Week 1 College Football Expert Picks & Predictions

Week 1 College Football Expert Picks & Predictions


Week 1 College Football Expert Picks & Predictions

CFN Expert Picks & Predictions for the big Week 1 of the college football season.

If there’s an * next to the pick, that means the team will win, but not cover.

Week 1 Expert Picks

INSTRUCTIONS: Make your pick against the spread. For example …
– If you think Colorado State will win -3.5 over Oregon State: Colorado State
– If you think Oregon State will win outright: Oregon State
– If you think Colorado State will win, but NOT cover: Colorado State*

Week 1 Fearless Predictions & Game Previews
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@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: South Carolina
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: Notre Dame
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: Boston College
@Phil Harrison, CFN: Tennessee
Kara Kohlenberg, CFN: Michigan
@Jeremy Mauss, MWwire.com: Northern Illinois
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Alabama
Keith Stewart, Winners & Whiners: Alabama
@Crowley Sullivan, CFN: Louisville
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: Alabama
@Matt Welch, BlueGoldSports: Clemson
Clucko The Chicken: UCLA

Colorado vs. Colorado State

Colorado vs. Colorado State
LINE: Colorado -6.5, o/u: 63, 8:00, Pac-12 Network (Sept. 1)

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: Colorado*
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: Colorado*
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: Colorado State
@Jeremy Harper, SunBeltHeat: Colorado*
@Phil Harrison, CFN: Colorado
Kara Kohlenberg, CFN: Colorado*
@Jeremy Mauss, MWwire.com: Colorado State
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Colorado*
Keith Stewart, Winners & Whiners: Colorado
@Crowley Sullivan, CFN: Colorado State
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: Colorado
@Matt Welch, BlueGoldSports: Colorado
Clucko The Chicken: Colorado State

Washington at Rutgers

Washington at Rutgers
LINE: Washington -30.5, o/u: 52, 8:00, FS1 (Sept. 1)

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: Washington
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: Washington
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: Washington*
@Jeremy Harper, SunBeltHeat: Washington
@Phil Harrison, CFN: Washington*
Kara Kohlenberg, CFN: Washington*
@Jeremy Mauss, MWwire.com: Washington
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Washington
Keith Stewart, Winners & Whiners: Washington*
@Jeremy Simon, BlueGoldSports: Washington
@Crowley Sullivan, CFN: Washington
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: Washington
@Matt Welch, BlueGoldSports: Washington
Clucko The Chicken: Rutgers

Utah State at Wisconsin

Utah State at Wisconsin
LINE: Wisconsin -28.5, o/u: 48.5, 9:00, ESPN (Sept. 1)

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: Wisconsin*
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: Wisconsin
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: Wisconsin
@Jeremy Harper, SunBeltHeat: Wisconsin*
@Phil Harrison, CFN: Wisconsin*
Kara Kohlenberg, CFN: Wisconsin
@Jeremy Mauss, MWwire.com: Wisconsin*
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Wisconsin*
Keith Stewart, Winners & Whiners: Wisconsin*
@Crowley Sullivan, CFN: Wisconsin*
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: Wisconsin
@Matt Welch, BlueGoldSports: Wisconsin*
Clucko The Chicken: Utah State

Boston College at Northern Illinois

Boston College at Northern Illinois
LINE: Boston College -2.5, o/u: 46, 9:30, CBS Sports Network

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: Boston College
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: Boston College
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: Boston College
@Jeremy Harper, SunBeltHeat: Northern Illinois
@Phil Harrison, CFN: Boston College
Kara Kohlenberg, CFN: Boston College
@Jeremy Mauss, MWwire.com: Northern Illinois
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Boston College
Keith Stewart, Winners & Whiners: Northern Illinois
@Crowley Sullivan, CFN: Boston College
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: Boston College
@Matt Welch, BlueGoldSports: Northern Illinois
Clucko The Chicken: Boston College
CONSENSUS PICK: Boston College

