David Sills V Wants Continued Success For Mountaineers

David Sills V Wants Continued Success For Mountaineers

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David Sills V Wants Continued Success For Mountaineers

David Sills V Wants Continued Success For Mountaineers

David Sills V uses skill and knowledge to help offense succeed.

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Junior receiver David Sills V has exceeded expectations in the first two games of the season, beginning to define the role he is playing on this team. In just two games, Sills is proving to have the brain and the brawn needed to be a key player on offense.

Sills is back to wearing the old gold and blue after a quick stint at junior college in California, solidifying his transition from quarterback to wide receiver. Judging by the team’s offensive success Saturday, it is safe to say the transition is going just fine. Sills has been on the team to look at the game of football with a great set of eyes, and this skill is proving to pay off thus far. Sills and offensive coordinator Jake Spavital are developing a strong relationship, much like the one Sills has with quarterback Will Grier, and the comfort between coach and player shows.

“I try to just go to the sideline and tell him what I see. I know that he’s got a lot to look at. He does a good job in the sense that he calls the right plays, but if there’s something that he doesn’t see, then I’ll just tell him what I see on the perimeter,” Sills said. “If he takes it, he takes it. If he doesn’t, he doesn’t. I just like to tell him about it.”

Tuesday afternoon head coach Dana Holgorsen told members of the media how pleased he was with the success Sills has had thus far and that he knows Sills is very football-smart. It’s safe to say this opinion transfers throughout team and staff, as Sills has an eye for the game and want success for his team.

Sills also has a level head when it comes to any sort of competition between the receivers, looking at the sport as entirely a team effort and not seeking out competition with his teammates. Sills clearly is focused on the big picture.

“We all try and push each other as much as we can throughout practice, and when we go into games and everything,” Sills said Tuesday. “When Saturday came my way, I just felt like a lot of routes opened up for me, but I feel that if any other receivers were in that position, they would’ve made the same plays.”

The question of how Sills has gained this knowledge of the game of football was posed Tuesday afternoon. Sills gave a response that just shows how aware he is of his effort and what he can do to succeed and excel.

“Growing up and playing quarterback, I was always passionate about it and always wanting to be a student of the game. That’s really how I attack everything.” Sills remarked. “I try to go and be the best of everything that I can do. That’s how my parents raised me, growing up playing every sport. I’m just working at everything trying to be the best at it.”

While Sills may no longer be suiting up at quarterback, he has the drive and determination to be a strength and asset to the Mountaineers.

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