2017 NFL Draft First Round Stream-Of-Consciousness Pick-By-Pick Notes

2017 NFL Draft First Round Stream-Of-Consciousness Pick-By-Pick Notes

2017 NFL Draft

2017 NFL Draft First Round Stream-Of-Consciousness Pick-By-Pick Notes


2017 NFL Draft: First Round Stream-Of-Consciousness Pick-By-Pick Notes

Thoughts, musings, and brilliant observations on the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft

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2017 NFL Draft Position Rankings
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Welcome my self-serving, pretentious stream-of-consiousness notes for the first round of your 2017 NFL Draft. I’ll make my dumb comments during and after each and every pick.

NFL Draft: Predraft

– Nice move, NFL, holding the draft on the Rocky steps. Just a suggestion, you might not want to call attention anyone or anything known for getting hit in the head too much.

– For my Final Thoughts before this all gets going

– I’ll just say what we all know to be true and gets lost in sports history – Apollo Creed actually won the first fight.

– To put this in all into a messed up perspective, Myles Garrett’s contract will be far more than it would cost less to keep all the fired ESPN talent.

– Oh no, it’s not going to be annoying at all watching four days of NFL Draft talking about Rocky, and cheesesteaks, and Rocky, and Eagles fans, and Rocky, and Liberty Bell, and Rocky.

– I don’t care that he’s built like a punter. You draft Deshaun Watson for this t-shirt alone.

– I have yet to find ANYONE who has a negative thing to say about Deshaun Watson as a guy. He’s a Face of the Franchise star

– I’m sure someone at NFL Network did the market research on whether or not guys will watch a Red Carpet thing analyzing fashion and the look of the prospects as they walk in. It’s not marketed for me.

– Ohhhh, nooooo. Text from friend that I can’t shake. “Has the torch been passed? Is Rich Eisen the new over-the-hill Chris Berman?”

– When, not if, I’m a sure-thing first round NFL draft pick and I have to walk the Red Carpet, I’m going full-on mankini.

– Shockingly, Washington WR John Ross didn’t pull anything or get injured walking the Red Carpet.

– Seriously, who doesn’t want to have Tom Brady’s intellect and Cam Newton’s body? This knock against DeShone Kizer is ridiculous. He’s the best quarterback in this draft. Really.

– It’s Roger Goodell in Philadelphia. In terms of pure skill, I’m demanding a professional, world-class, all-timer level of booing.

– Mike Mayock is bad-ass awesome at this. Of all the things I’ve done in this wacky business, one of the things I miss the most is doing stuff with him on the way-old College Football Now show on NFL Network.

– Cleveland is insane to go with anyone other than Bo Callahan.

– I was born in Philadelphia. My mom was booed for not getting me out faster.

– There you go, Philadelphia, being all Philadelphia on our Commissioner.

– Of course you take the full ten minutes, Cleveland. Let everyone talk about you.

– Sort of like National Signing Day, teams should have to fax in their picks.

1. Cleveland Browns: DE Myles Garrett, Texas A&M


– Love it when they show the shot of the war room people congratulating each other after making the first pick. Ooooooh, you picked Myles Garrett. Way to make a big statement.

– The thing about Garrett is that there really aren’t any knocks. His family is full of elite athletes. He’s a freakish athlete. He’s a good guy, and he’s as flawless as possible in terms of talent. Of course there’s no concern. If he doesn’t work out, it’s not Cleveland’s fault – it’s purely bad luck.

2. Chicago Bears (trade with San Francisco): QB Mitchell Trubisky, North Carolina

– It’s a move. Like, don’t like it, it’s not Deshaun Watson, whatever. It’s a bold statement and a massive pick for a franchise that needs to come up with a big splash. Bears, it’s all good – at least you’ve made a call for a direction.

– Bears gave two thirds, a fourth, and a 2018 third round pick. They’d better nail this pick dead fricking cold.

– Don’t get hung up on the Mike Glennon thing. He’s cheap and market value. Now you have a plan.

– Oh boo hoo for Mike Glennon. The Bears made him generational wealthy. He wins.

