Mountain West Football Season Preview

Mountain West Football Season Preview


Mountain West Football Season Preview

Mountain West Football Season Preview

Get ready for the Mountain West season.

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Here we go! The Mountain West season is here.

Everyone give yourself a pat on the back, yes you in the back, because we made it and survived the offseason. College football is back with an appetizer of sorts this weekend with six games, three of them being from the Mountain West.

Here is everything you need to know about the Mountain West this year. We kick things off with our podcast preview and staff picks are below.

Championship Game Prediction:

Jeremy: San Diego State vs. Colorado State: Rams win

Matt: San Diego State vs. Colorado State

Josh: Colorado State vs. San Diego State (CSU Wins)

Ana: SDSU is conference champion

Ted:  SDSU over Colorado State

Connor: SDSU vs. Boise State

Sean: Wyoming vs. SDSU

Adrian: Boise State vs. SDSU

Brandon: Boise State 31 San Diego State 21

Don’t Warrior About It: SDSU over Boise State

Coach of the Year:

Jeremy: Mike Bobo

Matt:  Mike Bobo

Josh: Mike Bobo

Ana: Rocky Long

Ted: Rocky Long

Connor: Nick Rolovich

Sean: Craig Bohl

Adrian: Mike Bobo

Brandon: Bryan Harsin

Don’t Warrior About It: Nick Rolovich

MWC Player of the Year:

Jeremy: Nick Stevens, Colorado State, QB

Matt, Brett Rypien, Boise State, QB

Josh: Josh Allen, Wyoming, QB

Ana: Brett Rypien, Boise State, QB

Ted: Rashaad Penny, Sand Diego State, RB

Connor: Josh Allen, Wyoming, QB

Sean: Lexington Thomas, UNLV, RB

Adrian: Josh Allen

Brandon: Brett Rypien. I have a hard time imagining anyone but
Rypien or Allen here. Don’t think Allen lives up to the hype train and loses out to Rypien in the end.

Don’t Warrior About It: Brett Rypien, Boise State, QB

Newcomer of The year:

Jeremy: Armani Rogers, UNLV, QB

Josh: Jordan Fogal, Colorado State, DB (formerly of Utah)

Ana: J.R. Justice, SDSU, WR (Son of MLBer David Justice)

Matt:Armani Rogers, UNLV, QB

Ted: Chris Laviano (SDSU QB via Rutgers). While Chapman remains the lead quarterback at SDSU, Laviano has moments of amazement with long passing arm, because unlike Rutgers whose offensive line was Swiss cheese: Aztecs have impenetrable offensive line.

Sean: Armani Rogers, UNLV, QB

Adrian: David Cornwell, Nevada, QB

Brandon: Armani Rogers, UNLV, QB

Don’t Warrior About It: Jamie Tago, Hawaii, DL.

Hawaii has an immediate need at defensive line and Tago will provide the Rainbow Warriors with its first impact player up front since Kennedy Tulimasealii.

Surprise Team: (Good or bad)

Jeremy: Colorado State (conference champs!)

Matt: Air Force

Josh: UNLV improves

Ana: SJSU (good)

Ted: Boise State- they’ll miss MW Championship third year in a row.

Connor: Fresno State (good)

Sean: Good: CSU; Bad: Boise St

Adrian: Hawaii, in a good way. Their defense will surprise many. New Mexico’s passing game may surprise people too. UNLV as well overall.

Brandon: New Mexico

Don’t Warrior About It: Hawaii

Stupid upset conference title pick:

Jeremy: Hawaii

Matt: Air Force

Josh: Hawaii

Ana: Wyoming over SDSU

Ted: Colorado State

Connor: UNLV

Sean: Utah State

Adrian: New Mexico

Brandon: Hawaii over Colorado State

Don’t Warrior About It: Hawaii over Boise State

Stupid upset pick (conference game):

Jeremy: Hawaii over SDSU

Matt: New Mexico over San Diego State and Colorado State

Josh: Hawaii beats San Diego State

Ana: SJSU over Nevada

Ted: San Jose State beats Fresno State, 38-0

Connor: San Jose State over Wyoming

Adrian: Fresno State beating SDSU on the road

Brandon: Hawaii over San Diego State

Don’t Warrior About It: Hawaii over Boise State

Stupid upset pick (non-conference game):

Jeremy: Utah State over BYU

Matt: UNLV over Idaho; Wyoming over Iowa

Josh:  Nevada over Northwestern; UNLV over BYU

Ana: Colorado State over Colorado

Ted: SDSU beats Stanford

Connor: Utah State over Wisconsin

Adrian: New Mexico over Texas A&M… beyond stupid or SJSU over USF

Brandon: Fresno State over Alabama

Don’t Warrior About It: Utah State over BYU

Which coach(es) will be fired:

Jeremy: None, but best chance to be gone is Matt Wells

Matt: None

Josh: Matt Wells

Ana: Tony Sanchez, Jeff Tedford

Ted: Matt Wells (USU), Tony Sanchez (UNLV)

Sean: Matt Wells

Adrian: Matt Wells

Brandon: Matt Wells

Don’t Warrior About It: None. Utah State does a slight about face to delay new coach discussions till 2018.

Underachieving team:

Jeremy: Wyoming

Matt:  Boise State

Josh: Air Force


Ted: Fresno State and Boise State

Connor: SDSU

Sean: Nevada

Adrian: Wyoming

Brandon: Wyoming

Don’t Warrior About It: Air Force. I think expectations are pretty high after last season and their schedule isn’t easy. I could easily see them spiral out of control after a rough start to their season playing Michigan, SDSU, and Navy in their first 5 games.

Overachieving team:

Jeremy: Air Force

Matt: Air Force

Josh: UNLV

Ana: Air Force

Ted: Wyoming

Connor: UNLV

Sean: New Mexico

Adrian: UNLV

Brandon: Nevada

Don’t Warrior About It: Overachieving? As in playing over their heads? I mean if Hawaii does what I think they will do, I guess you could put them here but I believe they are real. But to an extent they will need luck to really turn heads and I wouldn’t argue to hard with Hawaii being labeled as an over-achiever.

Bold predictions:

Jeremy: San Diego State goes 13-0 and goes to a big money bowl game and Wyoming does not make a bowl game.

Matt: here will be multiple 10-sack performers for the first time since 2013; Josh Allen, Brett Rypien will throw 30+ TDs; Michael Gallup will catch 100 passes.

Josh: Mountain West takes the New Year’s Six spot.

Ana: SJSU will win third straight Valley Trophy over Fresno State, CSU will be an interesting sleeper pick to win the division this fall.

Ted: MW Conference hosts three AP top-25 teams (Aztecs, CSU, Wyoming); Rashaad Penny rushes 1800 yards; MW Conference gains top G5 conference status; John Baron II wins Lou Groza; Kim Jong Un nukes Hawaii, Rainbow Warriors dropped from the Mountain West.

Connor: Bold predictions: Conference Champion makes CFP, Josh Allen nominated as Heisman Finalist.

Sean: UNLV gets eight wins and goes to a bowl game.

Adrian: Even though Josh Allen will have the best season overall, Boise State will have the best team overall. Boise will blow out SDSU in the championship game. New Mexico will lead the conference in rushing. Two MW schools will crack the top 25. SJSU may go winless.

Brandon: Brett Rypien will win player of the year but Nick Stevens will have more passing yards than Rypien and Allen.

Don’t Warrior About It: Rypien will win player of the year but  Nick Stevens will have more passing yards than Rypien and Allen.

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