Rocky Long Speaks About Potential New San Diego State Football Stadium

Rocky Long Speaks About Potential New San Diego State Football Stadium


Rocky Long Speaks About Potential New San Diego State Football Stadium

Rocky Long Speaks About Potential New Stadium

Rocky Long reacts to SDSU’s announcement about a redevelopment plan for Qualcomm Stadium

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How does Rocky Long feel about a new Aztecs stadium?

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On Tuesday, San Diego State University announced a redevelopment plan to buy Qualcomm Stadium and turn it potentially into an academic village with housing, research facilities, parks, and a new Aztec stadium that would have around 35,000 to 40,000 seats.

Below are a few of the details from the new proposal.

  • Stadium: The “multi-use stadium” could be expanded for a “potential NFL partner.” It would have “adjacent and convenient parking” and offer a design that “provides an intimate fan experience, premium seating, access to technology, community gathering areas, recreation fields and local foods and beverages.”
  • River Park: Just as SoccerCity has proposed, SDSU would include a park along the San Diego River “for recreational and potential educational uses with green space and walking paths.”
  • Affordable and market-rate housing: SDSU would focus its housing on upper-division and graduate students, faculty and staff. “Over time, additional units may support general housing demand.”
  • Commercial and office use: Outside builders would develop space for commercial tenants “and over time ownership/occupancy will revert to SDSU for educational and workforce training to benefit the region in perpetuity.” University functions could include research and faculty office space, “interdisciplinary academic teams studying climate and sustainability, water scarcity and other critical topics.”

After considerable debate, there is still no decision about the fate of the 50-year old Qualcomm Stadium. It all started when a SoccerCity proposal was submitted by some La Jolla FS investors and stirred the discussion among the City Council.

During a press conference, Aztecs head coach Rocky Long described his feelings about the stadium and how a new stadium should be designed.

“I think it is determined by what the stadium looks like and is built,” Long said. “I mean if it is going to be a 60,000 seat stadium, but it can be easily reduced to 40,000 by banners or anything like that – it is a positive.

“The stadium we play in is a 70,000 seat stadium, and no matter what you do to it, it is a monstrocity. We get our 35,000 [fans] there and it looks like there is no one at the game… I don’t think it is a real good experience to come to a game in the stadium we play right now.”

Overall, Long truly believes that the Aztecs need a more intimate sized stadium that represents the Aztecs’ fan base and delivers an exciting game day experience.

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