CFN 2017 NFL Draft Analysis & Rankings: Guards & Centers

CFN 2017 NFL Draft Analysis & Rankings: Guards & Centers

2017 NFL Draft

CFN 2017 NFL Draft Analysis & Rankings: Guards & Centers


CFN 2017 NFL Draft Analysis & Rankings: Guards & Centers

From the college football perspective, who are the top guards and centers in the 2017 NFL Draft?

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Welcome to the sure-things.

There’s not a whole lot of guesswork when it comes to the big guys – you know what they can and can’t do. If they were more athletic, they’d be tackles. But they’re on this list, so they did something right to make the interior of a line rock.

All you can ask out of a GM is to get a steady starter after the first round. Here you go.

So what’s the college football analysis and take on the 2017 NFL Draft guards and centers class? Who can play, and who can’t? It’s this simple – who are the ones who matter, and who are the ones who are just guys who’ll make it if someone gets lucky?

After seeing and covering these guys from recruiting until completion, from the college football perspective …

2017 NFL Draft: Offensive Guards & Centers

1. OG Dan Feeney, Indiana

There’s a bigger upside with Forrest Lamp and Dorian Johnson, but there’s something to be said for the sure-thing. Feeney’s game is as subtle as a punch in the face, but as long as there aren’t any injury issues, he’s a ten-year dominant force of a run blocker. Yeah, he’s a limited athlete. Yeah, he’s taken his share of shots. But yeah, he’s the ultimate leader who’ll be plugged in right away as a starter and won’t leave for a decade.

Where He’ll Be Drafted: 2nd Round

2. OG Forrest Lamp, WKU

One of the highest-risers through the process, he showed why he was such a special blocker for one of the nation’s top offenses. He’s not going to be a powerful road grader, but whatever – he does everything right. Really, really athletic, more than strong enough, and fluid, expect Pro Bowls.

Where He’ll Be Drafted: 1st Round

3. OG Dorian Johnson, Pitt

It doesn’t matter if he’s a right tackle or an athletic guard, he’ll be a long-time starter anywhere you want to put him up front. Nah, he’s not a giant space-eater who’ll engulf his man, but he’ll beat someone up in the running game. Considered a key leader, smart, and consistent, there’s no worries no matter where he plays.

Where He’ll Be Drafted: 2nd Round

4. OG Nico Siragusa, San Diego State

You ready for your big steal outside of the top 50? Boom. A killer for the ground game, to go cliche, he checks all the boxes. The 6-4, 320-pounder is NFL-strong, quick in short spaces, and with an explosion off the ball. A leader for two conference championships, he was the won things worked behind for Donnel Pumphrey and the record-setting ground attack.

Where He’ll Be Drafted: 2nd Round

5. C Pat Elfein, Ohio State

One of the nation’s top interior blockers over the last few years, he’s been a special player at both guard and center. No one’s going to consider him a top athlete, but he can more than hold his own as a pass protector, and he’s an absolute technician of a run blocker. Draft him, and you have a ten-year starter on the inside.

Where He’ll Be Drafted: 2nd Round

6. OG Isaac Asiata, Utah

A cruncher of a run blocker, the 323-pounder is the right guy for any sort of power game. He’s almost too powerful and too jacked up to make the big block, but that can all be harnessed. Get ready – he’ll be the intimidating force for an NFL front five.

Where He’ll Be Drafted: 2nd Round

7. C Ethan Pocic, LSU

He’s what you want in a center. While he’s got the perfect body type to play anywhere on a line, he’s got the right skills and smarts to make a line his. A massive part of the great LSU running game for the last few years, he can step in right away and produce.

Where He’ll Be Drafted: 2nd Round

8. OG Zach Banner, USC

Almost too big, the 6-8, 355-pound mountain destroys everything in front of him. He’ll never get under anyone’s pads, but he’s the run blocker’s run blocker. Can he stay in decent shape? Can he be tested out at tackle? With his size, draft him and figure it all out.

Where He’ll Be Drafted: 3rd Round

9. C Tyler Orlosky, West Virginia

A technician, he’s a veteran leader who’s going to be among the most reliable centers coming out. He’s not going to a dancer, and he’s not going to blast anyone, but he’ll find a way to get his man blocked. He’ll be a serviceable starter – that’s not a knock.

Where He’ll Be Drafted: 5th Round

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10. OG Damien Mama, USC

Really, really big, you’re faster than the 334-pound blaster. No one will care how far he can get down the field. Line him up, let him flatten the guy in front of him, and keep on moving. There’s absolutely nothing subtle about what he’ll be.

Where He’ll Be Drafted: 4th Round

11. OG Danny Isidora, Miami

Athletic for a guard the 6-3, 306-pound mainstay of a right guard has the strength, the smarts, and the experience to step in right away and become a factor. He’s not going to bury anyone, but he might be a fantastic late round flier.

Where He’ll Be Drafted: 4th Round

12. C Jon Toth, Kentucky

A peerless leader and highest of character prospects – everyone around UK can’t stop gushing about him. He’s a got excellent size, a ton of experience, and great toughness. He’s not an athlete in any way, but he’ll get the job done inside.

Where He’ll Be Drafted: 6th Round

13. C Kyle Fuller, Baylor

With great size, the 6-5, 307-pounder is a big blocker who can engulf his man. Don’t ask him to move, and there’s nothing special about his game, but he’s been a mainstay for one of the ultimate high-powered offenses in college football.

Where He’ll Be Drafted: 5th Round

14. C Cameron Tom, Southern Miss

Ultra-productive, he was a terrific pass protector who played bigger and stronger than his long, lean frame would suggest – he’s just not a destroyer. Able to move around to any position, at worst, he could be a key backup with the versatility to step into a rotation.

Where He’ll Be Drafted: 5th Round

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15. OG Sean Harlow, Oregon State

A good athlete for a guard, he might be tried out at right tackle to check out his versatility. But he’ll end up being a lean guard who should work out well in a zone-blocking scheme. Just don’t expect him to flatten anyone.

Where He’ll Be Drafted: 4th Round

16. C Chase Roullier, Wyoming

A big, quick mauler of a center, the 6-4, 312-pounder could work at guard if needed. He’s got the pop for the ground game and he knows how to quarterback a line. Forget about any negatives – he can pound.

Where He’ll Be Drafted: 5th Round

17. OG Avery Gennesy, Texas A&M

Some will try him out at tackle, but he’s more likely to have a decent shot on the inside. He moves well for a possible guard, but he needs to hit the weights harder – he’ll be a bit of a finesse-blocker.

Where He’ll Be Drafted: 6th Round

18 Jessamen Dunker, Tennessee State

The one-time Florida Gator ended up going down a peg after an incident. At around 320 pounds he’s a terrific athlete with good speed. He won’t power over anyone, but he’s got the tools.

Where He’ll Be Drafted: 5th Round

19. OG Kyle Kallis, Michigan

Don’t expect any athleticism or anything special, but he might be a great late-round get or key free agent as a solid run blocker. He’s not going to be a longtime starter, but if you want a rock-solid right guard who can step in and hit, he can do that.

Where He’ll Be Drafted: Free Agent

20. C Jay Guillermo, Clemson

He’s a smallish 6-3, 298-pounder, and he’s not an athlete in any way, but he could end up as a functional center prospect who’ll handle a playbook and a line without any issues. He’s not a blaster, but he’s just good enough to be a tough cut.

Where He’ll Be Drafted: Free Agent

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