College Football Playoff, BCS, CFN Era Top 20 Teams, Players & Coaches

College Football Playoff, BCS, CFN Era Top 20 Teams, Players & Coaches


College Football Playoff, BCS, CFN Era Top 20 Teams, Players & Coaches

By 20th Anniversary Top 20 Teams, Players & Coaches

Who were the top 20 teams, players and coaches since CFN started in 1998? Here are our rankings of all the greatest to play and coach over the last 20 years, and ranking the greatest national champions.

CFN Era Top 20 Teams, Players & Coaches

Contact/Follow @ColFootballNews & @PeteFiutak is turning 20 this season, so we’re looking back on the greatest players, teams, coaches and more since we first kicked things off back in 1998 – which just so happened to be the first year of the BCS, which led into the College Football Playoff era.

For the Top 20 Players since CFN started, the rules are simple. Who made the biggest impact, who were the most important, and who were ones who generated the most buzz – for good and bad?

For the teams, it’s not about talent or opinion. The rankings are based on the tried, true, tested and tweaked CFN Historical Season Ranking Formula (criteria breakdown at the bottom of each team write-up) – who had the best and most impressive seasons?

The coaches are ranked on consistency, championships, resume, and even personality – who were the biggest coaching figures over the last two years?

Basically, which players, coaches and teams defended the world of college football over the last 20 seasons?

Click on each team, player and coach for explanation and breakdown.

CFN 20th Anniversary All-America Teams 
Offense | Defense | Special Teams

National Champs Players Coaches
20. 2003 USC 20. RB Adrian Peterson,
20. Mike Leach,
Wash State & Texas Tech
19. 2007 LSU 19. WR Larry Fitzgerald,
19. Kirk Ferentz,
18. 1999 Florida State 18. DE David Pollack,
18. Mark Dantonio,
Michigan State
17. 2011 Alabama 17. QB Jason White,
17. Barry Alvarez,
16. 2004 USC 16. DE Julius Peppers,
North Carolina
16. Steve Spurrier,
South Carolina & Florida
15. 2003 LSU 15. QB Colt McCoy,
15. Chip Kelly,
14. 2001 Miami 14. S Roy Williams,
14. Mark Richt,
Miami & Georgia
13. 2002 Ohio State 13. DT Ndamukong Suh,
13. Frank Beamer,
Virginia Tech
12. 2006 Florida 12. S Ed Reed,
12. Phil Fulmer,
11. 2012 Alabama 11. QB Michael Vick,
Virginia Tech
11. Les Miles,
LSU & Oklahoma St
10. 1998 Tennessee 10. RB Ricky Williams,
10. Jimbo Fisher,
Florida State
9. 2010 Auburn 9. QB Johnny Manziel,
Texas A&M
9. Dabo Swinney,
8. 2000 Oklahoma 8. QB Cam Newton,
8. Chris Petersen,
Wash & Boise State
7. 2008 Florida 7. QB Jameis Winston,
Florida State
7. Bobby Bowden,
Florida State
6. 2009 Alabama 6. RB Ron Dayne,
6. Mack Brown,
5. 2005 Texas 5. QB Deshaun Watson,
5. Jim Tressel,
Ohio State
4. 2013 Florida State 4. RB Reggie Bush,
4. Pete Carroll,
3. 2016 Clemson 3. QB Vince Young,
3. Bob Stoops,
2. 2014 Ohio State 2. QB Matt Leinart,
2. Urban Meyer,
Ohio State & Florida
1. 2015 Alabama 1. QB Tim Tebow,
1. Nick Saban,
Alabama, LSU & MSU


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