New Mexico Head Coach Bob Davie Discusses State Of Lobo Football

New Mexico Head Coach Bob Davie Discusses State Of Lobo Football


New Mexico Head Coach Bob Davie Discusses State Of Lobo Football

UNM Head Coach Bob Davie Discusses The State Of Lobo Football

Bob Davie touches on the clear financial issues surrounding New Mexico 

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Diving Into The Mind Of The Man Who Put Lobo Football Back On The Map

Last week, New Mexico head coach Bob Davie sat down with the Albuquerque Journal following the Mountain West Media day. He was asked about the lack of football renovations done by the school.

“I don’t know that it’s facilities, necessarily. Our facilities really are pretty good,” Davie said.” My point was in the conversation of, are you a Power Five conference, are you looking for inclusion into the Power Five.

“Schools that have made the investment, like a University of Houston, like a University of Central Florida, like a Colorado State, like a Boise State, like a Wyoming. Air Force is Air Force. They deserve to be in on that conversation.”

Over the past couple years, the University have made some renovations to the stadium such as better turf, a new weight room, and an improved scoreboard. Despite this, the school has yet to keep up with the stadium altering renovations that the other Mountain West schools have done.

“In football, $600,000 for the weight room, $250,000 for the coaches’ office, a million for the scoreboard, a million for the turf. What’s that, close to $3 million? Wyoming right now is building a $50 million facility in their end zone,” Davie said of facilities around the league.

“Colorado State (new stadium, locker room, weight room, offices), was $240 million. So when you talk about commitment, that gets you to the table if you’re talking about advancing and becoming a Power Five conference.”

Getting more people in the seats each game will be a giant focus this season for UNM. Having a record 9-4 record last season along with a bowl victory is step one in filling the bleachers.

New Mexico football is also tied for last in budget along with San Jose State. The Lobos have the talent to impress people on the field, but there will need to be stadium changes made if they plan to hit Power Five caliber.

Another hit due to low budget is the need for another assistant coach. Davie was asked about the now approved 10th assistant coach that is allowed starting in January.

“It’s a concern.”

Despite the budget problems with New Mexico, they have built a winning mentality around the program, but still have doubters, the Lobos are projected to finish fifth this year.

“We’ve had this conversation, because we get picked there every year,” Davie responded. “But first of all, Wyoming was picked sixth last year. So as far as credibility, it doesn’t mean a whole lot.”

Quarterback Lamar Jordan and the rest of the team will look to use this doubt as fuel throughout the season. Coach Davie also touched on some of the losses the team has suffered this offseason.

“On paper, with the losses on defense, we did lose a lot of players on defense. I think we’re probably more talented on defense than we were a year ago, I really do. But I can see why we’re picked where we are. I really can.”

The Mountain West is coming off a year where the running back talent was at an all time high. This year can be said about the talent at the quarterback position.

The top two quarterback talents this year are Wyoming’s Josh Allen and Boise State’s Brett Rypien. Lamar Jordan is a run first style quarterback and will most likely lack the same attention as these two.

“Yeah. You’re not gonna see Lamar as the top pick in next year’s draft, right? … It’s a whole different world, what we do and how we do it, and really, the style of player Lamar is,” Davie said, “but that doesn’t mean he can’t beat you, and it doesn’t mean that the guy that’s written about the most is gonna win the game.”

The pass game has always been a concern with UNM football, but Jordan has stressed improving his arm this offseason and redshirt freshman Tevaka Tuioti has shown some potential at quarterback. This can be a make or break season for the Lobos and the future of their program.

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