Wyoming at Iowa

Wyoming at Iowa 
LINE: Iowa -12.5, o/u: 54, 12:00, BTN

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: Iowa*
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: Iowa*
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: Iowa
@Jeremy Harper, SunBeltHeat: Iowa*
@Phil Harrison, CFN: Iowa*
Kara Kohlenberg, CFN: Iowa
@Jeremy Mauss, MWwire.com: Iowa*
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Iowa*
Keith Stewart, Winners & Whiners: Iowa*
@Crowley Sullivan, CFN: Iowa
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: Iowa
@Matt Welch, BlueGoldSports: Iowa
Clucko The Chicken: Wyoming

Week 1 Fearless Predictions & Game Previews
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AAC | Ind | MAC | Mountain West | Sun Belt

Maryland at Texas

Maryland at Texas
LINE: Texas -17, o/u: 56, 12:00, FS1

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: Texas*
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: Texas*
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: Texas*
@Jeremy Harper, SunBeltHeat: Texas
@Phil Harrison, CFN: Texas*
Kara Kohlenberg, CFN: Texas
@Jeremy Mauss, MWwire.com: Texas*
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Texas*
Keith Stewart, Winners & Whiners: Maryland
@Crowley Sullivan, CFN: Texas*
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: Maryland
@Matt Welch, BlueGoldSports: Texas
Clucko The Chicken: Maryland

Cal at North Carolina

Cal at North Carolina  
LINE: North Carolina -12, o/u: 56, 12:20, ACC Network

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: North Carolina*
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: North Carolina
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: North Carolina
@Jeremy Harper, SunBeltHeat: North Carolina
@Phil Harrison, CFN: North Carolina
Kara Kohlenberg, CFN: California
@Jeremy Mauss, MWwire.com: North Carolina
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: North Carolina
Keith Stewart, Winners & Whiners: North Carolina 
@Crowley Sullivan, CFN: North Carolina*
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: Cal
@Matt Welch, BlueGoldSports: Cal
Clucko The Chicken: North Carolina
CONSENSUS PICK: North Carolina

NC State at South Carolina

NC State at South Carolina
LINE: NC State -6, o/u: 48.5, 3:00, ESPN

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: South Carolina
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: NC State*
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: NC State
@Jeremy Harper, SunBeltHeat: South Carolina
@Phil Harrison, CFN: South Carolina
Kara Kohlenberg, CFN: South Carolina
@Jeremy Mauss, MWwire.com: NC State*
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: NC State*
Keith Stewart, Winners & Whiners: NC State
@Crowley Sullivan, CFN: NC State
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: South Carolina
@Matt Welch, BlueGoldSports: NC State
Clucko The Chicken: South Carolina

Michigan vs. Florida

Michigan at Florida
LINE: Michigan -4, o/u: 45, 3:30, ABC

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: Michigan
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: Michigan
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: Michigan
@Jeremy Harper, SunBeltHeat: Florida
@Phil Harrison, CFN: Michigan
Kara Kohlenberg, CFN: Michigan
@Jeremy Mauss, MWwire.com: Florida
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Michigan
Keith Stewart, Winners & Whiners: Michigan
@Crowley Sullivan, CFN: Michigan
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: Michigan
@Matt Welch, BlueGoldSports: Michigan
Clucko The Chicken: Florida

Western Michigan at USC

Western Michigan at USC
LINE: USC -27, o/u: 58.5, 5:15, Pac-12 Network

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: USC*
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: USC*
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: USC
@Jeremy Harper, SunBeltHeat: USC*
@Phil Harrison, CFN: USC*
Kara Kohlenberg, CFN: USC*
@Jeremy Mauss, MWwire.com: USC*
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: USC*
Keith Stewart, Winners & Whiners: USC
@Crowley Sullivan, CFN: USC*
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: USC
@Matt Welch, BlueGoldSports: USC
Clucko The Chicken: USC

