WVU Defeats Delaware St. 59-16

WVU Defeats Delaware St. 59-16

West Virginia

WVU Defeats Delaware St. 59-16

WVU Defeats Del St. 59-16

A recap of the Mountaineers matchup with the Hornets.

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The Mountaineers dominated for the second week in a row on the scoreboard. On the actual field, the performance was lackluster compared to the way WVU played last weekend against East Carolina.

Although the score was ..-10 the Mountaineers lacked consistency throughout the entire game. Once again Sophomore Wide Receiver Marcus Simms wowed the Mountaineer fan base with his blazing speed on special teams. Simms returned the opening kick for 80-yards to start the game, the Mountaineers worked quickly in their first drive. After the 80-yard return from Simms, the Mountaineers first drive lasted four plays and scored on a three-yard touchdown run from Justin Crawford.

The Mountaineer defense to start, played well for their first two plays on the field. The Mountaineer defense forced an early incompletion and a loss of yards on their first two plays. On that third down play for Delaware State, the Hornets ran a read option pass. The read option caught linebacker Xavier Preston peaking into the backfield, and Safety Dravon Askew-Henry moving with the flow of the offensive line, all the while Hornet Quarterback Jack McDaniel threw the ball and found his running back Nyfease West in the flat as he flew past everyone for Delaware State’s only touchdown of the first half.

After that it was all Mountaineers, but that does not mean it was all flawless. The Mountaineers looked as though they had reverted back to week one. The drops, broken coverages, and lack of communication were all on display. We saw Center Matt Jones and Quarterback Will Grier struggle to get clean snaps throughout the first half of the game. Two snaps got away from Grier one he did end up losing. Then when the Snaps finally got cleaned up, it seemed like drops became the issue.

Wide Receiver David Sills V dropped a pass on third down in the end zone that would have put the Mountaineers up by three scores at the time. Instead WVU had to settle for a field goal. SIlls V then dropped another pass two drives after that would have resulted in a huge gain for the Mountaineers. Kevin WHite had a dropped pass early in the game, though the pass was low, it was catchable.

If it was not the drops it seemed like Quarterback WIll Grier was winging it at times. In the middle of the second quarter Grier rolled out looking for Ka’Raun WHite, but instead of throwing to his checkdown in Justin Crawford he threw his second interception on the year.

All in all the Mountaineers had their struggles on offense, but once again Justin Crawford posts another 100-yard rushing game with three touchdowns on 15 carries. Surprisingly running back Kennedy McKoy was a no show today.

On defense the Mountaineer struggled another week with missed tackles and gave up big gains, due to their missed efforts. The coverage was good for most of the day which resulted in Safety Askew-Henry’s first interception of the year.

The Mountaineers dominated, but Head Coach Dana Holgorsen will have a lot to say about this victory.

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