Week 9 College Football Final Thoughts, Predictions & Investment Advice

Week 9 College Football Final Thoughts, Predictions & Investment Advice


Week 9 College Football Final Thoughts, Predictions & Investment Advice


Week 9 College Football Final Thoughts, Predictions & Investment Advice

The final thoughts, a few predictions, and some investment advice to make your life a heck of a lot better than it currently is. 

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Week 9 Fearless Predictions
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Final Thoughts & Investment Advice: Thursday

Week 9 Final Thoughts & Investment Advice

It’s been a fun two months of the season. We’ve had some laughs and killed some time, but now it’s getting real. Now the College Football Playoff committee’s views on the world are lurking, and the teams at the top are going to be auditioning.

Meanwhile, the Floridas and Florida States of the world are playing for their 2017 survival.

It’s the most important week of the college football season, and here’s what’s going to happen.

This is all just for spits, giggles, and entertainment purposes only, however, just in case you dabble …

Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow.

Really? Boston College is good on offense now? Really, Florida State’s NFL defense can’t seem to come up with a truly meaningful stop?

Here’s the biggest problem. X and O this thing to death, but it comes down to whether or not Florida State decides to show up and play – try figuring that one out.

I’m picking FSU, because it seems like the fire is there.

BC DE Harold Landry is about to build a condo in the Seminole backfield, but on the national stage, pride is about to kick in for the ultra-talented team in the midst of an awful season. | FSU vs. BC Preview

Tulane can’t stop anyone’s passing game, and Memphis is awesome at throwing the ball. Memphis can’t stop anyone’s ground game, and Tulane is awesome at running the ball. Neither D will stop the other’s O. Take that, and do something good with the 63.5 point total. | Memphis vs. Tulane Preview

SMU is about to make a statement. It’s got a brutal finishing kick to deal with, and it needs this win over a bad Tulsa team that’s about get hit hard by the Mustang passing attack. The 9.5 won’t be any sort of an issue. | SMU vs. Tulsa Preview

I want to pick Nebraska just because its Nebraska, and it’s playing Purdue. It’s Nebraska, and it’s rested and … it’s going to lose to Purdue. The line went down from Boilers -5.5 to 4.5 – you’re not going to need the help. | Purdue vs. Nebraska Preview

I want to pick Tennessee just because it’s Tennessee, and it’s playing Kentucky. It’s desperate, it’s finally playing a mediocre team and … it’s going to beat Kentucky. Yes, I made this pick before John Kelly was suspended. And to answer your question, no, because I was always told to stick with your first answer. The Vol D will show up large. | UT vs. UK Preview

Yes on South Carolina, no on covering vs. Vanderbilt. I despise picking underdogs getting seven or fewer to lose but cover – it’s getting cute – but these two won’t score enough to make the spread matter all that much. | Vandy vs. USC Preview

YUCK … Akron doesn’t do anything well other than pick off the occasional pass and get defensive touchdowns. That five it’s giving to Buffalo stinks. Even though Akron might just win the MAC East, and I hate, hate, hate doing this again – UB loses, but covers the five.

At the end of the day, Lamar Jackson is Lamar Jackson, and Wake Forest – even with the most dangerous defense in the country when it comes to getting into the backfield – doesn’t have one of those. | WF vs. UofL Preview

In theory, Miami should obliterate North Carolina. On the road, considering the Hurricane offense is just okay, 20.5 at this point in the season is too big. Hold your nose – the Tar Heels cover. | UM vs. UNC Preview

If you want to take the chance that the Michigan defense is about to do anything but come out breathing fire against a limited Rutgers offense, be my guest. There’s a good chance the Scarlet Knights won’t score a touchdown. Now it’s up to you to figure out what Michigan will do with that 43.5 point total. | Michigan vs. Rutgers Preview

FIU doesn’t score, Marshall’s D is crushing it. Herd, under, boom.

It would be nice if the Appalachian State-UMass spread was just a wee bit higher. ASU hasn’t shown any pop, and UMass has the firepower to put this away fast, but still, I’d feel better if it was around seven instead of ASU -4.5, just as a buffer. Whatever. The Minutemen will win.

