Classic CFN: 2007 Indianapolis vs. Chicago Super Bowl Stream Of Consciousness Thoughts

Classic CFN: 2007 Indianapolis vs. Chicago Super Bowl Stream Of Consciousness Thoughts


Classic CFN: 2007 Indianapolis vs. Chicago Super Bowl Stream Of Consciousness Thoughts


Classic CFN: Stream of Consciousness Thoughts on Super Bowl XLI, February 4, 2007

CFN 20th Year Anniversary: An old Stream of Consciousness Game Notes piece on Super Bowl XLI: Indianapolis vs. Chicago in 2007.

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It’s the 20th anniversary of this season. I stumbled upon a ton of old, weird, painfully dated articles that I’ll put up from time to time. I’m sorry.

This is the 2007 piece on Peyton Manning’s Super Bowl win over Chicago, as originally posted on CFN and Fox on February 4th, 2007. 

– Welcome to Blog Bowl. The 1998 Super Bowl will always be known as the Dotcom Bowl because of all the new advertising from various web sites, and now this one has seen the full emergence of the Blog. If I have to read one more account of how some writer saw Jimmy Johnson walking by or how hot the women are or how cold the Miami weather is, I’m going to break something tasteful.

Of course, my bile comes from jealousy as I was lazy and put in my media credential request in a few days late and got as far as Naples for a little va-ca. (Fine, so this is technically a blog, but I hate the term and I’ve been doing this well before there was a word for it. Sorry, the pretentious timer is now up.) Had I actually made the two hour drive for media day, this is what I would’ve wanted …

1. Have a running tally on the scoreboard of how many times questions are asked about the two African-American coaches in the Super Bowl, Peyton Manning in/winning the big one, Good Rex vs. Bad Rex, and Lovie’s contract.

2. Have a cliché judge. Every time a player uses a cliché, mentions God in any way, or has a boring answer to a decent question, an air horn goes off in the player’s ear. Most air horns loses and has to have sit through a replay of all 100 hours of NFL Network pregame coverage.

3. Candid Camera … Give each player a Gatorade, then at the end of the session tell them it was a special new test from the NFL that can detect HGH by causing severe, uncontrollable vomiting and diarrhea ten minutes after the first sip and can only be cured by a medicine that’s in the locker room. See who really has the fastest 40 time.

4. A running pool among the media members to see which player will be the first to pull a Eugene Robinson and get caught trying to buy some yee-ha time.

5. The Tank Johnson comedy hour.

6. Make all the media members put on a Florida Gators helmet before asking Manning questions.

7. Make Ricky Manning Jr. answer all his questions from a Denny’s.

– Whichever team wins will probably be around the mid-to-late 20s in the next go-round of he NFL Network’s America’s Game. The series lost me by putting the 1984 49ers No. 8 … it should’ve been first. It got screwed over by a bad call and lost in overtime to Pittsburgh for the only defeat of the year. I demand an explanation as to why a team that led the NFL in offense and defense, beat a great Bears team in the NFC Championship and blew away that Dan Marino-led Miami team in the Super Bowl was so low. It’s simple; the supposed experts who put the thing together absolutely blew it, and I hope someone calls them out for it.

This thing lost all credibility by wussing out by naming the ’72 Dolphins No. 1, which was a very good, but not superior team that played an average schedule. The were at least five teams that were far, far better. Also, if you go by the documentaries, apparently Tom Brady and Roger Staubach were just along for the ride in 1977 and 2004, respectively.

– I’m predicting a Bears blowout, and I’m stunned everyone seems to be picking the Colts. I’ll freely admit that I could be very, very wrong, but I can’t see Indy running the ball at all, and with two weeks off to prepare, I’ll take the better defense, especially one that has a mega-attitude, over the stronger offense. When push comes to shove, bet against Peyton Manning.

– Thank goodness for the lousy weather. It’ll make this even more unique. I wish they’d play a Super Bowl outdoors in a cold weather some day.

– A rainstorm totally favors the Bears in every way, and it’s not being played up enough in the pregame analysis.

– CBS has done a solid job throughout the seemingly endless pregame stuff.

– Here’s one vote to scrap the Super Bowl advertising and run the Charlize Theron rip-the-clothes-off Jadore Dior ad over and over.

– What a shock, Gloria Estefan makes an appearance. That’s like having the Super Bowl in Chicago and bringing out head meatball Jim Belushi, or playing it in Indianapolis and having Pat Harrington, Schneider from One Day at a Time, introduce Cirque Du Soleil.

