Baltimore Ravens Have Poorly Handled Potential Signing Of Colin Kaepernick

Baltimore Ravens Have Poorly Handled Potential Signing Of Colin Kaepernick


Baltimore Ravens Have Poorly Handled Potential Signing Of Colin Kaepernick

Sarah Spain Takes On Baltimore Ravens Handling Of Colin Kaepernick

The former Nevada quarterback was this close to signing with the Ravens

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The Ravens have made a mess out of attempting to sign Kaepernick

It has been well documented how former Nevada quarterback Colin Kaepernick is struggling to find a job in the NFL. There have been some saying he is being blackballed by the owners due to his choice to protest the national anthem by taking a knee instead of standing.

There has been small talk about teams maybe bringing in the former 49ers starting quarterback, but it has been the Baltimore Ravens who have had actual talks with Kaepernick and considered signing him with Joe Flacco being sidelined with a back injury.

ESPN’s Sarah Spain was on Around the Horn and let loose about how poorly the Ravens have handled the situation.

“It’s repulsive to me that someone who hasn’t even committed a crime and did nothing more then silently speak out against something that is a serious issue in our society,” Spain said Monday afternoon. “[Kaepernick] is now donating millions of dollars and time to these issues is someone that we need to ask the public if they are willing to watch play football? It’s gross.”

Yet, here we are as the Ravens have royally screwed this up and have handled the potential signing of Kaepernick pretty bad. Ravens president Dick Cass said that they are interested in signing Kaepernick, but then said this.

When is the last time a team reached out to fans and sponsorships about signing a player? Can’t say never since the Ravens did so but it is likely extremely rare.

Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti made a lame attempt about saying this is about football and that he is not sure if a quarterback who started in the Super Bowl in 2013 is good enough to help out the Ravens.

“I hope we do what is best for the team and balance that with what is best for our fans,” Bisciotti said in response to a question from a fan about Baltimore’s ‘brand.’ “Your opinions matter to us. … We’re very sensitive to it, and we’re monitoring it, and we’re trying to figure out what’s the right tact. So pray for us.”

Isn’t the best interest for an NFL team to win games? More often than not teams overlook a player’s past transgressions and will sign said player and the brand rarely, if ever takes a hit.

If the brand is an issue with Baltimore signing the former Nevada quarterback then they have a very poor track record. There have been multiple instances in Ravens history which are much worse than partaking in a peaceful protest.

Back in 2010, the Ravens did not consult with fans about the signing Donte Stallworth who served 24 days of a 30-day sentence for striking and killing a pedestrian with his car while driving under the influence of alcohol.

The Ravens also had Ray Lewis on the roster when he was tried on two counts of murder — ultimately he pled guilty to obstruction of justice — there was no consultation of fans about building a statue of the former linebacker.

The latest of not involving fans was with running back Ray Rice who was caught on video striking his then-fiancee in an elevator and knocking her unconscious. No one from the Baltimore organizations had discussions about that situation.

Also, Rice was not indefinitely suspended from the NFL until the video came out of what he did in that elevator. Originally it was a two-game punishment.

Yet, the Ravens brass feel it is necessary to consult those outside of their front office on Kaepernick who is peacefully protesting. He did not hurt anyone and has not been charged a crime, but Baltimore draws the line at kneeling during the national anthem.

Ever since the Ravens have been in the market for a third quarterback they have signed David Olson, an arena league quarterback, but he has since been waived and Baltimore has since signed Josh Woodrum who spent 2016 on a practice squad with three different NFL teams as a rookie.

Then consider Ryan Mallett who is the starting quarterback while Flacco is out. Mallett recently pulled a Blake Bortles and threw five interceptions during a recent training camp practice.

Yet, there is no space on the roster for Kaepernick to make the Ravens better, even as a backup?

The saga is not over as Baltimore is currently saying they are still interested in signing Kaepernick.

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