Colorado State Football: Will There Be Quarterback Issues Again?

Colorado State Football: Will There Be Quarterback Issues Again?


Colorado State Football: Will There Be Quarterback Issues Again?

Will Nick Stevens Be The Quarterback All Year For The Rams?

The Colorado State Rams have depth and experience at the quarterback position.

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Colorado State Rams Quarterbacks Preview

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The quarterback position is going to be key for the Colorado State Rams this season. If the Rams get off to the same slow start they did last year, where three quarterbacks played in the first three games, then Rams fans could be in for a long season. If Colorado State can come out firing on all cylinders, fans could be in for a special year.

Right now, the Rams have five quarterbacks listed on the roster. They also have two emergency quarterbacks if something drastic happens. The five signal-callers are Nick Stevens, Collin Hill, J.C. Robles, Justice McCoy, and Judd Erickson. The pair of emergency backups are Detrich Clark and Chandler Drachslin, both of whom are currently receivers for the Rams.

Stevens is the expected starter going into the season — he rebounded nicely after getting benched early in 2016 and ended up being one of the bet quarterbacks in the country.

Robles is the presumed back up with Hill still recovering from a torn ACL as the third quarterback. Justice McCoy and Judd Erickson are both freshman and are expected to redshirt. Head coach Mike Bobo could surprise though and insert some packages for McCoy since he is a dual-threat QB, whereas Stevens is a pure pocket passer who can occasionally make plays with his feet.

Nick Stevens (RS Senior)

Had a rough start to his junior campaign, getting torched by the Colorado Buffaloes defense. Make the most of his second opportunity when Collin Hill went down with an injury. Was one of the top QBs in the country in the second half of the season.

Stevens was named the starter for the 2017 season before spring camp. This had a noticeable effect on his performance as he was performing better than he had the two previous spring camps. Having the worry about a quarterback competition on his shoulders proved to be a good thing for Stevens.

Stevens is a smart QB and doesn’t make that many risky throws. He also knows how to protect his receivers. Expect Stevens to lead this team to a great season this year. Stevens showed what kind of QB he can be at the end of the 2016 season. Look for him to continue that progress he made into the 2017 season.

Collin Hill (Sophomore), J.C. Robles (RS Sophomore)

Both Hill and Robles will compete for the backup position with Hill potentially taking a redshirt year to heal completely from his knee injury. Both Hill and Robles are competent backups, but Hill has proven experience he earned last year during his stint as a starter. Robles proved his worth during spring camp by showing of his skill set.

Hill will be the preferred choice if he is fully healthy. He showed some flashes of what Rams fans can look for in the future. He still must learn to read defenses and learn to get the ball out quicker. But Hill is a QB who will be the future for this Rams team.

Robles proved himself during spring camp. Originally a Jim McElwain recruit, coach Bobo honored his scholarship offer. Robles is a competent QB who just needs game reps. Was given some mop up time in the latter part of the season. Could potentially be used in special packages this season.

Justice McCoy (Freshman), Judd Erickson (Walk-on Freshman)

McCoy and Erickson are incoming recruits for the Rams. McCoy coming from Louisiana and Erickson a local boy from Littleton. Both are more than likely going to redshirt this year.

McCoy is a true dual-threat quarterback and threw for 1,543 yards and 11 touchdowns while rushing for 634 yards and 15 touchdowns as a senior. He is more than likely going to redshirt this year, but could potentially be put in specialty packages if he impresses in fall camp.

Erickson is one of those recruiting mysteries. Was a four-star recruit according to ESPN but did not receive any known FBS offers. He threw for 3,255 yards and 33 touchdowns as a senior. Is mainly expected to work practice squad but has the potential to move up if he impresses the coaches in fall camp.

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