College Football Playoff Rankings: Give Us What We Want

College Football Playoff Rankings: Give Us What We Want


College Football Playoff Rankings: Give Us What We Want


Forget The College Football Playoff Rankings: Give Us What We Want

There might be several good options, but let’s cut to the chase and give us the showdown – again.  

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By: @KaraKohlenberg, Bet on the Blonde

When this is all over, what do we want?

With the first CFP rankings upon us, let’s just cut to the obvious chase: we’re going to see Alabama, Georgia, Notre Dame and Ohio State somewhere at the very top.

Are these really the four best teams? The short answer? Nope.

That’s fine, but there’s one that has to be there in the mix. There are four spots, and there’s one team that has to be in the top four.

Who really deserves to be in that top four, based on what’s happened so far, schedules, and talent? Who’s doing to be the true contender among the true contenders?

A quick look back at the last nine weeks paints a relatively straight forward picture.

Sorry, but as good as it might look, a 7-1 Ohio State got embarrassed at home by Oklahoma and has only one “key win” by a single point against Penn State. That’s fine, but no, no, no.

Look at the resumes. How anyone can keep Clemson out of the top four is beyond me.

Auburn, at Louisville, Boston College, at Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech. Yeah, there’s that loss at Syracuse, but three top 15 wins in September? Unprecedented. And yes, I’m taking Clemson to battle again against anyone and everyone the rest of the way – even without Deshaun around and even with that one loss to the Orange.

And I want to see Clemson play that other team again.

Notre Dame looked impressive in its performance against USC and NC State. But would it even stand a chance against the Crimson Tide? Yeah, but I’m taking Bama, and I dare you to not to.

So to the elite members of the College Football Playoff Committee, I implore you. Quit thinking about what the public might want, and give us what we really want.

Quit catering to the MLPs – most lucrative programs – and instead, give us the teams that are truly the best. Give us the teams we really believe in – deep down.

Give us Alabama and Georgia and Clemson and Oklahoma. We all know it’s going to be Alabama vs. Clemson, Round Three at some point in the playoff – and I personally can’t wait.

I just hope the playoff games leading up to another epic National Championship are just that – games. 

And then I want another Tigers vs. Tide showdown.


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