Cord-Cutters Guide To Watching College Football

Cord-Cutters Guide To Watching College Football


Cord-Cutters Guide To Watching College Football

Cord-Cutters Guide To Watching Mountain West Football

How will you be watching college football this year?

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We are here to help you watch college football.

College football is a glorious time of the year and we all want to watch as many games as possible, but you also want to watch your team play above all else.

That is why we are here for you and help you figure out how to watch Mountain West football if you do not have a traditional pay TV package.

First off, find out what channel(s) your team plays on. For conference play the Mountain West has a contract with ESPN, CBS Sports Network, ATT Sports Net (formerly ROOT Sports) Stadium and Mountain West Network.

Stadium and the Mountain West Network games have not formally been announced, but those game will be free to stream via the Mountain West website, its app and for the MWN games and Stadium airs its games on Twitter.

Those two networks are free but to get the others you have to pick and choose your bundle.

Here are the skinny-bundle options that include most of the channels one needs. All of these below have the ESPN family of networks and that is a big deal for Mountain West league games, but CBS Sports Network is a must as well and that cuts down on the list.

Then you have non-conference games which range from Big Ten Network, Pac-12 Network(s), Longhorn Network and the obscure ACC Network Extra (this has been an over-the-air channel but also bundled with WatchESPN).

The key difference between these streaming services is needing Big Ten or Pac-12 Network to see your team the whole season. Regional channels, plus locals, are hit or miss with these services.

YouTube TV

This channel has the coveted CBS Sports Network but the issue is availability as it is only in just over a dozen cities. The Bay Area and Las Vegas are the only Mountain West cities that make the cut.

It is also in Los Angeles and other major cities. There are regional sports networks but it depends on the city.

Hulu Live

This is probably the best option for Mountain West as it includes CBS Sports Network, all of the ESPN networks and has the Big Ten Network for the few games that are on that for non-conference play. It also has both FS1 and FS2, but regional channels are a no go.

Playstation Vue

This has the most stations overall and is more closely aligned with a more traditional pay TV package. To get ESPNU and higher channels on the four-letter network the Core package is needed.

This one also includes the Big Ten Network. There is also an add-on that includes Longhorn Network which is what San Jose State fans would need to watch that game.


This is the package you want if you want to watch Pac-12 football and/or your Mountain West team plays a team from the league. However, the Pac-12 Networks is on the sports tier as is ESPNU and that would tack on an extra $10 per month for those two and other sports channels.

There is no CBS Sports Network or Big Ten Network. Regional channels are also up in the air — as it is for all of these packages.

DirecTV Now

This one is probably the least likely of the bunch to get if you want to watch as much college football. There is no Pac-12, Big Ten or CBS Sports Network. It does have all of the ESPN channels as an option so if your Mountain West team is mostly on a Worldwide Leader channel then maybe this will work.

Outside of just paying “the man” for TV these are your best options and being a Mountain West fan the best choice is Hulu or YouTube TV. If you want to get the Pac-12 or Big Ten Network for an out of league game we recommend going with a free trial to catch the game.

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