UNLV Basketball: Brandon McCoy's Comments; Trey Woodbury Commits

UNLV Basketball: Brandon McCoy's Comments; Trey Woodbury Commits


UNLV Basketball: Brandon McCoy's Comments; Trey Woodbury Commits

Brandon McCoy’s Comments and Trey Woodbury Commits

A big news day for the UNLV Mens Basketball team as Brandon McCoy speaks with the media and local 2018 product Trey Woodbury commits.

Andy Roberts @DrewRob23 & @MWCwire

Brandon McCoys Comments And Trey Woodbury Commits

Prior to the start of yesterday’s practice at the Mendenhall Center, UNLV’s incoming blue chip freshman, Brandon McCoy, spoke with the media to discuss expectations, the team and also Coach Menzies.

The most important takeaways from the interview are how he talks about the team’s goals and also how he talks about head coach Marvin Menzies.

“It’s going to be a tough season because we are all new guys, we all just started playing, but we know if we get it together we could be really good.” -McCoy

This is a different tone than what the media and fans had become accustomed to hearing from players during the Dave Rice era.  Those players often jumped straight to NCAA tournaments bids, how special the talent on the team was.  It’s refreshing to have a player of his caliber come in and at least state to the media and the fans that they realize there’s still a lot of work to be done.

At the end of the interview, McCoy went on to discuss his head coach.

“Coach Menzies is a great person, and you know everyone has nothing but good things to say about Coach Menzies, which makes me feel really good and more comfortable with the decisions I made.”

Every time someone discusses Menzies, whether it be a current player, a recruit or another coach, they are quick to mention that he is a great person and incredibly genuine.  

It’s those types of traits that give him the ability to connect with people, and gives him the ability to sell his vision to recruits of a where he wants to take a last place team from the Mountain West Conference, and convince them they should commit to the Rebels over other, more prestigious offers.  And those traits have worked for Marvin Menzies again, as he has secured a commitment from 2018 four-star guard Trey Woodbury.

Woodbury, represents another impressive get for Menzies and his staff.  The 6’4” guard, who plays for Las Vegas’ Clark High School, chose UNLV over power five schools Arizona State and TCU.  Woodbury is a versatile, high volume scorer, who could be looked seen as a replacement for the graduating Jovan Mooring.

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