Holgorsen Takeaways: Mountaineers Ready For Big 12

Holgorsen Takeaways: Mountaineers Ready For Big 12

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Holgorsen Takeaways: Mountaineers Ready For Big 12

Holgorsen Takeaways: Mountaineers Ready For Big 12

Coach Dana Holgorsen met with the media Tuesday afternoon, where he showed his readiness for Big 12 games.

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Tuesday afternoon marked another media address from Mountaineers head coach Dana Holgorsen. Coach Holgorsen is coming off a 59-16 victory over Delaware State and looks to the start of Big 12 conference play. Holgorsen is known for not dwelling on the past, constantly looking to the next game, and now that Big 12 play is on the way that is exactly what he’s doing.

“We have a lot of familiarity with not only Kansas, but all of the Big 12 going into the sixth year,” Coach Holgorsen remarked. “There aren’t a whole lot of secrets out there when it comes to us playing them and there’s not a whole lot of secrets out there when it comes to them playing us.”

Coach Holgorsen remarked on the team’s excitement level going into the start of conference games. Regardless of who they play each week, the head coach pointed out that his team is ready to take on the conference.

“We’re ready to move on to Big 12 play,” Holgorsen said. “Don’t care who, don’t care where, it’s just Big 12 football and we need to go out and we need to play our best, which is what we’re expected to do and what we’re expecting to do.”

The Mountaineers travel to Kansas Friday for the game, taking on a new atmosphere that they have yet to face with playing in Kansas in September.

“This is the first time we’re playing in September, so when you go out there this afternoon it’s going to be 82 degrees,” Holgorsen pointed out. “Throw a little wind on top of that and that’s what the conditions are going to be like, which is a far cry from when we played them in late November, maybe even early December.”

Coach Holgorsen was asked about players to watch as troublemakers on the Jayhawks 1-2 team Saturday. Coach Holgorsen always has the utmost respect for opponents, regardless of past records or current records. Playing a young 1-2 Jayhawks team is no exception for him.

“The (Steven) Sims kid, the receiver, is a really good player. He impresses you a good bit. Their one back No. 24 (Taylor Martin) has been hurt but he’s a good player and their quarterback is going to get better and better. Those two (defensive) linemen are really good; No. 11 (Mike Lee), the safety, is a really good player,” Holgorsen said. “That’s not even counting the guy that leads the Big 12 in tackles, the WILL linebacker No. 29 (Joe Dineen), who was hurt last year and couldn’t play. I hate singling out a few of them because if I didn’t mention them, it’s going to give that specific kid motivation to play well. But there are some guys that really stand out.”

Holgorsen also sung the praises of senior running back Justin Crawford, a player and a person who exemplifies hard work and continues to impress on the field. Crawford is quickly making a bigger name for himself and Holgorsen likes what he sees.

“Maturity, health, offseason, motivation, knowledge, everything. I like where he’s at. He was the best cheerleader on the sidelines on Saturday. He was out there yelling at the defense, the second-, third-team defensive guys to get off the field, which I thought was pretty cool,” Holgorsen commented. “I like where he’s at in general; it means a lot to him to play, it means a lot to him to win. He’s going to do about anything he has to to get that done.”

Coach Holgorsen is ready for his team to get down to the meaty part of the schedule. The fourth game of the season marks the start of conference play and it seems as though the head coach is more than ready. If the leader of the team is ready, that likely means his team is following close behind in readiness.

Taking it one game at a time, the Mountaineers head down the conference path starting in Kansas with the Jayhawks. Big 12 football is officially here.

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