Brent Brennan: 'We Need To Keep Coaching Josh Love'

Brent Brennan: 'We Need To Keep Coaching Josh Love'

San Jose State

Brent Brennan: 'We Need To Keep Coaching Josh Love'

San Jose State needs to get back on track

Spartans offense continues to fade away

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So what are the Spartans going to do next?

SAN JOSE — Spartans head coach Brent Brennan met the media for his weekly press conference at Simpkins Stadium Center on Monday afternoon. Brennan talked about San Jose State’s disappointing 61-10 loss to Utah State on Saturday night.

There were plenty of questions that Brennan answered, but here are the ones that I asked him.

1. Josh Love got another chance at starter, but didn’t make the most of it. What’s in store for the quarterback department this week?

That’s a good question. Right now, Josh is going to be a guy who gets the first crack at it. I think that position is hard because when you have an injury to a quarterback and you have Josh stepping in, you try to figure it out and I thought Utah State did a nice job.

Their pressure messed us up in front, but when you’re that guy, you got to stand there and makes throws and that’s a challenge I think. There has been times this season where he was locked in and completed tough throws, so I think we need to keep coaching him and he needs to be more diligent in the process.

2. Jermaine Kelly was the only player who shined in the team’s defense. Which other players need to step up their game on the field?

I would say everybody needs to step up their game on the field—every player, every member of the coaching staff. My message to the team after the game: When you go through something like that, everybody needs to look internally. We need to stick together. Each guy needs to look at himself and say “I’m doing everything I can to give my team the best chance to win.”

3. What’s your take on why the team’s offense had a stone cold identity until the third quarter?

Part of the reason why we didn’t have much production was because we dropped the kickoff, misplayed two kickoffs and had turnovers that resulted in points for Utah State. So those things kind of all stacked on one another. It was kind of like a 15 minute nightmare in the second quarter as those things compounded into each other.

4. Who has impressed you so far this season?
Zamore Zigler is one of our most trusted guys on the team.

5. The team is getting ready for its second consecutive conference game of the year against UNLV. How important is it to score first?

Well, I think it’s always important to score as quick as you can. If that’s the first opportunity you get, then you need to get it. But I think, more importantly, it’s just as a team, we need to find a way to get some first downs, move the football and then score touchdowns. That’s been a challenge for us and the first month of the season, everyone’s just working really hard right now. I believe in these players, I believe in this coaching staff and we’re going to keep grinding until we get it right.

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