Stay away from Virginia-Pitt. Stay away, stay away, stay away. Don’t take the chance that the Virginia that totally clunked against Boston College is or isn’t the real Virginia, and don’t get into whether or not the Pitt team that found religion against Duke can play. I’m taking Virginia as a dog, but you’ve been warned. | Virginia vs. Pitt Preview

Everyone will focus on the Clemson D vs. the Georgia Tech O, but be careful of the Georgia Tech D vs. the Clemson O. Clemson will win, but the 14 might be a bit much considering Kelly Bryant’s health – he’s supposedly fine – is still an X factor. | Clemson vs. GT Preview

There’s an outside shot that Missouri really did turn a corner against Idaho. Even if it didn’t the offense is going to blow up against UConn, the UConn offense is going to blow up on Mizzou, and there will be a whole lot of blowing up on that 76 point total. | Missouri vs. UConn Preview

I like this West Virginia team. I like this Oklahoma State team. I like this West Virginia team getting 7.5 at home more than I like this Oklahoma State team. I like the 73-point over a lot more than I like Doritos. And I love Doritos. | WVU vs. OSU Preview

With that said, some very smart West Virginia people I know like OSU. Crunch, Crunch.

3-4 Indiana really is good, but it just so happened to play Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State and Michigan State. This Hoosier D should stuff the Maryland O to a dead stop. | IU vs. Maryland Preview

Virginia Tech is being ignored for some reason. It’s as if it fell off the radar after the Clemson loss, but the D has allowed ten points or fewer four of the last six games, and gave up just 17 to East Carolina. Duke will have a really, really hard time scoring. | VT vs. Duke Preview

Coastal Carolina has lost six straight. I know it’s Coastal Carolina, and I know it’s giving away eight, but Texas State hasn’t been anywhere close to being competitive over the last month.

Wisconsin seems bored. Maybe going on the road will do it some good. If you can figure out what this Illinois team does right, be my guest. Its lines are about to get destroyed. | UW vs. Illinois Preview

You didn’t watch Kansas over the last few weeks did you? How do I know this? You’re reading this instead of running to the window for Kansas State. | KSU vs. KU

Minnesota and Iowa haven’t been very good at this college football thing lately. But Minnesota is a whole lot worse – this offense can’t seem to throw the ball at all. Iowa is overdue for a good game. | Iowa vs. Minn Preview

If I could pick both New Mexico and Wyoming to lose, I would. The Cowboys are a dog at home and they can get into the backfield – that’ll stop the Lobo offense early and often. | UW vs. UNM Preview

New Mexico State always seems to rise up and rock at odd times, but Arkansas State has been playing like the best team in the Sun Belt by far. If you like ASU – and you should – the three doesn’t matter.

In the saddest college football game of the 2017 season, yeah, BYU will will beat San Jose State. However, you’re taking an awfully massive chance if you think that the team that can’t score a lick can beat anyone by 12.5.

There are certain games that come across as way too puzzling. I’m sure there’s a reason – besides relative proximity and a slight rivalry thing – that UTEP is only a 15.5 point underdog to UTSA, but I can’t figure out what. UTEP doesn’t score. At all. Ever. UTSA has a fantastic defense and a good enough running game to grind out a few second half scoring drives to blow past this.

Oh ULM, I wish I knew how to quit you. Idaho has lost five of its last six games, and it couldn’t even get by Louisiana at home. Warhawks +3? Yay.

Colorado State is supposed to be good, but it struggled against Utah State, only beat a miserable Nevada by two, and survived by the skin of its teeth against New Mexico. Air Force isn’t good, but those ten are a whole lot of points.

Week 9 Fearless Predictions
ACC | Big Ten | Big 12 | Pac-12SEC
AAC | CUSA | Ind | MAC | MW | Sun Belt

Honestly, I went through all the thought and research on USC vs. Arizona State, and was about to pick the Trojans because they’re awesome at home and lousy on the road – but it’s in Tempe. ASU is hot, USC is not, and ASU is getting points at home. | ASU vs. USC

This week’s Even If It Doesn’t Work, You’re Crazy If You Don’t pick. Rice can’t score. Louisiana Tech can’t score. These two kids are going to get together and not score. At least, they’re not going to score 52 points.

