Holgorsen Takeaways: All Eyes On Delaware State

Holgorsen Takeaways: All Eyes On Delaware State

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Holgorsen Takeaways: All Eyes On Delaware State

Holgorsen Takeaways: All Eyes On Delaware State

Coach Dana Holgorsen addresses the media on the heels of ECU victory, with Delaware State on the horizon.

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Head Coach Dana Holgorsen addressed the West Virginia media Tuesday afternoon after the Mountaineers defeated East Carolina 56-20 for the first win and home opener for the season. Coach Holgorsen was pleased with the team’s improvement from the first game to second game. Holgorsen pointed out that he and the team are preparing to face Delaware State, for the first time in program history, and are preparing as hard as if they were playing their toughest opponent.

“We always talk about respecting our opponent – Delaware State is no different than Virginia Tech when it comes to the 140 guys that are in this room,” Holgorsen said. “We have a bunch of video that we can watch and we will scheme them up based on what they do on all three sides of the ball.”

The first two games of the season were played essentially in one week, so the head coach and his team are ready to be back on a normal schedule for the near future. This year’s schedule has differed with the Sunday and Saturday games, so a return to the normal routine will likely be appreciated by all.

“We had to give them two days off, which is rare for in-season. Based on how the games were aligned and all that, we had to give them off Sunday and Monday based on NCAA rules and regulations,” Holgorsen remarked. “So, I think everybody is pretty anxious about getting started back up again today.”

Coach Holgorsen remarked on areas of improvement after the team’s 56-point victory Saturday, making it clear that despite a win, there is always room for improvement. While it is only the second game of the season, improvements such as those pointed out by the head coach.

“We were on the ground way too much. You can’t be a good football player if you’re on the ground. We had (offensive) linemen on the ground left and right,” Holgorsen said. “Defensively, guys leaving their feet, launching, as opposed to tackling the way that we want them to tackle, not playing the ball in the air. Safeties missed way too many tackles. Our (defensive) line was on the ground too much; you can’t fill gaps or make tackles if you’re on the ground. Special teams-wise, there were a lot of inconsistencies when it comes to our specialists and where they’re putting the ball. That’s an issue.”

Coach Holgorsen was pleased with the efforts of Marcus Simms and David Sills V during Saturday’s victory. Both coach and fans will hope to see more of the action seen Saturday in the upcoming game versus Delaware State.

“He (Simms) caught a post route. It was a good post route and a great throw. What he brings to the table is speed, which we need,” Holgorsen said of Marcus Simms.

On Sills, the coach said, “He’s the hardest-working guy I’ve been around. He shows up every day and listens to everything that’s being said to try to pick up on something to become a better player. So, based on that, he will probably continue to get better.”

It’s difficult for a coach to be too down or disappointed in a team that scores 56 points on a Saturday afternoon. Coach Holgorsen was pleased with his team’s performance, but not so much to where he was overly confident of the team in advance of the next opponent. One thing Holgorsen does well is keeps his eyes on the team ahead, never resting too long on the laurels acquired in the last victory, but always focusing on what’s the next task at hand. Or team to beat. Next up, Delaware State.

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