Path To The 2018 College Football Playoff: Washington Huskies

Path To The 2018 College Football Playoff: Washington Huskies

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Path To The 2018 College Football Playoff: Washington Huskies


Path To The 2018 College Football Playoff: Washington Huskies

What is Washington’s path to the 2018 College Football Playoff? What are the different ways the Huskies can get in?

Path To The Playoff: Washington

CFN Bowl & CFP Projections

What’s The Easiest Path?

Alright, Washington, you’re it.

The rest of the Pac-12 has at least two losses per team, and unless there’s total chaos, that means Washington is the only hope to get into the College Football Playoff.

Last year’s Pac-12 champ has to do it all over again to get another shot after the Peach Bowl loss to Washington, and they’re just good enough to do it.

There’s a problem, though – the resume stinks.

At the moment, Fresno State is the only team the Dawgs have beaten that’s certain to go bowling. November will be tougher with Oregon, at Stanford, Utah and Washington State to play, but even if the Huskies win all four of those, and then win another Pac-12 title, they’ll need some help.

The easiest path would be to win out, hope for a two-loss Big 12 champion, a two-loss SEC championship loser, and for Notre Dame to take on a second loss.

If that happens, then the SEC champion, Big 12 champ, and ACC champion would get in – along with the Huskies.

But, What Happens If …

Notre Dame goes 12-1?

If it comes down to the Irish and the Huskies for the final spot, who’d come through?

Notre Dame would be 11-1, but with an amazing resume and far more big wins to get excited about than anything Washington could do. However, it might come down to the Stanford game.

The one thing Washington could have in its favor is if it blows out Stanford, and Notre Dame struggles to get by in the regular season finale.

Combine that with a 12-1 record and a Power Five championship, and UW would at least have a case.

But on resume, 11-1 Notre Dame would probably get the CFP fourth spot.

The Realistic Worst Case Scenario

Besides Washington losing once more – which would end all the possibilities – there’s no chance if the other Power Five conference champs are viable.

The Huskies will need help, and that might include a two-loss SEC championship loser along with another loss from Notre Dame.

The SEC champion, a one-loss Big Ten champ – or an unbeaten Wisconsin, a one-loss ACC champion, and a one-loss Oklahoma would push out the Dawgs.

Okay, What’s Going To Happen

The Huskies will win the Pac-12 title, and will just miss out on the College Football Playoff.

The consolation prize will be the Fiesta Bowl against Wisconsin, in a battle of disappointed teams that came oh-so-close to getting into the tournament.


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