San Jose State head coach Brent Brennan breaks down first win, talks road game against Texas

San Jose State head coach Brent Brennan breaks down first win, talks road game against Texas


San Jose State head coach Brent Brennan breaks down first win, talks road game against Texas

San Jose State beat Cal Poly for first win of season.

The Spartans visit the Longhorns Saturday for its first game on the road this season

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This will be the first contest between San Jose State and Texas all-time

SAN JOSE — After a tough loss in the home opener this year, Saturday’s win was huge for Spartans head coach Brent Brennan. In case you missed it, Brennan picked up his first win as a head coach.

Brennan spoke to the media Monday afternoon to discuss the team’s first win of the season as he walked into the Simpkins Stadium Center at CEFCU Stadium. 

Obviously, the topic of the first victory was brought up numerous times, but let’s take a look at the questions I had for the first year coach.

1. Montel Aaron was lights out and led the team to that first win. Do you feel like he’s going to be the team’s best shot at upsetting the Longhorns?

Right now, Montel has played his best. He’s trying to get his chance out there to run with his team. I think he has earned it. I got to give him a lot of credit. It was an uphill battle, but he has been trying his best during the games. I think he’s our best chance.

2. Owen Roberts had a career day last Saturday with 10 tackles, 1 team tackles for loss, 1 forced fumble and 1 fumble recovery. Tell us a little more about him and what he means to the team.

Owen’s nickname is Boogie. He’s kind of like Prince or Madonna. He just has one name, Boogie. But he’s definitely an emotional player. He’s got that emotional part to him, that fun way he makes plays. I’m really excited because he’s one of our guys who played at a champion level last week. He didn’t do anything the week before. He challenged himself, but he was also challenging the coaching staff and he did a good job like he was supposed to do. 

I’m excited to see Owen grow and improve. He’s a great kid. He does well in school. He does everything right. So I think he’s on a good path and I hope he stays on a good path on the football field.

3. This is the first test on the road this year. What’s the comfort level like?

I don’t know what the comfort level is like, to be honest with you. We haven’t done it and I haven’t done it with this team or as a head coach or with a staff so we’ll be feeling that out as we go. For me, it’s just important when we do it the right way and remain respectful in the hotel and we take the time to enjoy each other, but also get ready to play a football game against an outstanding opponent in an incredible venue. 

I mean, Texas’ stadium, come on. There’s few places that are like that big time so I’m excited to get out there and see how it feels.

4. Is there an interesting 1-on-1 player match up for Saturday’s game?

It would be Jermaine Kelly and Andre Chachere versus the two wide outs from Texas. They’re both long. They’re both fast. They’re both incredibly athletic. They’re play making guys so I think that would be the matchup that’s the most intriguing for us.

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The Spartans take on the Longhorns on Saturday at 2:30 p.m. CST.

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