Harrison: The Notorious B1G - Week One Recap

Harrison: The Notorious B1G - Week One Recap

Phil Harrison

Harrison: The Notorious B1G - Week One Recap

The Notorious B1G – Week One Review

Each week, after all the Big Ten games are through, Phil Harrison recaps the action in the weekly Notorious B1G. 

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Week one is in the books, and it was a good one for the Big Ten. Here we go with the weekly run-down of all thing Big Ten, as only the Notorious B1G can.

Airing of B1G Grievances

Okay, Jim Harbaugh. I get your quirky ways and your 72 pair of khakis and all of that. But sometimes, the level of effort to just be different for the sake of being your own genius of a guy goes too far.

Please, please help me understand what advantage is there to gain by holding the two-deep roster until game time? Does anyone, anywhere close to college football really believe Wilton Speight isn’t the starting quarterback on this team.

Further, you’ve got a slew of new faces crowding into the roster, so how much mileage is really there with the whole secrecy of players wearing the all Maize uniforms for game one?

Gamesmanship, or too far? At least there’s always something to write about with Mr. Awkward wearing the headset in Ann Arbor.

B1G Man on Campus

Clayton Thorson, Northwestern QB – There are many Big Ten studs worth mentioning this week, but Thorson gets the nod this week. He completed 28 of 38 passes (73.7%) for 352 yards and 2 TDs. He also had two TDs rushing. Without his efforts, the Wildcats don’t get by a spunky Nevada squad. By the way, next time you see a line favoring Northwestern by 24 points. Take it and run. Every time. All day.

B1G Defender of the Week

Josey Jewell, Iowa LB – Jewell picked right up from where he left off last year. Iowa’s defense throttled the Wyoming attack thanks in large part to Jewell’s 14 tackles, 2.0 sacks, and 2.5 tfls. He is poised for another very big year in Iowa City. America Needs Farmers, and America needs stud linebackers too.

B1G Team of the Week

Maryland – Who saw this coming? Well, I guess if you’ve followed the Texas Longhorn program over the last few years perhaps. I think a lot of folks feel good about the direction D.J. Durkin has this program going, but few saw the ‘Terps walking into Austin and coming out of their shell.

Maryland beat an athletic and speedy Longhorn team — the type of team that gave it fits last year. It may be time to reset expectations in College Park just a wee-bit. Or, it’s going to be a long year wearing the Burnt Orange. Or both.

B1G gest Surprise

J.K. Dobbins, Ohio State RB – Dobbins got the start as a true freshman because Mike Weber was still nursing a tweaked hamstring. So what did Dobbins do? He broke the all-time freshman single-game rushing record at Ohio State by totaling 181 yards on 29 carries (6.2 AVG).

Weber’s hamstring might be hurt again next week. Perhaps the flu? Whatever it is, get No. 2 in the game as much as humanly possible against Oklahoma.

B1G gest Disappointment

What was that? The Hoosiers looked every bit up to the task of toppling the No. 2 team in the country through the first 30 minutes. Somewhere between the walk through the tunnel back to the field and the start of the second half, things changed as drastically as a politician looking for a vote.

Indiana got outscored 36-7 in the second half and reminded everyone in Bloomington that three pointers don’t mean field goals at Indiana.

B1G gest Clunker

Michigan may have won the game, but Jim Harbaugh had to be bitterly disappointed with quarterback Wilton Speight’s performance. He only completed 11 of 25 passes for 181 yards, 1 TD and 2 INTs.

The two thrown to the wrong team were both returned for touchdowns. If the quarterback race was a made up motivation ploy by Harbaugh, it might just leap into reality as the Wolverines prepare for Cincinnati this week.

B1G Play of the Week

Check out this grab by Indiana WR Simmie Cobbs. It’s a twisting, turning, one-handed masterpiece. Too bad these moments were few and far between in the second half:

B1G gest Mistake

These uniforms. Need I say more? Maize and … er, more Maize.

Most Bizarre Moment

Okay. A mother can be proud of almost anything, but here’s guessing the following is an exception. Call it nerves, a lack of focus, or sheer panic. No matter how you slice it, completely whiffing on a punt is worth a few looks. Trust me on this.

Watch Wyoming punter Tim Zaleski completely miss the ball on a punt attempt versus Iowa. It’s so GIF worthy that you can watch it from multiple angles, and in slow-motion. It’s equally great each time.



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