College Football's Most Disappointing Team: Boston College 35, FSU 3

College Football's Most Disappointing Team: Boston College 35, FSU 3


College Football's Most Disappointing Team: Boston College 35, FSU 3


College Football’s Most Disappointing Team: Boston College 35, FSU 3

Boston College rolled Florida State in a blowout, and now the Seminole season is a total disaster, and the Eagles have become fantastic. 

First of all, give a little bit of love to Boston College.

Actually, give a lot of love to Boston College.

The Eagles should’ve lost to Northern Illinois to start the season, lost three straight, and it seemed like head coach Steve Addazio was gone and a new era was on its way.

Even at 2-4, there was no hope whatsoever with at Louisville, at Virginia, and Florida State up next – and NC State to follow.

But with 121 points in the three-game winning streak, all of a sudden, this is one of the nation’s hottest teams.

But that’s not why you called.

BYU fans would be more than happy to jump into the debate, and Baylor fans might like to be heard from, but with this loss, Florida State is now the official Biggest Disappointment of 2017.

I’m an idiot, but I’m not stupid. This Florida State team really and truly came into the season with the talent, experience and upside to at least be considered for the No. 1 spot. The AP and Coaches preseason polls thought so, too, putting FSU at third behind Alabama and Ohio State.

Yes, losing Deondre Francois was a problem. While he’s a talent, it’s not like losing Lamar Jackson, or Baker Mayfield, or Sam Darnold.

Other teams had quarterback issues, too, and managed to keep on going. Georgia replaced Jacob Eason early on with a true freshman, and it’s doing fine. Texas A&M had to put in Kellen Mond right away, and the team has been solid.

Iowa State beat Oklahoma with a guy brought in off the streets – and that’s only a slight exaggeration.

This is a Florida State team that still is more than good enough to overcome the loss of Francois. But it doesn’t have it.

What happened? The offensive line was a nightmare early on, and it hasn’t been fixed.

The Florida State offensive line, coming into this game, was 127th in the nation in tackles for loss allowed, and 122nd in sacks given up. It allowed two sacks and six tackles for loss to the Eagles.

There hasn’t been any room for the running game, and there hasn’t been much time for James Blackman to work. Even so, he’s been fine – at least until the BC debacle. Thrown to the wolves, it’s not his fault the team has collapsed.

Blackman has to be better. He only hit 11-of-26 passes for 102 yards with a pick against the Eagles, but it’s not like he’s getting any help.

No, this is on the defense.

With all that talent, and all those great players in the secondary, the Noles are getting shoved around, they’re not making plays, and they’re not forcing takeaways with just five on the year.

On both sides of the line, FSU didn’t show up. BC held FSU to just 64 rushing yards, ran for for 241 yards and three scores – AJ Dillon ran for 149 yards and a touchdown.

The Seminoles were sloppy – three turnovers and seven penalties – and they played like they had no interest in being there.

But to be fair, FSU already had a loss to Alabama and a tough defeat to NC State – it was out of the College Football Playoff hunt by September 24th.

The loss to Miami was heart-ripping, and the loss to Louisville was a gut punch. Would things have been different if FSU came into Chestnut Hill with wins in the three games decided by six points or fewer?

You are what your record is, and the 2017 Florida State Seminoles are 2-5.

And now FSU probably won’t go bowling. With just an 11-game schedule thanks to the hurricane problems early on, the Noles have to win out just to go bowling. They still have to play Syracuse, Delaware State and go to Florida. That’s not so bad … oh yeah. And they have to play at Clemson.

The transformation of Boston College has been amazing. Now, at 5-4 and with NC State, UConn and at Syracuse to go, it just needs one more win to go to a bowl. The way it’s playing, it might just take down all three.


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