– I frickin’ hate the frickin’ Super Bowl. It’s truly amateur hour. As a die-hard football fan, give me training camp and opening day of the regular season any day over all the glitz and schlock meant to draw in the mom crowd that’d rather be watching the figure skating marathon on ESPN Classic or the 101 Even Bigger Celebrity Oops! on E!.

– The Norbit pitch … Imaging combining The Nutty Professor with Big Momma’s House.

– Chicago wins the coin toss and takes the ball. Be smart Indy. Don’t kick it to Devin Hester, don’t kick it to Devin Hester, don’t kick it to Devin Hester, don’t kick it to Devin Hester …

First Quarter
– Indianapolis kicks it to Devin Hester. 7-0 Chicago.
– There’s something very Ted Ginn Jr. in the BCS Championship Game about that.
Chicago 7 … Indianapolis 0

Indianapolis on its own 36
– Like the BCS Championship Game, all Indy has to do is crank out a big early scoring drive and it can start from scratch. Manning and the offense can’t screw up early.
– Manning and the offense almost screws up early. Brian Urlacher almost tips the ball for an interception. I’ve made the call for the last two weeks that Indy would turn it over five times.
– Nice run on second down. Joseph Addai got a mile-wide cutback lane and the Chicago linebackers were out of position.
– No pressure on Manning so far and he’s thrown two awful passes. He should’ve been picked off by Nathan Vasher.
– Indy should hammer with the running game right off the bat. It seems like the gameplan is to get Manning in an early rhythm, but Chicago needs to be smacked in the mouth right off the bat.
– Manning pick number one. He doesn’t look off his receiver and hangs up the pass for two days. Chris Harris makes the grab.
– It’s Manning in a big game. Sit back and enjoy, Chicago.

The first three ads aren’t funny, and aren’t really close. The Blockbuster mouse-click thing has me checking out NetFlix.

Chicago on its own 36
– Now is when the Bears are going to pound with the running game. You have to know Indy will be looking for the offense to hide Rex Grossman, so a deep ball right off the bat might not be a bad idea.
– I kind of dig the Crystal Method-like music for the player intro.
– Indy’s D gets great pressure early for a big three-and-out. Manning’s pick doesn’t matter.
– Brad Maynard is a secret weapon. He needs to keep Indy pinned deep.
– He puts it in the end zone.

– Now that works. The Beard Comb-Over is fantastic, but Sierra Mist still sucks.

Indianapolis on its own 20
– Run, run, run. Get Addai into it.
– The rain has kicked in big-time.
– Addai once again gets room to make a nice cut back. The over-aggressive Bear D is slight problem early.
– Addai, meet Urlacher. The two came up with a serious pop. It’s third and two; run it again.
– Manning with a safe throw for a first down. Chicago will take the little dump offs all day long and hope to make plays by punishing the receivers.
– No pressure whatsoever from the Chicago front four.
– Chicago needs to be far tighter on the Indy receivers. Dallas Clark was wide open for an easy first down throw. Manning will sniff that route out every time.
– Eventually, one of these four yard throws is going to result in a big turnover off a huge hit.
– Blown coverage on a third and long and Manning hits Wayne for a touchdown. FANTASTIC 53-yard play by Manning moving his way up in the pocket with Tank Johnson close to getting him.
– Oops. Slippery ball means muffed extra point attempt. No biggie. If you need a two-point conversion, there’s no one you’d rather have than Manning to get it.
Chicago 7 … Indianapolis 6

– Don’t kick it to Devin Hester, don’t kick it to Devin Hester, don’t kick it to Devin Hester …
– Indy ball? Yup. The squib kick and the slippery ball works with Gabe Reid getting nailed and putting it on the turf. One big Indy play and now the Hester kickoff doesn’t mean much.

Indianapolis on the Chicago 34
– And there goes that. Addai fumbles and Chicago gets it back. Addai never gets it. Alex Brown made it happen. Gator flashbacks for Manning, Gator flashbacks for Manning …

Chicago on its own 43
Get the ground game going … get the ground game going.
– The Chicago offensive line should be able to crush the Indy defensive front.
– As I write that, Thomas Jones tears off a huge run getting down to the Indy 5.
– Too … slow … can’t … get … in … end zone.
– What a throw. Grossman has cajones as big as church bells to fire a laser beam to Muhsin Muhammed for a score. He wasn’t open at all. Muhammad has been hit-or-miss all year, but he made a great adjustment and made a tremendous grab.
Chicago 14 … Indianapolis 6

Nice job Bud Light of making fun of people trying to learn our nasty-tough language. Very classy.
– Dave Letterman remains the funniest human being alive.

