USC Fights On Over Stanford 42-24: 3 Things That Matter

USC Fights On Over Stanford 42-24: 3 Things That Matter


USC Fights On Over Stanford 42-24: 3 Things That Matter


USC Fights On Over Stanford 42-24: 3 Things That Matter

Check out 3 Quick Game Thoughts on USC’s impressive dominance over Stanford

Week 2 Scoreboard & All The Picks

USC 42, Stanford 24

Score: USC 42, Stanford 24
Prediction: Stanford 26, USC 20

1. Apparently, Sam Darnold Is Good Again

I didn’t actually hear anyone say Sam Darnold was overrated after his less-than-stellar performance against Western Michigan, but I heard people suggest that others said something like that.

No matter how it came out, it was all stupid. Darnold didn’t get bad at playing quarterback, and once again, he showed why he really is just that special.

This Stanford defense is the real deal. and Darnold carved it up like he was showing off.

Darnold completed 21-of-26 passes for 316 yards and four scores, but he threw two picks – which will certainly be harped on.

USC showed that the Western Michigan was simply the opener in hot weather against a decent team – it was a bit sluggish. This was more like the real USC.

And the real Darnold.

2. Offensive line questions … answered

For all the discussion that USC’s offensive front might be a wee bit of a weak link for a little while – hand raised on that one – this was a nice thumb-nosing to the doubters.

307 rushing yards, one tackle for loss allowed.

The running backs had a whole lot to do with that, with Stephen Carr taking off for 119 yards on just 11 carries, and Ronald Jones ripping off 116 yards and two touchdowns on 23 carries. The backs just needed a little room to move, and then … boom.

Against the supposedly more physical, tough guy Stanford line, any thought of USC being a finesse team went bye-bye.

3. Now what?

For all the gushing over USC’s performance – seriously, FOX broadcast, what was THAT? – all the good vibes could quickly go away if Texas comes in and pulls off something special.

And the Longhorns have the athletes and talent to do it.

There shouldn’t be any problems for the Trojans until the trip to Notre Dame, but with no Washington and no Oregon to deal with, this might have been it. This might have been the one true test and biggest barrier to get to – at least – the Pac-12 Championship.

Stanford needs to find its game again.

It needs to once again prove it can be stingy defensively against the big boys, and it has to show it can beat people up with the ground game. And it has to happen now, with a date at San Diego State up next.

This is hardly the end of the Cardinal hopes for a big season, especially with Oregon and Washington at home.

And, quite possibly, another shot at these Trojans in December in the Pac-12 title game.


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