Daily Ask CFN: How Bad Is The Texas Recruiting Class?

Daily Ask CFN: How Bad Is The Texas Recruiting Class?


Daily Ask CFN: How Bad Is The Texas Recruiting Class?


Daily Ask CFN: How Bad Is The Texas Recruiting Class?

The Daily Ask CFN Question: How Bad Is The Texas Recruiting Class?

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Welcome to the offseason feature of the Daily Ask CFN. Please shoot over your questions to @PeteFiutak and I’ll try to crank up at least one a day.

2017 Texas Recruiting Class: How Bad Is It?

First of all, thanks, Sid, for taking a break from ripping on me for not giving North Carolina enough love.

It’s not that bad a Texas class. Tom Herman didn’t have a full year to work, and he still came up with, arguably, one of the top three classes in the Big 12 this season. It’s not even close to being as good as Oklahoma’s, but it’s not miserable.

However, it’s universally accepted that once Herman digs his teeth into this job, look out. Recruiting top talent to Austin isn’t going to be a problem.

But specifically for this class, part of the issue is the Charlie Strong factor – the not-USF coach was too good on the recruiting trail over the last two years.

Strong got Scout.com’s third-best class overall in 2016 and was seventh in 2015 – No. 1 in the Big 12 in both seasons – loading up the talent level allowing Herman to walk into a heater. The comp is what happened at Michigan, with Brady Hoke building up the talent, and Jim Harbaugh coming in and reaping the rewards.

Texas is loaded with good, young prospects, and while top recruits typically don’t care about who’s already in place, it matters to a certain extent. If you’re good, you’re good, but depending on your position, you don’t want to battle with three former top recruits for a job when you can go to a place that might not be as stocked.

To answer your question, at least in terms of what the ranking-services believe, Scout had Texas 23rd in 2013, but that was after being No. 1 overall in 2012 – same thing; there wasn’t a lot of room. But to answer your question, technically, this really might be the lowest-ranked Texas class in a long, long time. It’s consistently been a top 15-ranked program in the recruiting world for a long, long time. Going back to 2001, it’s never been close to as low as it is with this year’s class is being ranked.

Again, though, just wait.

Again, shoot over your questions to @PeteFiutak

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