Indianapolis on its own 16
Dominic Rhodes is in. He’s been effective all through the playoffs, but Addai was running well.
– Manning is getting time, but he’s not getting much help. Three and out. Chicago is dictating the action.
– Don’t kick it to Devin Hester, don’t kick it to Devin Hester …
– Nice coverage by Indy. Hester never got a chance to get into the open field.

Chicago on its own 27
– Keep the foot on the gas. Chicago has to be aggressive.
– Great first pas on the drive to Bernard Berrian. Better job by the officials to get the call right.
– Oooooooh. Cedric Benson gets his first carry, gets walloped by Bob Sanders and puts it on the turf. Indy ball.

Indianapolis on the Chicago 44
– That turnover was a killer. Chicago has all the momentum, and now it’s gone. This team lives and dies with the mo.
– Oooooh. Manning almost throws his second pick. Ian Scott had a shot at it.
Manning should’ve been picked again. Nathan Vasher had perfect coverage on Marvin Harrison, but Harrison was more aggressive and almost came up with the catch.
– Five-yard neutral-zone infraction on Chicago. Go for it. It’s fourth and three on the Chicago 36, and you have Peyton Manning. Of course you go for it.
– Indy wusses out and kicks it. Nice pooch getting it deep.

Chicago on its own 4
– The Bears have to use their huge advantage on the offensive line and start pounding away. 
– Interesting. Benson gets right back on the bike.
– Benson gets hurt, but the real worry has to be John Tait getting dinged up. Dwight Freeney has to be drooling at the thought of a wounded Tait.
– This is so cool. It’s really raining.
– Rex is getting time and he’s working with Berrian on the sidelines. They’re just a bit off.
– Third and seven deep. Don’t get cute.
– They don’t. Handoff Jones to force a kick.

Indianapolis on its own 42
– I’m not sure why hasn’t used Addai more. He was hot early.
– Swing pass to Addai for a first down.
– Entertaining first quarter.
– Excellent … Go Daddy ads. Boobs work.
– Everyone who has Chicago 4 and Indy 6, lunch is on you tomorrow.

First Quarter Score: Chicago 14 … Indianapolis 6

– Indy has to be happy. Chicago had chances to drop the hammer and end this early, and didn’t. Eventually, Manning will be Manning.

Second Quarter
– Benson hurt his knee.
– The interior of the Chicago defense is getting pushed around a bit too much. Oh Tommie Harris, where are you.
– Addai is running really, really hard and very well. He’s getting seven yards every time has has the ball.
– Manning has the offense in a groove. Chicago needs to come up with a positive defensive play soon.
– Indy gets cute and loses yards on a run from Harrison.
– This will be fun … Urlacher and Briggs are going to bring it, Manning reads it, and …
– The pass is complete, but it gets stopped short of the first down. Basically, Chicago is being ultra-conservative with its secondary, and ultra-aggressive with the linebackers.
– Adam Vinitieri nails the chip shot.
Chicago 14 … Indianapolis 9

– Hester is up for the pooch, and then drops back. Nice coverage by Indy to keep it from going anywhere, but it helps to have Rashied Davis returning it.

Chicago on its own 22
– I don’t get why Manning is whining on the sideline. He has free reign to change the plays.
– The rain seems to be getting harder.
– Rex is going to have to start making plays. Indy is daring Chicago to throw it. He’s playing not to make mistakes, just like he has all through the playoffs.
– Total shank by Maynard.

