Holgorsen Takeaways: Goal To Maintain Mountaineers Momentum At Baylor

Holgorsen Takeaways: Goal To Maintain Mountaineers Momentum At Baylor

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Holgorsen Takeaways: Goal To Maintain Mountaineers Momentum At Baylor

Holgorsen Takeaways: Goal To Maintain Mountaineers Momentum At Baylor

Coach Dana Holgorsen looks to maintain the victory momentum ahead of the team’s game at Baylor.

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Mountaineers head coach Dana Holgorsen spoke with the media Tuesday afternoon coming of of the team’s thrilling coming-from-behind victory over Texas Tech Saturday. The head coach is now directly focusing on what could be a difficult trip to Waco to take on the Baylor Bears. The Mountaineers coach is hoping to carry on the moment from Saturday’s fourth quarter.

The Mountaineers are 0-2 both this season and overall when visiting the Bears in Waco. Saying that, the Bears are currently 0-6 on their season, with a nighttime Homecoming game just days away. The Bears, according to Holgorsen, are an interesting team with their record not fully showing what they are capable of.

“It’s the first time in six years that this is a little more challenging of a week with Baylor based on my experiences with what I have known Baylor to be and what they currently are. There are a lot more unknowns than there have been,” Holgorsen said. “We’re 0-2 in Waco, so that’s a lot of motivation to be able to change that. I don’t care what their record is, any time you have everything that is just so new, there’s going to be an awful lot of improvement. We have to be prepared for a wild homecoming atmosphere, night game. The last time they played there at night they should have beaten Oklahoma, that’ll grab your attention. What they’ve done to us the last two times there will grab your attention.”

Baylor’s kicking game will be a point of uncertainty going into Saturday. Their kicker is currently injured and they’ve faced some change as of late in their kicking situation.

“Kicking game, their kicker has a lower-leg injury, the second week in a row we’ve had some uncertainty as far as what’s going to happen with their kicking situation. Their field goal kicker is really good, the Connor Martin kid, he’s almost perfect on the year. But they’ve had to change punters and they’ve had a couple of different kickoff guys. So, we’re going to have to sort through that,” Holgorsen remarked. “I sit up here every week and talk about punt return and kick return and they have guys that scare you. No. 13 the (Tony) Nicholson kid, he leads the league in punt returns and they have a variety of guys they put back there on kickoff returns as well.”

Holgorsen went on to discuss Baylor’s offense and defense, loosely detailing what he expects his team to face Saturday night.

“Offensively, the one thing we do understand is some of their players. They are a lot of the same guys that have lined up for these guys. We all know they’ve recruited pretty well over the last several years. We’re familiar with their quarterback; they made that switch in Game 3 or Game 4, somewhere in there, but Zach Smith is a good football player, tough kid. He was out there last year and we hit him a lot and he kept getting up, kept playing and gave them a chance to win,” Holgorsen said. “Baylor defensively . . . They’re a four-down team that wants to pressure you hard up front, their linebackers are extremely aggressive. They’re led by No.1, the Taylor Young guy that seems like he’s been there for eight years. He’s kind of an undersized guy that is one of the better middle linebackers in the country. He really does a good job. Like I said, he’s not new to us, we’ve been going against him for the last four years.”

The head coach of the Mountaineers was so pleased with the way his team came out from the start of the fourth quarter in last Saturday’s victory. This energy and momentum is a key component to the team’s victory and will be key in a possible road victory in Waco.

“The momentum got going in the fourth quarter and I couldn’t be prouder of how our guys took that and just excelled on everything in the fourth quarter, complete domination,” Holgorsen praised. “We caught breaks, expected good things to happen, executed very well, played with great effort, and had a lot of confidence. I would hope that would carry over. I think that’s going to give us confidence moving forward.”

For anyone that was at Saturday’s home win over Texas Tech, the momentum swing in the fourth quarter was nothing short of electrifying. The fans, the stadium, everyone could feel this shift in momentum and watching the players come alive to pull out a win was a great way to keep pushing forward through the second half of the season.

Coach Holgorsen looks to build on the momentum and energy from Saturday while the team is in Waco. Now, if only hey could get that dancing fan from the stadium to travel along and pump the team up. The Mountaineers head to work in Waco for the weekend, looking to bring home a road win.

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