Michigan 29, Air Force 13: 3 Things That Matter

Michigan 29, Air Force 13: 3 Things That Matter

Air Force

Michigan 29, Air Force 13: 3 Things That Matter


Michigan 29, Air Force 13: 3 Things That Matter

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Check out 3 things that matter about Michigan’s win over Air Force

Week 3 Scoreboard & All The Picks

Michigan 29, Air Force 13

1. Red Zone, Red Zone, Red Zone

This is a plucky Air Force defense, and it’s great at controlling the game and taking teams off of their rhythm, but Michigan should’ve put this away with ease, and couldn’t. Why?

Red zone, red zone, red zone.

The Wolverine red zone offense came into the game as a problem – with one touchdown and four field goals in the first two games – and Air Force managed to bend, but not break until the very end.

One Wolverine touchdown came on a Donovan Peoples-Jones punt return, and it took a late sell-out from the Falcon defense to sprint Karan Higdon to take off for a score.

But it wasn’t a red zone touchdown.

The O got its points from five Quinn Nordin field goals until the late dash, and that has to change. With Purdue up next and the Michigan State to follow, field goals have to become touchdowns.

2. Wilton Speight has to be better

He was okay. He completed 14-of-23 passes for 169 yards with no interceptions, and no touchdowns.

To be fair, he didn’t take any big chances – relying on the defense and ground game to get the job done – and there were three big pass plays. But Speight didn’t do anything fantastic, and he didn’t move the chains all that well.

At the moment, he’s a caretaker for the offense – a game manager. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it would be nice to get more.

3. The Air Force passing game

It’s never going to change, and it’s always going to be a problem as long as Air Force does what Air Force does, but against a run defense like Michigan’s, the offense has to at least connect on its passes.

Arion Worthman hit just one of seven passes – but that one went for a 64-yard touchdowns. Nate Romine came in late and threw a desperation pick, but it didn’t matter.

Air Force could’ve won this, or at least put a little more pressure on. At some point, it’ll be able to at least hit a few more throws to offset everything else the great O does.


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