Preview 2017: Kansas, Stop Sucking At Football

Preview 2017: Kansas, Stop Sucking At Football

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Preview 2017: Kansas, Stop Sucking At Football


Preview 2017: Kansas, It’s Time To Not Be Awful

The most woeful Power Five program over the last eight years, it’s time for Kansas to stop sucking.

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Kansas, it’s okay to not suck at college football.

It’s now getting ridiculous. It’s one thing to be in a down cycle – all programs have their bad moments – but this is taking bad to a whole other level.

Over the last eight seasons, this has been the worst Power Five conference program, and it’s not even close.

From the 2009 season and on, every other Power Fiver has at least been to a bowl game.

Ready to feel even more down in the dumps, Jayhawk fans? Over the last eight years, of the programs that have been at the FBS level since then, Florida Atlantic and New Mexico State are the only other programs to not go bowling.

Oh, but it gets so much worse than that.

How much misery has there been? The Jayhawks started 5-0 in 2009. Since then, they’re 14-77, and five of those wins were against FCS teams. That means Kansas is 9-75 against FBS teams over the last eight seasons for a fantastic winning percentage of .107 during the span.

To be very, very fair to current head coach David Beaty, he inherited an ugly mess that he’s still trying to clean up. Turner Gill was awful, Charlie Weis was worse, and Clint Bowen couldn’t do much in his eight games of work.

Kansas has tried. Gill was a hot head man when it hired him, and Weis was at least a brand name, but the tradition of abysmal failure just won’t stop.

But now it’s time for the excuses to end. No one’s expecting the Jayhawks to be the new Alabama, but it’s Year Three under Beaty, and there has to be more than just a sign of life.

But Kansas is a basketball school, right?

Yeah, you know who else is a basketball school? North Carolina, and it’s okay at football. So is Wisconsin, so is Michigan State, and so is Louisville.

Indiana and Kentucky are the bluest of blue blood hoops schools, and they’ve proven they can at least field respectable football teams.

But there’s no easy recruiting area to draw from?
Kansas City is next door, and St. Louis is a short day trip away. Colorado is now doing okay, and Kansas State has been fine despite not loading up on Johnny Fivestars.

No, Kansas has been just plain bad.

On the plus side, the team was more completive in Beaty’s second season, losing to TCU in a one-point heartbreaker, losing to Iowa State by a touchdown, battling okay against Kansas State, and, of course, beating Texas. But it’s fine to start demanding wins, Jayhawk lovers.

It really is okay to be great at basketball and not be really, really bad at football.

Getting Doug Meacham from TCU to take over the offensive coordinator gig is a good way to start for an offense that finished 106th in the nation. And if he could turn the Horned Frog O from mediocre to unstoppable, there might just be a shot at opening it up a bit.

This year’s team first needs to settle in at quarterback. There are two options with JUCO transfer Peyton Bender along with late-year starter Carter Stanley to choose from. The receiving corps should be the best it’s been in years, there’s speed in the backfield, and the line has decent experience, even if the talent isn’t all that great.

The defense that’s been so miserable at least has a few star talents. Dorance Armstrong is one of the Big 12’s best pass rushing ends, Daniel Wise is a good-looking tackle, Mike Lee is a ball-hawking safety, and a few new parts are either back or coming in to improve a D that wasn’t more than a slight breeze against everyone’s running game.

And now it’s time for some of the quick fixes to work. The schemes have to be better, the JUCO talents have to produce, and Beaty’s recruiting classes have to be ready to play.

Kansas fans deserve a break. They deserve a Colorado-like shocker of a turnaround, or at least a Wake Forest/Vanderbilt rise up into mediocrity.

Go ahead and put it on a T-shirt. 2017 Kansas Football: Stop Sucking.

2017 Kansas Preview: What You Need To Know
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