Alabama Gets By Florida State 24-7: 3 Things That Matter

Alabama Gets By Florida State 24-7: 3 Things That Matter


Alabama Gets By Florida State 24-7: 3 Things That Matter


Alabama Gets By Florida State 24-7: 3 Things That Matter

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Alabama fights through a few rough patches to beat Florida State 24-7

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1. Florida State is pretty good …

And Alabama won by 17 points.

Bama couldn’t get the passing game going. It struggled on third downs, settled to too many field goals when touchdowns would’ve put it away, and it took a struggle to get through this.

There was nothing attractive about it.

The kicking game was mediocre, but the rest of the special teams came through, turning the game around and making it easy for the Crimson Tide to put it away.

But no matter how it looked, and no matter how clunky it was, Alabama just beat one of the best teams in college football by 17 points.

Don’t ask how the sausage was made.

Give all due respect and credit to FSU, too, with the talent and speed on defense to make Alabama work time and again to grind out points. That wasn’t just any old team over there – it was supposed to be tough. It was supposed to be a fight. It was supposed to be a dogfight between two teams that could end up playing for the national title.

And Alabama won by 17 points.

2. The bad game that turned disastrous

There is no second-guessing here. The outcome was still in doubt and one play could’ve changed around the tone and tenor with the potential for a mad scramble – even as late as it was.

However, it wasn’t a brutally ugly blowout, and in the grand scheme of things, it wasn’t about to be a horrible enough loss to keep Florida State out of the College Football Playoff if it lost one more game along the way, but won the ACC title.

But the one thing that couldn’t happen, did. FSU couldn’t lose a superstar player, and then it lost its tough-as-nails starting quarterback.

Deondre Francois has taken beatings before, and he fought back time and again, but this was different. This was a freakish play that got his leg rolled up,  and that was it. That was the pall cast over an ugly, disappointing game.

There’s still more than enough talent to win out. ULM should be no problem next week, and while Clemson and Florida are on the road, Louisville and Miami are at home.

But for now, the Seminoles might need to dig deep and hope that all the depth, all the talent, and all the hopes and dreams for the season didn’t get just carted off the field.

3. Jalen Hurts

He was fine. For those expecting Lamar Jackson, or a Heisman-caliber moment, that wasn’t going to happen.

And it didn’t need to.

Could Hurts come up with one or two big throws when he absolutely had to? Yup – he nailed Calvin Ridley with a 53-yard touchdown pass to all but put the game away early.

Did he spread the ball around and show that Alabama could be multi-dimensional? Nope – Ridley caught seven passes, and Hurts – grabbing a batted ball – caught more passes than the rest of the receiving corps. Damien Harris and Bo Scarbrough caught the two other throws.

But Hurts didn’t make any mistakes, never panicked, and ran for a solid 55 yards just to add a little bit to the ground game.

Trust the process.

Hand the ball off to the great backs, rely on defense and special teams, and don’t turn the ball over. It’s not sexy, but Hurts can do that.

And if he just so happens to open it up against Fresno State and Colorado State to prepare for the SEC schedule, that’s just fine.

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