Louisville vs. Purdue

Louisville at Purdue  
LINE: Louisville -25, o/u: 69, 7:30, FOX

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN:Louisville*
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: Louisville
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: Louisville
@Jeremy Harper, SunBeltHeat: Louisville
@Phil Harrison, CFN: Louisville*
Kara Kohlenberg, CFN: Louisville*
@Jeremy Mauss, MWwire.com: Louisville*
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Louisville*
Keith Stewart, Winners & Whiners: Louisville
@Crowley Sullivan, CFN: Louisville
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: Louisville
@Matt Welch, BlueGoldSports: Louisville
Clucko The Chicken: Purdue

Florida State vs. Alabama

Florida State at Alabama
LINE: Alabama -7, o/u: 49, 8:00, ABC

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: Alabama*
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: Florida State
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: Alabama
@Jeremy Harper, SunBeltHeat: Alabama
@Phil Harrison, CFN: Alabama
Kara Kohlenberg, CFN: Alabama
@Jeremy Mauss, MWwire.com: Alabama*
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Alabama
Keith Stewart, Winners & Whiners: Alabama
@Crowley Sullivan, CFN: Florida State
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: Alabama
@Matt Welch, BlueGoldSports: Alabama
Clucko The Chicken: Florida State


LINE: LSU -12.5, o/u: 47, 9:30, ESPN

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: LSU*
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: LSU
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: LSU
@Jeremy Harper, SunBeltHeat: LSU
@Phil Harrison, CFN: LSU
Kara Kohlenberg, CFN: LSU
@Jeremy Mauss, MWwire.com: LSU*
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: LSU*
Keith Stewart, Winners & Whiners: LSU
@Crowley Sullivan, CFN: LSU
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: LSU
@Matt Welch, BlueGoldSports: LSU
Clucko The Chicken: BYU

Texas A&M at UCLA

Texas A&M at UCLA
LINE: UCLA -3.5, o/u: 55.5, 7:30, FOX (Sept. 3)

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: UCLA
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: UCLA
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: UCLA
@Jeremy Harper, SunBeltHeat: UCLA
@Phil Harrison, CFN: UCLA
Kara Kohlenberg, CFN: UCLA
@Jeremy Mauss, MWwire.com: UCLA
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: UCLA
Keith Stewart, Winners & Whiners: Texas A&M
@Crowley Sullivan, CFN: Texas A&M
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: Texas A&M
@Matt Welch, BlueGoldSports: Texas A&M
Clucko The Chicken: UCLA

West Virginia vs. Virginia Tech

West Virginia vs. Virginia Tech
LINE: Virginia Tech -4.5, o/u: 55.5, 7:30, ABC (Sept. 3)

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: Virginia Tech
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: Virginia Tech
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: Virginia Tech
@Jeremy Harper, SunBeltHeat: Virginia Tech
@Phil Harrison, CFN: Virginia Tech
Kara Kohlenberg, CFN: West Virginia

@Jeremy Mauss, MWwire.com: Virginia Tech
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Virginia Tech
Keith Stewart, Winners & Whiners: West Virginia
@Crowley Sullivan, CFN: West Virginia
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: Virginia Tech
@Matt Welch, BlueGoldSports: West Virginia
Clucko The Chicken: West Virginia

Tennessee vs. Georgia Tech

Tennessee vs. Georgia Tech
LINE: Tennesse -4, o/u: 57, 8:00, ESPN (Sept. 4)

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: Tennessee
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: Tennessee
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: Tennessee
@Jeremy Harper, SunBeltHeat: Georgia Tech
@Phil Harrison, CFN: Tennessee
Kara Kohlenberg, CFN: Georgia Tech
@Jeremy Mauss, MWwire.com: Georgia Tech
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Tennessee
Keith Stewart, Winners & Whiners: Tennessee
@Crowley Sullivan, CFN: Georgia Tech
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: Georgia Tech
@Matt Welch, BlueGoldSports: Tennessee
Clucko The Chicken: Tennessee


LINE: UCF -17.5 o/u: 55, 6:00, CBS Sports Network (Aug. 31)

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: UCF
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: UCF
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: UCF
@Jeremy Harper, SunBeltHeat: UCF
@Phil Harrison, CFN: UCF*
Kara Kohlenberg, CFN: UCF
@Jeremy Mauss, MWwire.com: UCF
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: UCF
Keith Stewart, Winners & Whiners: FIU
@Crowley Sullivan, CFN: UCF
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: UCF
@Matt Welch, BlueGoldSports: UCF
Clucko The Chicken: FIU

