Brent Brennan Shares Thoughts On San Jose State Mishaps And Upcoming Preparations

Brent Brennan Shares Thoughts On San Jose State Mishaps And Upcoming Preparations

San Jose State

Brent Brennan Shares Thoughts On San Jose State Mishaps And Upcoming Preparations

Brent Brennan has just one win at San Jose State so far this season

San Jose State is winless in its last five games

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Brennan dishes about what’s in store for San Jose State this week

SAN JOSE — The Spartans are 1-6 and coach Brent Brennan discussed what went wrong in the San Jose State vs. Fresno State loss in his press conference at Simpkins Stadium Center on Monday afternoon.

Here are four questions that I asked during Brennan’s press conference.

1. Frank Ginda shined in the tackling department by taking down 19 Fresno State players. He obviously wants to get a win, but there needs to be others with the same desire as him. Who do you think should have a similar mindset?

I hope that everyone has a similar mindset as Frank. Aside from the defensive players, Frank is a special guy. He’s a really tough player. He plays hard every snap. He takes the game very seriously…We’re really fortunate that he’s here and if he continues to lead mostly by example and his performance on game day.

2. The fourth-down is a down that has affected the team all season. How can the defense work on stopping their opponent?

I think stopping people on the fourth down or converting on the fourth down is all about mentality. And I think those are the moments in the game where everybody’s focused. Their intensity has to be right on the edge. And I think we need to try and create some of that the best we can during practice so that we understand in those moments, in those critical situations is when we need everybody at their absolute best so that we could finish it. Either get the defense off the field or continue to make a drive on their offense.

3. Aside from Tyler Nevens, what other players do you hope become bright spots on the team’s offense?

I’m hopeful that one of the quarterbacks will. Whether that’s Bailey or Montel or whoever—Michael Sam. I just think that’s a position that’s so important and I’d like to see one of those guys take control of that position and push us forward. But I think Bailey Gaither is a guy who has been really productive this season and I’d like to see him and Josh Oliver continue to move in a good direction in making some plays for us. I thought Tre Walker had a great game two weeks ago at UNLV. He’s a true freshman so there’s definitely a combination of a lot of young people on the field. And right now, JaQuan Blackwell is good. He was a redshirt freshman. I think there are some bright spots on offense, but obviously, when there’s a football game, there aren’t enough.

4. Do you have an update on Montel Aaron?

Right now, I don’t. He ran around practice a little bit today. So I guess that will be an update. But I don’t know what his status is for Saturday. We’re going to see how it all goes this week.

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