Nevada Wolf Pack Name David Cornwell Starting QB, For Now

Nevada Wolf Pack Name David Cornwell Starting QB, For Now


Nevada Wolf Pack Name David Cornwell Starting QB, For Now

The Nevada Wolf Pack Have Decided On A Starting Quarterback….Kind Of.

Nevada Wolf Pack head coach has named a starting quarterback…for the time being.

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Jay Norvell has named a quarterback to start for the Nevada Wolf Pack…..Kind of.

Nevada Wolf Pack head coach Jay Norvell has named David Cornwell as the team’s starting quarterback.

For Now.

The starting job as quarterback of the Nevada Wolf Pack is occupied by David Cornwell but Norvell said during the Mountain West Media Summit on Tuesday that Cornwell, a transfer from Alabama who hasn’t played a full season since 2012, has the job.

The battle is not over as he will still need to beat out fellow junior Ty Gangi (who started four games last season), sophomores Chrisitan Solano, Griffin Dahn and freshman Kaymen Cureton for the starting job.

When describing the ideal quarterback to run the Air Raid (excuse me, Air Wolf) offense, Norvell said that he is looking for one who throws “a catchable ball, to be accurate on short and intermediate passes and to hit on deep throws”.

Norvell in describing Cornwell said “David fits those qualities and demonstrated those strengths the best out of all of our quarterbacks in the spring and that’s why he is the starting quarterback”.

In that spring game, Cornwell, who only played in the first half, went 22-of-33 for 302 yards and two touchdowns. Despite that performance and an overall strong spring from Cornwell, Coach Norvell wants to see more from the other quarterbacks on the roster.

“He (Cornwell) starts off in that position. It doesn’t mean that it’s grandfathered to him and that he doesn’t have to perform,” Norvell on Tuesday’s Mountain West Media Days.

“He has to perform everyday. And we want to see Ty Gangi perform. We want to see Griffin Dahn perform. We want to see Cristian Solano perform and Kaymen Cureton, a new guy.”

No matter who ends up being the starter, with Nevada switching to the wide-open, up-tempo Airwolf offense, good quarterback play is essential for the Wolf Pack to effectively move the ball downfield.

With fall camp opening up on Monday, we will see if Cornwell can maintain his hold on the starting quarterback job or will Gangi, Solano, Dahn or Cureton can
unseat him and take the job.

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