– Bears gave up jack-squat for an NFL starting QB. Remember, RGIII trade for Washington: 2012 1st & 2nd, 2013 1st, 2014 1st.

3. San Francisco 49ers (trade with Chicago): DE Solomon Thomas, Stanford

– Woe to the 49ers if Mitchell Trubisky is a Pro Bowl talent.

– If Thomas was San Francisco’s guy all along, yeah, they got a lot more picks, and no one would’ve blinked if it took Thomas at the two.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars: RB Leonard Fournette, LSU

– Remember, 9 of the top 10 rushers last season weren’t taken in the 1st round. Leonard Fournette had better be that good.

– And with the fourth pick in my fantasy football draft …

– NO, NO, NO. He’s not Bo Jackson. He’s not Adrian Peterson. He’s not Herschel Walker. He’s not nearly as fast, but he’s the absolute real deal nasty. He’s going to have a short shelf life with his style, though.

5. Tennessee Titans: WR Corey Davis, Western Michigan

– Ugh. Okay. Fine. He’s fine, but that’s a way-high pick at the five for a guy who didn’t run a 40.

– There’s something very Kevin Dyson-over-Randy Moss about this pick

6. New York Jets: S Jamal Adams, LSU

– PHENOMENAL value. There’s a great chance the Jets just won the first hour of your 2017 NFL Draft.

– Adams might be the second-best football prospect behind Myles Garrett. If nothing else, it’s a phenomenal pick for this spot by a team.

7. Los Angeles Chargers: WR Mike Williams, Clemson

– Woe to Tennessee if Williams really is the best wide receiver in this draft.

– Corey Davis might be great, but Williams is a better prospect. This is could be the big move needed.

– Phil Rivers just moved up a slew of fantasy draft rankings.

8. Carolina Panthers: RB Christian McCaffrey, Stanford

– He fits. He won’t be a workhorse for the Panther offense, but he’s a no-brainer jack-of-all-trades who’ll do wonders for the Panther attack.

– Can’t wait to see what he is as a fantasy guy. Will he be a goal line runner in the NFL? He wasn’t really one at Stanford.

– How many shots did he take for the Cardinal? He took an absolute beating.

– The back half of the first round is going to be an Ohio State & Alabama informercial.

– Fournette went fourth, McCaffrey eighth. Moronic argument that players shouldn’t sit out bowl games is now officially over.

9. Cincinnati Bengals: WR John Ross, Washington

– Obviously really, really fast. On the other side of A.J. Green? Yeeeeeeesh.

– Raise your hand if you saw three wide receivers going in the top nine?

10. Kansas City Chiefs (trade with Buffalo): QB Patrick Mahomes, Texas Tech

– Chiefs had to give up a No. 1 pick next year to move up. And that’s the key. Bears didn’t have to give away a one or a two to move up to get Trubisky.

– Not saying Trubisky is special, but Bears didn’t have to pay that much to get the guy they wanted.

– It’s a perfect situation. Let Alex Smith be the man for next year. Don’t exercise option. Mahomes is the franchise going forward.

11. New Orleans Saints: CB Marshon Lattimore, Ohio State

– Kaboom. Major league value with the star defensive players dropping. He could’ve and probably should’ve gone top five.

– He might have hamstring concerns, but that shouldn’t be a huge career problem. He’s a special, lock-down corner who can do it all. Amazing pick for a team that desperately needed corner help.

12. Houston Texans (trade with Cleveland): QB Deshaun Watson, Clemson

– Houston gave up a No. 1 pick to move up to this spot. Remember, Chicago didn’t have to give up a one or a two to get its guy.

– Deshaun Watson working with Bill O’Brien and with DeAndre Hopkins and Will Fuller to throw to? Yeeeeeesh.

– Because Cleveland traded away the pick, you just KNOW Deshaun Watson will be an all-time great.

– And here we go. It’ll be a moment in NFL Draft history – Trubisky vs. Mahomes vs. Watson.

– Remember, Johnny Manziel and Chad Kelly rocked Alabama, too.

