Three San Diego State Football Players Have Chickenpox

Three San Diego State Football Players Have Chickenpox

San Diego State

Three San Diego State Football Players Have Chickenpox

A Minor Outbreak Of Chickenpox Have Hit The San Diego State Football Team.

Head coach Rocky Long is optimistic that the outbreak is just to these three players

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Chickenpox sidelines three Aztecs players.

Training camp injuries are common and the San Diego State Aztecs are not immune but this is not an injury per se that is sidelining multiple Aztecs players, and it is the chickenpox.

The San Diego Union-Tribune is reporting that there are three Aztecs players sidelined with what is normally an issue for elementary-aged people.

“I’m afraid that it might not be just three of them,” SDSU head coach Rocky Long said after Saturday night’s scrimmage. “The team’s been together for a whole week now.

“It’s dramatic if we lose a few more. … What if it hits 10 other ones?”

Three is not a big deal but if that number increases to double-digits then that could be a real issue for San Diego State. Being in close quarters on the practice field, bus trips and being around everyone for an extended period of time makes it ripe for others to catch the contagious disease.

Those infected so far are starting offensive lineman Ryan Pope and senior linebackers Tyler Morris and Temerick Harper. The latter two are backups and play mostly on special teams.

The first player to succumb to the illness was Morris and Harper sits right next to him in meetings, and Pope is Temerick Harper’s roommate. So, it is easy to connect the dots. Safety Trey Lomax is Morris’ roommate but since he already had the disease Lomax is safe from getting it again.

It used to be that children would get chickenpox but in 1995 there was a vaccine created to prevent the disease but it was not widely required by most of the United States until 2011, so it is very likely that a good chunk of these Aztecs players never received this vaccination.

According to university guidelines, the Chickenpox vaccination is listed among “other recommended vaccinations,” but is not required for admission. This illness causes an extremely itchy rash that forms small blisters all over the body and it can cause headaches, fever and coughing.

Even if this is a mild case of chickenpox it could sideline someone for up to 10 days.

Long spoke to the media and said if the medication does what it should then these sick players might miss a week but if it is not effective then the timeframe could be three weeks for a full recovery.

San Diego State does open up against FCS foe UC Davis and could win if a few players are out, but Week 2 is a game at Arizona State and the Aztecs will need to be at full strength.

Long and the training staff are confident that the outbreak is held to just these three players, but they will not know for at least three to five days.

After Sunday’s practice, Long said there were no new cases of chickenpox to report.

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