Colorado State Beats Oregon State 58-27: 5 Things That Matter

Colorado State Beats Oregon State 58-27: 5 Things That Matter


Colorado State Beats Oregon State 58-27: 5 Things That Matter


Colorado State Beats Oregon State 58-27: 5 Things That Matter

Colorado State destroyed Oregon State in the opening game of the year. It was a big moment for the Rams and Mountain West, and a total disaster for the Beavers and the Pac-12.

The Mountain West’s Big Debut

For a league that needs to win the showdowns against the Power Fivers, to play the opening game of the season and dominate – and be stronger as the game went on – was a big, big moment for Colorado State and the Mountain West.

And a big, giant dud for the Pac-12.

Oregon State might be one of the league’s bottom-feeders, but you don’t lose to a Mountain West team like this.

You don’t.

For the Mountain West and the Rams, this wasn’t just a slip past the Pac-12 to get a nice win, this was a crushing performance that sets the stage in six days.

This was great, Colorado State. Do this again against Colorado, and then it’ll become one of the biggest stories of the first part of the season.

Colorado State Gets Tough

The Ram defense didn’t exact shut down Oregon State cold, but outside of allowing a 75-yard touchdown run, it was a killer against an Oregon State ground game that needs to be far more effective at this point in the Gary Andersen era.

Take away that one run, and the Beavers averaged under two yards per carry.

On the other side of the ball, the Ram offense controlled the clock, controlled the game, and it showed with tough running – even without any big gashes.

Colorado State’s offensive line beat up the Beavers, and Oregon State couldn’t make up for it.

Oregon State QB Jake Luton Is Fine, But …

He had to press too much, threw three interceptions, and didn’t carry the Beaver offense like he needed to.

And that was the concern. Could the Idaho transfer handle a bigger spotlight? Sort of, but not really.

He’s got the arm, he spread the ball around, and he was plagued by a few big drops, but he made too many bad decisions and showed that unless the ground game can help the cause, Oregon State’s offense is in big, big trouble.

Nick Stevens To Michael Gallup Is A Thing

The physical play of the Colorado State O line turned into the big story – along with the five takeaways from the defense – but it was the passing attack that helped blow the game open.

Stevens played like a solid, heady veteran – throwing for 334 yards and a score – while Michael Gallup proved once again that he’ll be among the Mountain West’s stars, catching 11 passes for 134 yards.

With over 500 yards of total offense, explosion, and power, this was a nearly-perfect performance by the Ram offense, but …

Where’s The Oregon State Defense?

Where’s the run defense? Where are the big stops? Where was the Utah State/Wisconsin-like defense that made Gary Andersen such a rock-solid head man?

This is Year Three under Andersen, and while Colorado State might not be all that bad, Oregon State is supposed to be a stronger Pac-12 program at this point, and it’s obviously not.

The front seven got blasted on, there weren’t enough third down stops, and the D got gassed.

With Portland State up next – the Vikings gave BYU a push – there’s one game to toughen up before facing Minnesota.

Oregon State and Anderson, obviously, have a long, long way to go.

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