– OF COURSE everyone was full of (bleep) when it came to the idea of the quarterbacks sliding.

13. Arizona Cardinals: LB Haason Reddick, Temple

– Overrated: Hasson Reddick. Underrated: Haason Reddick

– Big-time great story rising up as a walk-on to become a special talent. He’s going to tear it up as a pass rusher for the Cardinals.

– Ultra-quick, Arizona can do a lot with him.

– It would’ve been nice, though, if the Cardinals were able to get Deshaun Watson or Patrick Mahomes.

14. Philadelphia Eagles: DE Derek Barnett, Tennessee

– And here comes the great value on defense. The Eagles could’ve gone with any one of a number of great prospects, and Barnett is one of them.

– Boom. An elite-level pass rusher at the 14? Nah, he’s not Garrett, but he’s consistently productive.

15. Indianapolis Colts: S Malik Hooker, Ohio State

– No one would’ve blinked if Hooker went in the top five, or even No. 3. Indy had to be going crazy that he was still here.

– Yeah, he’s banged up. Bob Sanders had a hard time staying healthy, and he turned out to be okay. Hooker will be more than fine after he gets the rest of the offseason to heal up.

16. Baltimore Ravens: CB Marlon Humphrey, Alabama

– Philadelphia didn’t boo the Make-A-Wish kid? The city is going soft.

– The Ravens have to build up the defense again, and Humphrey is a terrific value pick here. He’s not Lattimore, but he’s going to be a rock of a pro.

17. Washington Redskins: DE Jonathan Allen, Alabama

– Ha! I got one pick right on my mock draft. Screw you, NFL draft.

– If he can stay in one piece and his shoulders aren’t a problem, he’s one of the three best players in the draft.

– I’ve never recovered from shaking hands with him. He absolutely crushed – literally – my now useless right paw.

18. Tennessee Titans: CB Adoree Jackson, USC

– Hated the Corey Davis pick at five. Love the Jackson pick at 18.

– Jackson might not be a perfectly polished product quite yet, but there’s little to dislike. He’s a GREAT guy, he’ll never take a play off, and he can really, really move.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: TE O.J. Howard, Alabama

– Uh oh. So hungry that the Papa John’s ad looked yummy.

– I thought this would/should be Dalvin Cook, but boom. Everyone was thinking Howard was going to the Jets at six, and that was way too early. This is the right spot. Jameis now has Mike Evans, Desean Jackson, and Howard to throw to? Yikes.

– He’s a perfect tight end prospect in every way but one – he didn’t do too much. Either there’s something wrong, or Nick Saban didn’t know what he was doing with him.

– (In Bud Fox voice) Hated him at 6 (where he was projected by many) … love him at 19.

20. Denver Broncos: OT Garrett Bolles, Utah

– You knew a tackle was coming. If you’re going to invest in Paxton Lynch, you need a stud on the outside to protect him. That’s Bolles.

– I like Ryan Ramczyk better, but okay. No beef with a tough all-around blocker like Bolles.

– Oh come ON, Philadelphia. Boo the baby … BOO THE BABY.

– If I told you six months ago that Jabrill Peppers and DeShone Kizer wouldn’t be drafted in the top 20, and maybe not the 1st round …

21. Detroit Lions: LB Jarrad Davis, Florida

– Reuben Foster’s shoulder must be really, really messed up. Davis is a terrific leader and inside linebacker, but he’s not Foster.

– The Lions took a need pick. Davis will be the quarterback of the Lion D for the next decade.

22. Miami Dolphins: DE Charles Harris, Missouri

– Terrific value. It wouldn’t have been a shock in any way if he had gone to Philly at 14.

– He’s a pure pass rusher on the cheap. Would’ve been shocked if Giants didn’t take him with the next pick, if they didn’t go offensive tackle.

23. New York Giants: TE Evan Engram, Ole Miss

– I thought this would be David Njoku. No beef with a pure receiver in Engram, but the Giants will have to go offensive tackle later.

– And there we have it. The Giants fan who booed the “I don’t know who he is” Evan Engram pick.

