Arkansas State Red Wolves Mike Balado Is The People's Champion

Arkansas State Red Wolves Mike Balado Is The People's Champion

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Arkansas State Red Wolves Mike Balado Is The People's Champion

Arkansas State head basketball coach Mike Balado is the People’s Champion

Mike Balado, head basketball coach for the Arkansas State Red Wolves, smells what you’re cooking and he’ll drop you from the top rope, if necessary. 

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Early this year, Arkansas State hired Mike Balado to replace outgoing basketball head coach Grant McCasland. I had the opportunity to sit down with the former Rick Pitino assistant and shoot the breeze. Among the revealing revelations revealed: Balado was nuts for pro ‘rassling.

When Coach Balado isn’t obsessing about hoops, what is Mike Balado doing?

(short pause)

Coach Balado: “I don’t know if I want to admit this…”

Come on…

Coach B:(Reluctantly) “I’m an avid professional wrestling fan. If I could be anyone else, I’d be Ric Flair.”

I think you just won the hearts and minds of Jonesboro, Coach.

Coach B: “Really? But yeah, I love wrestling. When I’m not coaching, I like to relax. And I relax by watching wrestling. I love it.”

Fantasy became brutal reality on Saturday when Memphis Legends of Wrestling stopped by Jonesboro to put on a show. And a certain college basketball coach landed on the playbill!

WWF meets WTF

Surely this was all just good fun! After all, surely there’s some kind of insurance clause that would prevent Arkansas State’s head basketball coach from risking life and limb in the square circle.

Wait! Not only is that Mike Balado sitting atop the top turnbuckle like Jimmy “Superfly” Snooka, he was also sporting Wolverine’s facial hair! Obviously, Balado was there more as a spectator than a participant. You know, like a “special guest manager” or something.

Yep, that’s Coach Balado body slamming a shirtless dude not once, but twice, and then finishing him with a perfectly executed clothesline. Surely, the senseless, destructive violence ended there.

Okay then!


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