Clemson 47, Louisville 21: 3 Things That Matter

Clemson 47, Louisville 21: 3 Things That Matter


Clemson 47, Louisville 21: 3 Things That Matter


Clemson 47, Louisville 21: 3 Things That Matter

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Check out 3 Things That Matter about Clemson 47, Louisville 21

Week 3 Scoreboard & All The Picks

Clemson 47, Louisville 21

1. Kelly Bryant’s big night

Everyone came to see a quarterback, and the other one showed up.

Lamar Jackson wasn’t bad, but considering this was his first big road game, Kelly Bryant was magnificent, completing 22-of-32 passes for 316 yards with a. score, while running for 26 yards and two touchdowns under the pressure.

The Clemson defense took center stage against Auburn, but with 613 yards and the big moment from Bryant, this week was about the offense.

The Tigers are passing tests week after week.

2. It’s not Lamar Jackson’s fault

He didn’t get a whole lot of help.

The reigning Heisman winner completed 21-of-42 passes for 217 yards and three touchdowns with a pick, and he ran for 64 yards, but he couldn’t do it all himself.

He couldn’t make tackles for the D, he couldn’t catch his own passes, and he couldn’t overcome a great team that did just about everything right throughout.

Jackson is still dynamic, and he’s still special, but the team beat the individual.

3. So now what?

Now the Cardinals need to win out and get a whole lot of help just to get to the ACC title game. Fortunately, with Kent State and Murray State up next, they’ll be 4-1 before going to NC State, and then comes the Boston College free space before going to Florida State and Wake Forest.

However, those three ACC road games might be enough to kill any hopes of turning things around – the team is just too mediocre when Jackson isn’t being superman.

Clemson now gets Boston College before a showdown at Virginia Tech, but this was the one the team needed to have – it’s in the division. With the way the defense was able to load up on No. 8, and with the play of Bryant and the offense, the Tigers should be double-digit favorites until the Florida State game in mid-November.


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