Gary Andersen Calls Colorado State Loss 'Embarrassing'

Gary Andersen Calls Colorado State Loss 'Embarrassing'


Gary Andersen Calls Colorado State Loss 'Embarrassing'

Oregon State Head Coach Not Happy With Loss To Rams

The former Mountain West coach had choice words for his Pac-12 squad

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Even a day later, Gary Andersen is not happy with Beavers loss to the Rams

The Colorado State Rams looked really good in their 58-27 win over the Oregon State Beavers, and rightfully so Gary Andersen was not happy with how his team played as he entered his third season-opener in the Pac-12.

In his post-game press conference he called the loss “embarrassing.”

“It’s going to take a long time to go back and look at that tape and try to get an idea of where we are as a coaching staff,” Anderesn said via the Oregonian. “I always tell you guys (the media) this, I’ll put it right on me. That’s fine.”

Andersen was hopeful that his Beavers team would have grown during the offseason to become a better football team and maybe even become bowl eligible in 2017.

Yet, he described a performance that is not up to snuff.

“We got beat bad. Bad!” the Beavers head coach said after the loss. “There are a lot of concerns when you get beat like that. It’s unchartered waters for me.”

Colorado State was given a lot of credit by the former Utah State and Wisconsin head coach for how they just beat up on his Oregon State squad.

“That’s damn hard to do for an offense,” Andersen said. “Hats off to them, but that’s bad (defense) … They pretty much pounded us in the second half. They did what they did, and we couldn’t answer the bell.”

All of those quotes came in the heat of the moment after the loss to the Rams, so one may think that Andersen would have a different perspective after watching the film. Well, we will be waiting because his demeanor was similar.

“Nope and won’t until we win some @$!%^!% games!”

As they say on an infomercial: “But wait, there’s more!”

“(It was) blown coverages and poor run fits. Technical things that really matter,” Andersen said on Monday. “Like I told the coaches, ‘That’s on us and we need it right.’ “We’ll keep on swinging to get better, and I expect us to get better. Period”

Andersen then digs deep for motivation for his players in regarding this loss and this quote screams of how Oregon State should never lose to a team in an inferior conference — he should know better since he was the head coach at Utah State and the defensive coordinator at Utah when they were in the Mountain West.

“I expect them to never forget the Colorado State loss ever in their life, because I won’t,” a fiery Andersen said during Monday’s media availability. “This was a tough loss, especially when you put all the expectation on that you move into Year 3 and what you expect to have happen.

“I get all that. We need to be eve a little more edgy than we have in the past. Am I? Hell yeah I am. I’m more edgy, and I’m not gonna stop. I’m not gonna stop pushing them. I’m not gonna stop expecting them to carry themselves at a high level.

“But I refuse to let them make excuses.  We’re past all that. That’s a bunch of B.S., and I won’t stand for it. I won’t settle for it. They need to be men and step up and understand what their role is to represent Beaver Nation the right way and not worry about themselves.”

Andersen is nothing if not passionate.

Oregon State takes on Portland State next week and the Vikings might in a world of hurt as the Beavers are likely to come out more motivated and will want to take care of business against the FCS foe.

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