– A pure receiver, Eli Manning will put up massive numbers with Odell, Shepard, and now Engram.

– The Giants fans will love him. He’ll be a matchup nightmare.

24. Oakland Raiders: CB Gareon Conley, Ohio State

– WOW. Oakland must have done a TON of investigative work on him.

– Uhhhhh, a polygraph test? Really? That’s a scary thing to go on.

– Okay, let’s say there’s nothing happening with his kaboom. The Raiders just got a top 15 star pick for cheap.

– Mike Mayock: “You can’t make that (Gareon Conley) pick and be wrong.” Absolutely fricking right to the nth degree.

– And no, this isn’t okay to take this chance because it’s the bad boy Raiders – and that’s not what this appears to be.

25. Cleveland Browns: S Jabrill Peppers, Michigan

– Rich Eisen: “The crock … the clock … has struck 11.” That could’ve gone a whole lot worse.

– WOW. Okay. It’s not Reuben Foster, and it’s not DeShone Kizer. It’s a shot at greatness with a top ten talent to go along with Myles Garrett. Now the defense has superstar talents to build around.

– SO sick of autocorrect turning Jabrill into Gabriel. THANK YOU, Peppers, for turning pro early. My nightmare is over.

– Great value pick, but if the Browns took Reuben Foster here to go along with Garrett, yikes.

26. Atlanta Falcons (trade with Seattle): DE Takkarist McKinley, UCLA

– The Falcons didn’t give up a whole lot to get a phenomenal speed rusher.

– Come, Philadelphia. Boo the dead grandmother picture … COME ON!

– McKinley on the other side of Vic Beasley? Good luck dealing with THAT.

– After the emotion showed you want to try blocking him after THAT?

– McKinley said a swear word in front of innocent football fans? Will someone PLEASE think of the children?

– Spicy language aside, awesome guy, great fighter who’ll be a baller from the start. He’s a missing piece guy who would’ve provided a whole bunch of help to get to Mr. Brady in the second half.

27. Buffalo Bills: CB Tre’Davious White, LSU

– Okay. No complaints considering the other corners going off the board. There’s nothing amazing about his game, but he’ll do everything right.

– Not nearly as flashy as the other LSU defensive backs of the last few years, but he’s a rock who’ll start right away.

28. Dallas Cowboys: DE Taco Charlton, Michigan

– It this the difference-maker the Cowboys need to get over the top? There’s a lot of boom-or-bust the Charlton, but he was amazing  when the light was turned on last season.

– He’s a relentless pass rusher who can keep the pressure on. Wind him up, and turn him loose behind the line.

– Again, to keep doing this for ever team, if Dallas had taken Reuben Foster …

29. Cleveland Browns (trade with Green Bay): TE David Njoku, Miami

– This pick would work just about anywhere and everywhere else. But for Cleveland, it seems risky.

– Really, Cleveland? You’re going to get out of the first round without a quarterback among the three picks to build around? #PrayForDarnold

30. Pittsburgh Steelers: LB T.J. Watt, Wisconsin

– If this works. As in, if he’s really the smallish version of his older brother, wowwwwwww.

– It’s a great chance worth taking late in the first round. There’s a boom-or-bust aspect to this, but with his burst and his playmaking ability, if he’s healthy, the Steelers just did something special.

31. San Francisco 49ers: LB Reuben Foster, Alabama

– Really? After he had to wait that long to hear his name called, he’s now “Reuben Froster?” That’s not a good sign, .

– Even if this doesn’t work out as expected, and even if his shoulder is messed up, it’s a phenomenal value pick at this spot.

– If he’s healthy, and if everything is fine, a whole slew of teams just messed up very, very big.

32. New Orleans Saints: OT Ryan Ramczyk, Wisconsin

– Perfect. Why not get an elite blocker to keep Drew Brees upright for another year – at least?

– He could’ve gone a lot earlier and been just fine. Great value pick at the right time.

– It’s R-a-m-c-z-y-k. Good luck, New Orleans writers.

Well, that was fun. Thank you, 2017 NFL Draft First Round! That was a thing.

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