New Mexico Football Media Day Wrap Up

New Mexico Football Media Day Wrap Up


New Mexico Football Media Day Wrap Up

New Mexico Media Day Wrap Up

Two Lobo studs took center stage in the 2017 media day live stream

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Plenty Of Laughs Were Shared In The Lobo Media Room

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The 2017 Lobo Media Day was centered by two amazing talents on each side of the ball, fifth year Senior quarterback Lamar Jordan and senior defensive lineman Garrett Hughes. The coverage began with the two playing a friendly game of table football in which both players struggled to score a point.

The fun and games continued with the two playing a difficult guessing game which brought the whole media room to laughter. Another highlight was Jordan sharing one of his favorite plays to run.

This play in particular happened to be a designed pass to a crossing tight-end over the middle; it will be very interesting to see if this play is able to find it’s way into Coach Davie’s playbook.

The fans were also treated to figuring out Jordan has a huge fear of spiders. This was exposed during the team guessing game, but took a turn for the best when he had to feel around a plastic spider in the famous “What’s In The Box Challenge.”

After all the fun and games were over, Garrett Hughes touched on the current winning mentality that has taken over New Mexico football. “We all have that winning mentality now, that wasn’t apart of the culture for New Mexico for so long, and now that that is instilled, we want that. We went 9-4 and now we want more. ”There is no doubt that the confidence in this New Mexico locker room is at an all time high.

UNM Head coach Bob Davie was also in attendance for Lobo media day. Coach Davie spoke on continuing to ride the momentum that they created last season.

“There is almost a maniacal urgency to continue to build on the momentum we have. We put so much into this, you just don’t want to take a step back.” The Lobos will look to carry on the success from last year and push to greater heights this season. With a very tough road schedule this season, it will be very difficult for UNM to replicate last season.

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