC Preview

Arizona’s defense is playing a whole lot better than you probably remember. For some reason, this whole Colorado offense stopped working at the wrong time. | Arizona vs. Colorado Preview

Ugh. It’s so, so awful picking Kansas to do anythingThe 16.5 against Texas Tech might be a wee bit too much, but … yuck. Texas Tech could hang 55 on the board and make picking the Jayhawks look ridiculous. | Kansas vs. Texas Tech Preview

Washington is fantastic, but it’s not like it’s beating anyone with a pulse. Cal might be a layup getting 27.5. | UW vs. Cal Preview

Washington State is only giving away 2.5 to an Oregon team without its starting quarterback. The Ducks don’t need the sweetner. Shockingly, the defense will get it done, and the O will crank it up at home. | Oregon vs. Wazzu Preview

USC just lost, and now it has to play, arguably, the second-worst Power Five team behind Kansas. Oregon State might be down 34-0 in the first quarter. | USC vs. Oregon State Preview

You’ve never seen Texas State play. You’ve never seen ULM play. ULM is about 17 points better than Texas State, and it’s only giving up 6.5.

Please, for me, don’t get caught up in the idea that Georgia is due to go Georgia and that Vanderbilt is always a problem. Georgia might be the second-best team in college football, and Vandy, really, really isn’t. | Vandy vs. UGA Preview

TCU is absolutely the real deal. It’s good enough to beat Oklahoma, and it’s good enough win the Big 12 title. But Will Grier and this West Virginia offense can play a little bit, too. | WVU vs. TCU Preview

And now it’s time for this week’s episode of … Kent … State … Doesn’t … Score. Every week, we play Kent … State … Doesn’t … Score, and every week, what happens? Kent … State … Doesn’t … Score. NIU -23.5 should be better.

AGAIN, sorry to be a game is half empty guy, but we have no idea what Old Dominion is yet. It has yet to play a team its own size, and now it’s getting 4.5 at home against FAU.

I’m going to be really, really mad if LSU picks this week to flip the switch. This Tiger team is so much better than Florida, but Florida is Florida – it finds ways to get it done. | Florida vs. LSU Preview

It’s possible that Oklahoma looks fantastic after the time off, and Iowa State’s offense still puts up enough points to make it spicy. | OU vs. ISU Preview

When will Houston stop dinking and dunking? SMU’s offense has been outstanding, even in the loss to TCU. I’ll go with Houston at home – even with an injured Ed Oliver – but I don’t have to like it. | SMU vs. Houston Preview

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Kentucky seems to play every game close. Kentucky hasn’t played Missouri yet. | UK vs. Mizzou Preview

Nebraska has the defense to give Wisconsin’s ground game fits, and then Tanner Lee will throw another pick. Don’t be shocked if the Badgers are fantastic after sleepwalking through the finish of the Northwestern win. | UW vs. Nebraska Preview

There’s a chance Ole Miss might be really, really bad, and Auburn might be really, really good. This Tiger offense is humming right now, but it’s the D that could own this. | Ole Miss vs. Auburn Preview

Tell me you got in on Texas -3.5 before it jumped. Either way – 3.5, 5.5, 4 – it’s all good. The Longhorn D has found its groove against the run, and K-State can’t throw now. | Texas vs. Kansas State Preview

Alabama destroyed Vanderbilt and Ole Miss in two of the most dominant performances of the Nick Saban era. Texas A&M is good, but with the way this Crimson Tide D is playing, Mr. Kellen Mond, you’re in for a long, long afternoon. | Texas A&M vs. Bama Preview

Warning. I apparently wrote this whole thing with my fly open. No man has ever said, done or written anything intelligent with the gate down.


Most people reading this weren’t alive when Florida State vs. Miami ruled the world.

Emotion will only go so far, and the rivalry aspect will only matter so much before the Miami defense goes all Miami defense and stomps all over James Blackman.

Unless the Seminoles were able to figure out how to bring in the Dallas Cowboy offensive line over the last week to replace their current front five, I’m afraid our work here is done. | Miami vs. FSU Preview


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