Indianapolis on its own 42
– Eventually the Chicago defensive front has to get some sort of pressure. Manning is getting eight days to throw.
– Manning got what he wanted. The playcalling is more aggressive with more plays down the field.
– Uh CBS, you might want to invest in a hankie to clean off the camera lens.
– Chicago’s D isn’t playing with the same bounce it had early. Indy now has all the tempo.
– Rhodes ripped through Vasher for a first down. The Bear front four is getting crushed.
– Two Rhodes runs and a score. That drive was way too easy. Chicago’s defense has gone bye-bye over the last 20 minutes.
– Go for one. It’s so, so early. Kick the PAT, get another touchdown, be up nine.
– Vinitieri hits the extra point.
Indianapolis 16 … Chicago 14

Chicago on its own 37
– The Bear offense has to take a chance that its D doesn’t have it. It’s time to let Rex be a Super Bowl quarterback.
– Give Indy tons of credit for being relaxed and effective to take the lead after all the big early haymakers. Manning has been one cool customer.
– I’m going on a limb here; Prince won’t be playing Erotic City or Darling Nikki.
– Now Indy’s defense is flying all over the field.
– Benson is out for the game. Welcome to a little bit of Adrian Peterson, and not the good, Oklahoma kind.
– Three and out. Chicago needs a spark of some sort in a big hurry. Basically, it got two really big plays, and that’s it.
– The Bear defense has to be totally gassed.

Indianapolis on its own 35
– This doesn’t really seem like a Super Bowl. It just seems like a really, really good late Sunday interconference matchup.
– Chicago is playing like the Minnesota Golden Gophers in the second half of the Insight Bowl against Texas Tech. The corners are going to have to start playing honestly.
– Manning is having a Hall of Fame performance, but Chicago is letting him dink and dunk. Worse yet, the Bears have stopped tackling.
– Two minutes to go and Indy is getting the ball to start the second half; this might be a do-or-die stop for the Chicago D.
– I’m flat-out stunned at how many problems the Bear defensive front seven are having.
– Nice job by Phil Simms of calling out the Bear D for not tackling.
– Third and one, and Indy converts way too easily.
– Talk about living and dying by the turnover. Chicago gets a huge break by a dropped ball/strip/recovery by Peanut Tillman.

Chicago on its own 36
– Rex drops the ball on the center snap, Indy gets it back, and we’re back to normal.
– Watch the Chicago D struggle after losing the mo yet again.

Indianapolis on the Chicago 35
– Rhodes rips through the Chicago defensive front. The Indy offensive line has been unbelievable. Adewale Ogunleye, Mark Anderson and Alex Brown have been non-existent.
– Check out Manning running a little impromptu option. Is that J.C. Watts?
– There’s Urlacher. He finally got into space and made a huge play to stuff Addai on third down.
– Like Indy had to be happy to not get down big early, Chicago has to be jumping for joy to only be down five.
– Ooooh. Indy almost blew in and forgot to call timeout with time running out. Two seconds left.
– He missed it?! Vinatieri is always super-clutch when he’s had to be, but he missed a FG for New England against Carolina. Now the Bears have to be FLYING into the locker room.
– All of you with Indy 6, Chicago 4, bring donuts to work.
First Half Score: Indianapolis 16 … Chicago 14

– Debate topic of the week … who’s more consistent when it comes to bringing the hot chicks, Stanley Kubrick or Prince? They don’t mess around.
– I grew up in Minneapolis during the meat of the Prince era and am fully qualified to fire this out: Purple Rain is insanely overrated compared to his other stuff. To play it in the rain at the Super Bowl is as cliché as it gets.

Third Quarter
– Outside of two plays, Indy totally dominated the first half.
– Indy has fantastic field position to start. This has to produce at least a field goal.

Indianapolis on its own 39
– Indy goes right back to the short passing game using Addai. Chicago had better have come up with a new wrinkle at halftime.
– Nope. Chicago misses tackles and lets Addai run for a first down.
– Chicago appears to be so freaked out by giving up the big play that it’s getting burned way too much underneath. It has to start dictating the action and forcing Manning out of his rhythm. New England, in the first half of the AFC Championship, at least hit Manning over and over again. Manning hasn’t been touched.
– Manning gets time to have a cup of coffee, Urlacher is too deep, first down.
– This isn’t a knock on Manning, he’s been incredible, but most quarterbacks could pick this D apart the way it’s playing right now.
– It seems like Chicago is relying on the turnover way too much.
– Addai for a ten-yard run. Ogunleye is having an awful game. Indy is running over, around and through him.
– Chicago has yet to come up with a positive defensive play in the first four minutes.
– Third and five. Much will be made about Rex’s third down problems, but the D hasn’t been close on third downs.
– AGAIN, the Bear linebackers drop back way too deep, Manning hit Addai, easy first down.
– Simms says what I wrote a bit ago, he could make those throws.
– This is the Super Bowl winning drive right here. The Bear D should’ve been rested coming out of halftime.
– Finally, Chicago brings an effective blitz and Tillman makes a nice tackle.
– The Bears finally come up with a third down stop, but did they have 12 men on the field? It’s being challenged, but replay seems to show Chicago was fine.
– This is the Super Bowl. If I’m Indy, I go for it on the Chicago ten. Pound the ball with Rhodes; the Bears haven’t stopped him all night.
– 7:30 off the third quarter clock.
– The call stands.
– Vinatieri is out. 24-yard attempt ….
– Good.
Indianapolis 19 … Chicago 14

