Colorado State Football: Offensive Players Recap Media Day

Colorado State Football: Offensive Players Recap Media Day

Colorado State

Colorado State Football: Offensive Players Recap Media Day

Colorado State Offensive Players Media Day Recap

The Colorado State Rams held their Media Day recently, and we look at the offensive side of the ball

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Rams players talk offense and media day

Rams coaches discusses media day

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Senior Quarterback Nick Stevens

Quarterback Nick Stevens was next up to the podium. Mentioned that the team has really come together during summer workouts and the first couple days of camp. Said the team is getting better every day. They aren’t slow, they are able to keep the tempo up, and they are able to learn from mistakes. Also mentioned that the new guys are picking up the playbook quickly.

Stevens was asked about keeping the momentum from last year going this year. He answered that he was excited that a lot of the production would be returning. He said that the team could get better. “Even though we were playing well, we were still committing errors.” Said Stevens.

The relationship among the quarterbacks is a good one. The three QBs on the roster were able to bring the two new guys into the fold with no issues. They help each other get better and learn from their mistakes.

Stevens said that being named starter allowed him to relax a little and focus on getting the plays down. Stevens has the trust of the coaching staff to change the play at the line without looking to the sideline. Also mentioned that his timing with the receiver has gotten better, especially with Michael Gallup.

Senior Wide Receiver Michael Gallup

Michael Gallup was the Rams leading receiver last year. But he knows he can get better. He spent the whole summer working on his route running. He mentioned that working with Joe Hansley last year had helped him not show which way he’s going. Really worked on getting out of his breaks quicker.

Gallup has great relationships with the rest of the receivers. He competes with Tennessee transfer Preston Williams every day. If one of them makes a good play, the other tries to match or do better. The other receivers keep him grounded, especially with all the accolades and NFL draft attention he’s receiving. The other receivers joke with him and say he’s not as good as he seems to be.

Senior Center Jake Bennett

Jake Bennett was next up. He said the offense had some growing pains the first few days of camp. The guys on the offensive line are still trying to find their role in the offense. They are working hard on technique and getting in game shape.

The senior class needs to show the team the right way to do things so that they can match expectations according to Bennett. Bennett also said the team must go out and prove that they can live up to the expectations placed upon them.

Bennett takes pride in being a leader on the offensive line. He knows that CSU has a strong offensive line tradition and he doesn’t want to break that tradition.

Senior Running Back Dalyn Dawkins

Dalyn Dawkins was last up for the offense. He said the team is really coming together. They are learning to be better teammates and learning to buy into the program. The team is excited to open the college football season in the new stadium. Dawkins mentioned that one of his goals was to be the first one to score a touchdown in the new stadium

Dawkins said that he feels the offense can be better than last year. He mentioned that the veteran players are helping the new guys pick the playbook and team mentality quickly. He also said that he tries to lead by example during practice.

That’s a wrap for the offensive side of the Colorado State Rams media day. Some good insight from the coaches and players. Some high expectations from coaches, players, and fans. This should be a good year for the Rams.

Rams coaches discusses media day

Previewing Rams QB | WR | LB

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