What Mountain West Coach Brought The Best Gift For Media Days

What Mountain West Coach Brought The Best Gift For Media Days


What Mountain West Coach Brought The Best Gift For Media Days

Mountain West Coaches Have A Gift Exchange At Media Days

Nick Rolovich started a gift exchange amongst the Mountain West coaches

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We power rank the gifts that the coaches gave each other.

Hawaii head coach Nick Rolovich is already one of the more outgoing coaches in the Mountain West with the way he handles himself on twitter to bringing Elvis to Mountain West media days. Last year, he decided to start a gift exchange between the other head coaches.

“In Hawaii, if you go to visit somebody, you’re bringing a gift,” Rolovich said via the Idaho Statesman. “I was going to bring something. Then last minute, I emailed everybody and said, ‘Why don’t we start this tradition?’ Guys have taken to it. The new guys weren’t sure if it was a rookie hazing type deal.”

The second year there were eight of the 12 head coaches who brought gifts, or at least known gifts. Some gifts are better than others and with that we rank who brought great gifts and who did not.

The schools we do not know what they brought are New Mexico, Wyoming, Colorado State and Air Force.

8. UNLV: Las Vegas-branded gift pack

This gift just seems like Tony Sachez, or better yet, some intern went to the gift shop to buy something with Las Vegas on it.

7. Fresno State: nuts

As we discuss in our podcast recap of the Mountain West media days there are better options from the Fresno area.

6. Nevada: barbecue sauce

At first glance, Reno and barbecue sauce seems odd. New head coach Jay Norvell brought a bottle of sauce from Brothers Barbecue.

5. Boise State: potatoes

This is very predictable and may seem cliche but there are great potatoes in Idaho. Bryan Harsin could not bring these to Las Vegas and is shipping them to the school, but his goal was to have the teams use the potatoes for a team meal.

4. Utah State: honey

Utah is the beehive state so bringing honey makes sense. However, a better gift would have had coach Matt Wells bring fry sauce which is much better. However, it has to refrigerated once it is open, but honey is a good choice.

3. Hawaii: candies/cookies from Big Island Candies

Well done coach Rolovich by bringing in some local Hawaii treats.

2. San Jose State: bottle of wine

Coach Brennan also had a great showing by bringing wine from the area. His other choice would still not have gotten him to the top but would have been great. He wanted to bring orange sauce from La Victoria Taqueria, a Mexican restaurant near campus, but it is perishable so he went with wine.

1. San Diego State: Local beer 

Rocky Long crushes it with a sampler pack of local beer from San Diego, and he went the extra mile to try to get them on ice for the coaches in their hotel room.

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