Johnny Unitas QB Award is Laughable; Will Grier Not Even in Top 20

Johnny Unitas QB Award is Laughable; Will Grier Not Even in Top 20

West Virginia

Johnny Unitas QB Award is Laughable; Will Grier Not Even in Top 20

Johnny Unitas QB Award is Laughable; Will Grier Not Even in Top 20

Will Grier Gets Huge Snub From Prestigious Award List

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The WVU QB’s Stats are a thousand times better than many on the list

It has been a tough, unlucky season for the West Virginia Mountaineers football team and their fans.

First, the opener against Virginia Tech had many conspiracy theories attached to it such as “Was it really a neutral site game?” as the Fed Ex Field scoreboard urged the Hokie fans to get loud and the sound system blasted “Enter Sandman” the whole fourth quarter. Also, a fumble by the Hokies that was ruled the complete opposite left bystanders wondering what was going on.

Then, in the most recent loss to TCU, there were two occasions where the officials threw penalty flags on the Horned Frogs only to pick them up shortly thereafter.

If that wasn’t enough, the ridiculous overturn call on Elijah Battle’s interception and the offensive interference call on David Sills which was dubbed by many as “the worst call in football history”, now there is something new to the everybody is against WVU theory.

And it involves quarterback, Will Grier.

Let’s call it like it is. Grier has been an absolute stud through the first five games. He has completed 119-of-189 passes for 1,740 yards with 16 touchdowns and just four interceptions. Has he made some bad throws? Yes, he has. Has he made a couple questionable decisions? Of course, but what quarterback hasn’t. The point is that Grier has been very good and those statistics back it up. But just like the whole team, he has been on the wrong end of some very unfortunate luck.

And that luck has extended into an award race.

The Johnny Unitas QB award listed its 20 finalists on Wednesday. Among those finalists, you will find the signal callers from Kentucky, Western Kentucky, Memphis, Purdue, Arkansas State, Troy and Toledo.

Not to say those guys are not good because some of them are very good players and have led their respective teams to some decent wins. But to not include Will Grier in the top 20 at that position may be the most ridiculous thing that has happened in this topsy-turvy season so far.

I guarantee you Grier would say he doesn’t care or pay attention to such lists, but you have to wonder if somewhere in the back of his mind if he is starting to feel the disrespect that is West Virginia sports, that he probably did not feel when he was at Florida.

For example, does that pass interference on Sills get called if that was the Gators—or any SEC team for that matter— driving down the field for a tie in the waning minutes?

Does the Battle interception that was called an interception on the field get overturned if that was a Gator corner making the play? Probably not because the still photos that have gone around on social media clearly show that it was indeed a pick.

Anyway, back to that list of quarterbacks.

Northwestern’s Clayton Thorson graces it with his presence. Thorson has thrown SEVEN touchdowns and SEVEN interceptions. That is not a misprint. It is a true story. Go back and read Grier’s stats again and explain how the Wildcats quarterback is on award watch and WVU’s star is not. That is all that needs to be said about that so called “list.”

Basically, it’s the same old story for the Mountaineers, just a different year. Do well, get everything called against you whether it’s right or wrong and continue to go out and battle every week. The fans still love them and will always stand beside them.

But Will Grier not being on a top 20 quarterback list is a bigger farce than any call that has been made this season.

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