Charles Hayes Dances His Way Into Fans' Hearts

Charles Hayes Dances His Way Into Fans' Hearts

West Virginia

Charles Hayes Dances His Way Into Fans' Hearts

Charles Hayes Dances His Way Into Fans’ Hearts

WVU fan pumps up Milan Puskar Stadium before the Mountaineers rallied past Texas Tech and becomes a statewide star.

By: Angelia Barnett

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MORGANTOWN, W.Va.–Dancing has always been Charles E. Hayes’ (Mr. Dance Cam) way of expressing himself.

Five days ago, no one had ever really heard of  Hayes except for his family, friends, coworkers and students of Buckhannon- Upshur Middle School but on Saturday October 14, 2017 that was all about to change.

Hayes had never been to a WVU football game his entire life. He was born in Orlando, FL and lived in different areas throughout his lifetime. He lived in Chapel Hill, NC, Johnson City, Tennessee and attended High School in Ellicott, MD.

He then moved to Buckhannon to attend West Virginia Wesleyan where he fell in love with West Virginia and decided to stay.

Hayes noticed the way people would get up for the different area sports like the Steelers and especially the Mountaineers. Every Friday at his job, it’s WVU day.

He became really caught up in it and said he loves the state of West Virginia.
He described the state as “Faith and Family”. The Mountaineer magic was in the air.

Well as luck would have it some church friends of his, who are also season ticket holders, told him he needed to go catch a game. They offered him some tickets to the WVU/ Texas Tech game.

On that day of the game Charles said he had always wanted to go to a game and was excited to see the Mountaineers. He said the feeling he had when he got to the stadium was that of “love at first sight”. Hayes said he thought to himself, “I’m going to have a good time!”

The excitement of Homecoming and watching the Alumni Band was one of his favorite things because he used to play the sousaphone.

“Everyone out there marching and getting it to the beat, I liked seeing that.” Hayes said.

He couldn’t wait to get everyone in section 128 roused up. The dance cam came on and his fiancée, Haley Collins, told him to get up and dance.

Well he loved doing this kind of thing, which he usually does for his students at pep rallies. The first one he did for his students, he danced to Michael Jackson. With the dance cam on he thought nothing of it because he didn’t think he had a chance to get on it. So his dance instincts kicked in and he began to dance.

Well the next thing he knew he was up on the Jumbotron doing his thing!
He told the people in section 128 that he was not going to sit down the entire game. He feels blessed that God gave him his dancing ability and the joy he has with it. As we could all tell by the great time he was having on the screen.

“When I was younger, I used dance as an expression”, Hayes saud “As long as I’ve done my job to make others smile, I’ve done my part in life.”
His students on Monday met him in the hallway exclaiming, “Mr. Hayes, you’re all over Facebook!”

When he got home, he looked and sure enough he was all over Facebook… dancing!

“I will be back on October 28th for the Oklahoma State game.” Hayes said. “I can’t wait!”

The crazy part Hayes says are the players reaching out to him. They loved it and enjoyed him pumping them and the crowd up.

“I couldn’t believe Darius Stills, Marvin Gross and other players messaged me”  Hayes said. “Let the team know if they need a hype man, I’m the man!”

So hello Mr. Charles E. Hayes, welcome to Mountaineer Nation. We’re glad you’re enjoying your stay because we enjoy having you. Dance on sir, dance on.

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