Hard Work Paying Off for WVU's David Sills

Hard Work Paying Off for WVU's David Sills

West Virginia

Hard Work Paying Off for WVU's David Sills

Hard Work Paying Off for WVU’s David Sills

David Sills has transformed from child prodigy quarterback to starting collegiate wide receiver thanks to hard work and dedication.

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When David Sills was just 13 years old, he was dazzling college coaches with his arm but now he’s on the opposite side of the spectrum, catching passes.

After briefly leaving for El Camino Community College to pursue a career at quarterback, the 6-foot-4, 203-pound junior returned to West Virginia University last January and settled in at wide receiver.

Upon his return, Sills embraced the position change with open arms and earned a starting spot during the Mountaineers’ season opener against Virginia Tech.

It wasn’t his name that earned him the trust of his coaches but it was Sills’ work ethic.

“He works,” wide receivers coach Tyron Carrier said. “I haven’t seen a kid that has put in that much work and literally takes everything I say into consideration. And when you start seeing him apply it. At the beginning every quarterback think they understands what it is to play receiver and he will be the first to tell you that ‘I had no clue’. He really wrote down everything I said and you can see it. As of right now you can see everything I’ve said in his actions. That’s the key, just working. He works hard.”

In fact, it’s Sills that is the example to the other wideouts.

“He’s the vocal point of my room right now for his effort, for doing everything the right way,” Carrier said. “And it’s paying off for him. He’s making play after play because of that.”

Sills credits his upbringing for his dedication on and off the field.

“It’s really one thing that my parents instilled since I was young,” he said. “They always taught me how to work hard and how to really just be the hardest worker on the field and off the field. So, that’s really how I try to attack every day. I’m playing receiver now and haven’t been doing it as long as some of the other guys. I felt that I was a little behind. I just had to work a little bit harder to get to where I am now and be the best that I can be.”

For the Wilmington, Del. native, that diligence has really paid off, especially since returning.

“I’ve grown a lot as a player, as a person, and in everything else since the spring game,” Sills said. “I think we had a great summer. I think we really got good timing in together, all the receivers really. We worked really hard in the weight room, on the field. I think the summer was great. Coach Carrier helped me with a lot over the summer and during fall camp with technique and how to become a better receiver. It’s really transferred over. We’ve done a lot of film study, just watching one-on-one’s and stuff like that. We’ve looked at different ways to make your game better and I think that’s transferred over onto the field. So, I’m happy with it.”

With the Virginia Tech game approaching, Sills is anxious to get on the field and show the WVU faithful just what he and his fellow receivers can do with Will Grier.

“I really can’t wait. It feels like we’ve been practicing and practicing for a while now,” he said. “It’s exciting that it’s game week now and we can just get after it and play somebody other than our defense or something like that. I’m really excited. It’s been awhile since I played on a stage like this. Well, I don’t think I’ve ever played on a stage this big.”

Photo Credit: Shanna Rose, BGS

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