If you can give me one reason why Utah shouldn’t be a 14-point favorite – minimum – over Oregon, instead of three, I’ll listen. The Duck O has totally gone into the tank since Justin Herbert got hurt, and Utah QB Tyler Huntley isn’t going to throw four picks again like he did vs. ASU. | Utah vs. Oregon Preview

I should know better. Michigan State has a great run defense. USC’s run D is fine – for the most part. On the right day, Boston College’s run defense is tough. And yet, I’m scared off by the NC State run D that hasn’t allowed anything against a slew of great running teams? Sort of. Notre Dame wins, but 7.5 is too rich considering the Pack could win this outright. | ND vs. NC State Preview

With two weeks off after the Arizona State loss, and against a squishy-soft UCLA coming to Seattle, Washington is about to get all nasty and physical on the Bruins. However, it would be nice if the U-Dub secondary showed up. | UW vs. UCLA Preview

Before you assume Troy is going to destroy a Georgia Southern team  that fired head coach Tyson Summers, consider this. The Trojans have only scored more than 27 twice this year, and only put 34 on Alabama State. The line is 26.

As good as Michigan State is, three of its last four games have combined for fewer than 40 points. The Spartans will beat Northwestern, and the two will combine for around 30. | MSU vs. NU Preview

After getting whacked around, North Texas is about to get nasty on Old Dominion. The Monarchs are awful, the Mean Green aren’t – and they need this. The O will explode.

Do … not … touch … Texas vs. Baylor. With Sam Ehlinger still getting past his concussion, and Shane Buechele’s ankle a problem, there’s a more than likely chance that Jerrod Heard will end up seeing time under center. The Texas D, though, will take care of the Bears. | Texas vs. BU Preview

Until TCU shows any signs of cracking, and until there’s even the slightest hiccup, ride it out. Iowa State might be playing great, and it might be at home, but TCU only giving 6.5 is a gift it’s giving you. Go ahead. You’ve earned it. | TCU vs. ISU Preview

Unless the Florida defense plays out of its mind, and unless Georgia totally wets the bed, this Cocktail Party could be brutal. Florida is too much of a hot mess right now, the offense is too bad, and the UGA D is too good. | UGA vs. UF Preview

If you don’t take Florida Atlantic -6.5 over mediocre WKU, Lane Kiffin will come to your house, eat your leftovers, and leave the toilet seat up. His Owls just hung 69 on North Texas. You’ll have to talk about that, too.

Do you like the high-powered Washington State passing game, or the high-powered Arizona running game? Why not both? The 64.5 is at least ten two low. | Wazzu vs. Arizona Preview

If you don’t know why the 20 is too big, you haven’t been watching the Oklahoma defense lately. The Sooners will win, but Texas Tech will have its say. | OU vs. Texas Tech Preview

Okay, Arkansas, I don’t like you, and you don’t like me, it’s time to finally show up and do something right. Ole Miss doesn’t have Shea Patterson, you’re an underdog, and no one expects anything. Just blast away on this Rebel defensive front. | Arkansas vs. Ole Miss Preview

Let me put it this way, there’s absolutely no excuse, Ohio State. The weather? Okay, it’s supposed to rain, and it’s supposed to be lousy out as the game goes on, but whatever.

The Buckeyes have had two weeks to get ready, they have more talent, they’re at home. and they have the fire and attitude to make a massive statement in the national championship chase.

Penn State is absolutely the real deal, and there’s a good chance it’s about to run into a buzzsaw. And if that’s not the case, and if the Nittany Lions win, then they very well might be the College Football Playoff No. 1 team on Tuesday night. | OSU vs. PSU Preview

For some reason, there’s an anti-Texas A&M thing happening. This is a good team that gave Alabama its toughest battle this year, and there’s a solid chance it’s the third-best team in the SEC. At home, it needs to show it against Mississippi State. And it will. | A&M vs. Miss State Preview

Boise State’s offense just doesn’t explode. It hasn’t on a consistent basis for the last few years – it relies on defense and just enough O to not screw up. Four of the last five Bronco games haven’t hit 50.5 points, and neither will this one against Utah State.

The Fresno State defense has been an absolute killer, allowing 13 points in the last three games. The 21 against UNLV will be tempting after what they’ve done in the last two blowout wins – and it’s okay. QB Armani Rogers likely won’t play, and the Rebel D has gone bye-bye.

You want to deal with San Diego State after two straight losses and just 17 points in home gaffes to Boise State and Fresno State? The danger is the trip to Hawaii, but the Rainbow Warriors have been blown out in three of the last five games.

And Finally …

No, really, and finally, South Florida has to play a decent team. Houston might not be anything special, and it might not be anything that’ll get the playoff committee excited, but it has real lines, and a real run defense, and it’ll be a real test for the Bulls. Again, finally. They’ll come through – just not by 11.

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