Ohio State at Indiana

Ohio State at Indiana
LINE: Ohio State -20.5, o/u: 52, 8:00, ESPN (Aug. 31)

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: Ohio State*
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: Ohio State*
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: Ohio State*
@Jeremy Harper, SunBeltHeat: Ohio State
@Phil Harrison, CFN: Ohio State*
Kara Kohlenberg, CFN: Ohio State*
@Jeremy Mauss, MWwire.com: Ohio State
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Ohio State*
Keith Stewart, Winners & Whiners: Ohio State
@Crowley Sullivan, CFN: Ohio State*
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: Ohio State
@Matt Welch, BlueGoldSports: Ohio State*
Clucko The Chicken: Indiana

Tulsa at Oklahoma State

Tulsa at Oklahoma State
LINE: Oklahoma State -17, o/u: 72, 7:30, FS1 (Aug. 31)

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: Oklahoma State
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: Oklahoma State
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: Oklahoma State
@Jeremy Harper, SunBeltHeat: Oklahoma*
@Phil Harrison, CFN: Oklahoma State*
Kara Kohlenberg, CFN: Oklahoma State
@Jeremy Mauss, MWwire.com: Oklahoma State*
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Oklahoma State
Keith Stewart, Winners & Whiners: Oklahoma State*
@Crowley Sullivan, CFN: Oklahoma State
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: Oklahoma State
@Matt Welch, BlueGoldSports: Oklahoma State
Clucko The Chicken: Oklahoma State
CONSENSUS PICK: Oklahoma State

New Mexico State at Arizona State

New Mexico State at Arizona State
LINE: Arizona State -23.5, o/u: 70.5, 10:30, Pac-12 Network (Aug. 31)

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: Arizona State
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: Arizona State
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: Arizona State*
@Jeremy Harper, SunBeltHeat: Arizona State
@Phil Harrison, CFN: Arizona State*
Kara Kohlenberg, CFN: Arizona State
@Jeremy Mauss, MWwire.com: Arizona State*
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Arizona State*
Keith Stewart, Winners & Whiners: Arizona State*
@Crowley Sullivan, CFN: New Mexico State
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: Arizona State
@Matt Welch, BlueGoldSports: Arizona State
Clucko The Chicken: New Mexico State
CONSENSUS PICK: Arizona State*

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AAC | Ind | MAC | Mountain West | Sun Belt

Expert Prognosticators

EXP - Russ Mitchell Russ Mitchell is the lead SEC Columnist and America’s college football radio guest of choice for College Football News. Is always right when it comes to SEC football.

EXP - Phil HarrisonPhil Harrison has been writing for CollegeFootballNews.com for ten years. He is the leading Big Ten featured writer, and can be followed on Twitter @PhilHarrisonCFB.

EXP - CrowleyCrowley Sullivan is a 20-year sports-media veteran having spent ten years at ESPN as a producer, programmer, content creator, business developer, and brand manager.  He now serves a EVP, Planning/GM, Sports for MandtVR, a content creation platform that emphasizes 360 & Virtual Reality initiatives.

EXP - Jeremy SimonJeremy Simon is the owner of BlueGoldSports.com covering West Virginia University. He’s also is a contributor to USA Today Sports, CFN and Athlon Sports.

EXP - Rich CirminielloRich Cirminiello is a CFN lifer, and volunteers as the Director of College Awards for the Maxwell Football Club, which annually honors the premier high school, college and NFL players.

EXP - CluckoClucko the Chicken has been America’s premier poultry prognosticator since winning the 2000 Pro Football Weekly college football confidence pool among 37 entries. Clucko makes picks based on two feed dishes representing each team – or on a coin-flip.

EXP - Fiu 3Pete Fiutak writes a lot of articles about college football stuff for CollegeFootballNews.com, and appears on way, way too many radio shows across the country.

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