Why Georgia Needs To Focus On App State And Not Look Ahead To Notre Dame

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Why Georgia Needs To Focus On App State And Not Look Ahead To Notre Dame


Why Georgia Needs To Focus On App State And Not Look Ahead To Notre Dame

Why Georgia Needs To Focus On App State And Not Look Ahead To Notre Dame

The first game of the 2017 Georgia Football season is just two days away. It’s so close you can practically smell the burning hotdogs and hear the trumpet from the Redcoat Band.

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But let’s rewind for a minute to summer practice. Let’s go back to that first day where Coach Smart decided to set the tone for the summer.

Who have the Bulldogs been preparing for all summer? Have they been focusing on coming out strong against Appalachian State, a team that went (10-3) last season?

Or could they possibly have their minds set on the following week’s game against Notre Dame, a team that went (4-8) last season?

According to ESPN, Appalachian State has a 63.2% chance of winning the Sunbelt Conference again.

ESPN’ college football expert Phil Steele said in the College Football Preview Magazine, “If the Mountaineers (14 returning starters) upset Georgia in Week 1, they’ll be favored in their final 11 contests. They avoid three of the Sun Belt’s top five teams, including Arkansas State and Troy.”

A win for this App State team would be the cherry on top of what is already expected to be a great season.

This team is no stranger to upsets of Top 25 teams. Let’s not forget that in 2007, App State upset Michigan (34-32) in what many fans call one of the greatest college football upsets of all time. It’s the ten year anniversary of that upset but nobody is forgetting the stunned looks on Wolverines fans faces anytime soon.

It would be so easy for Georgia to overlook Appalachian State in preparation for Notre Dame. The Notre Dame game is a big deal not only for the players, but the fans as well who will be making the trip to South Bend. This iconic and historic stadium will likely draw a huge crowd of Bulldog fans.

It is easy to lose sight of the task at hand when there is a more exciting opportunity ahead. And if we’re being honest, we’ve seen Georgia do this before.

For example take Nicholls State in just the second game of the 2016 season. Georgia barely squeezed out a two point victory over the FCS team, practically giving Georgia fans a heart attack.

If we take a closer look at Appalachian State’s schedule last season, the game against Tennessee is highlighted for a lot of SEC fans. App State took the Vols to overtime but in the end they were defeated by a touchdown. And we all know how the Georgia vs. Tennessee game ended last season.

This series of unfortunate events has a lot of Georgia fans nervous.

However, the Bulldogs still hold on to the 14-point favored lead over Appalachian State.

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