Communication Makes Everything Better

Communication Makes Everything Better

West Virginia

Communication Makes Everything Better

Communication Makes Everything Better

You want to work out the kinks early on in the season, and the Mountaineers want to perfect the small things early.

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The success of this team is going to come down to how fast young players develop and contribute to their respective sides of the ball, but only if it was that simple. It is the little things that help players develop, but also moving on one accord. Earlier this week the word that was constantly used around the facility was ‘communication.’ Coaches and players all rang the sediments about how communication is the key to the development and success of this team.

The fight always starts up front and Offensive Line Coach Joe Wickline believes that things are getting better, but that does not mean there is not room for improvement.

“I think they’re starting to communicate better and you can tell what you have.” Wickline said. “they’re seeing some things that we can work on and they’re starting to see mistakes and they’re able to fix them as we’re coming up the field. They’re learning the system and it’s a process”

They always say the first step is admitting there is a problem, and the fact that they are being noticed makes it encouraging that the guys up front are able to correct them as they go. Redshirt Senior Offensive Lineman Kyle Bosch notices the faults, but understands things are always going to be a work in progress.

“We found out that the reality is that we are all very young on both sides of the ball” Bosch said. “ I think from VT week to last week we really improved on all the little nuances, penalties, missed assignments, etc.”

Bosch then talked about the progress they have made as a unit as regarding communication: “It’s always a work in progress all season. We’re always putting in new schemes and new calls and new techniques. It was better than last week but there’s obviously room for improvement,”

With that mentality you realize that things will never be perfect, but being on the same page makes all the difference. It can never be mentioned too many times how much of an asset it is that Junior Wide Receiver David Sills V once played quarterback. Sills and Quarterback Will Grier have connected for five touchdowns in two games. Whether that is a testament to Sills knowledge of defenses, or pure dominance, SIlls is not shy to share his opinion and talk about what he is sees.

“He [Offensive Coordinator Jake Spavital] does a good job in the sense that he calls the right plays, but if there’s something that he doesn’t see, then I’ll just tell him what I see on the perimeter.” Sills said, “If he takes it, he takes it. If he doesn’t, he doesn’t. I just like to tell him about it.”

On defense, the Mountaineers are long way from where they want to be, but to leaders like Dravon Askew-Henry, improving on communication is the first step to getting better.

“I liked that we played physical and ran to the ball. It is the little things that we need to work on, like communication.” Askew-Henry said. Even when it comes to the blown coverage against Virginia Tech, “That just goes back to communication, that is why that happened.” Askew-Henry said later.

And while this is a week the Mountaineers expect to do well, Redshirt Senior Linebacker Al Rasheed-Benton looks at it as a week to execute and work on things.

“You have to dominate, you have to execute and you have to communicate every week, it doesn’t matter the opponent. Those are the things you take these weeks and get into those habits and keep those going throughout the year.” Rasheed-Benton said.

The Mountaineers are favored by a heavy margin this weekend, so expect the Mountaineers to work on the little things, like communication that the fans may not be able to see.

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