Eric Musselman Takes On The #DriveByDunkChallenge

Eric Musselman Takes On The #DriveByDunkChallenge


Eric Musselman Takes On The #DriveByDunkChallenge

Nevada Basketball Coach Eric Musselman Is The Latest To Attempt The Drive-By Dunk Challenge

Eric Musselman jams on multiple hoops, including one in a swimming pool

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Is Eric Musselman’s dunk challenge the strongest performance yet?

The Internet’s latest viral sensation is the #DriveByDunkChallenge, which has generated a slew of videos online of players and coaches pulling up to unknown houses to throw down dunks and leave before the homeowners notice.

Boston Celtics guard Jaylen Brown, New Orleans Pelicans forward Anthony Davis and Kentucky head coach John Calipari are three of the many that have already attempted the challenge.

The challenge has now moved its way to the Mountain West, where Nevada basketball head coach Eric Musselman is the latest to display his dunking abilities. Musselman can be seen anxiously searching for a mini-sized hoop that suits his (in his words) lacking vertical ability and 5-9, 150-pound frame.

Luckily for the Internet, Coach Musselman was able to find not only one, but twelve hoops in the greater Reno area to tomahawk a few basketballs.

The new college basketball season can’t come soon enough, but we’ll enjoy Eric Musselman’s dunking showcase for quite a while.

Who will be the Mountain West’s next #DriveByDunkChallenge star?

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