– Let’s flip this around. Indianapolis has completely and totally dominated, but it’s only up five. Chicago can go on one good drive and take the lead. As I mentioned before, no one feeds off momentum like the Bears. The bend-but-don’t-break D needs something to go its way.

Chicago on its own 32
– Chicago can’t panic. It just has to do it regular offense, hope Rex turns into good Rex, and hope the O finally gets something going.
– Rex comes out throwing hitting Jones for a first down.
– Hits Muhammad on the next play for an easy second and one.
– And there’s the problem. The second there’s any pressure on Rex, the play blows up. Anthony McFarland blew up the play and now it’s third and 12.
– Grossman drops the ball, he trips, he slips, and does a double-flip. Chicago is the one that can’t play in the myth of supposed Bear weather.

Indianapolis on its own 35
– It’ll never happen because Lovie would never let any of his players do this, but I’d take a roughing the passer penalty on Manning’s first throw. He hasn’t been hit once. One good late pop might unwittingly set off a timer in his head. Or it could fire him up and he could be even more amazing.
– Addai has ten catches. Manning is going to win the MVP, but you could make a case for Addai.
– Rhodes breaks through a missed Hunter Hillenmeyer tackle and runs for a huge gain. Now Indy is on the 28.
– Chicago is playing undisciplined and now frustrated getting a 15-yard face mask to put it on the ten.
– GREAT falling catch from Reggie Wayne, but he’s out of bounds in the end zone.
– Nice job by Simms to once again dog the Bear D for not being aggressive and getting a horrible performance from the front four.
– The ends haven’t even been remotely close.
– Ooooooh. The Bears play their version of the prevent and just stop Rhodes short of the goal line. I’m changing my tune; Chicago’s O is doing nothing, so get the field goal and go up eight.
– Chicago has self-imploded. Todd Johnson hits Vinatieri after the play. That should put it on the one, and it’s not a first down. Now I’d go for it. Rhodes has been nothing but positive yards, and if you miss, you put Bad Rex on the one. If Indy doesn’t win, blame this play call. Dungy has a chance to end Super Bowl XLI right now.
– Wuss.
Indianapolis 22 … Chicago 14

Chicago on the Indianapolis 40
– Once again, Chicago can’t get down. One good scoring drive, a two point conversion, and this should-be-blowout is tied.
– Plays: Indy 63 – Chicago 23.
– Soon, either Rex will throw one of his patented through-a-needle lasers for a huge play, or he’ll throw it to a wide open Bob Sanders.
– A three-wide attack for Chicago. O.K.; it’s on you, Rex.
– The Bears had better hope Benson is a player next year. Jones might be productive, but he’s pedestrian.
– Grossman just overthrows Rashied Davis because he’s under pressure. Good Rex, with time, hits that throw.
– The play-calling is lacking. Running on second down with a vanilla run up the middle? I know the idea is to give Rex a more manageable third down, but you need to be more aggressive.
– Rex does a good job of scrambling, but forces a throw that should’ve been picked.
– Robbie Gould nails a very, very tough 44-yard field goal through the rain.
– How is Indy not winning this by 21?
Indianapolis 22 … Chicago 17

Indianapolis on its own 32
– Finally, the front four stuffs the run on first down.
– Manning hits Harrison on what looked like a great out pattern, but one official rules it out of bounds. On the replay, it sort of looks like he made the grab. This would make it third and one. If Indy loses, it loses another timeout.
– Overruled. HUGE play.
Old School is on ABC. What guy who’d watch that isn’t watching the Super Bowl?
– Too easy. Manning gets four seconds to throw, the cushion is way too big, Wayne gets the first down.
– All those with Indy 2, Chicago 7 makes the latte run.
Third Quarter Score: Indianapolis 22 … Chicago 17

Fourth Quarter
– It’s this simple: Indy has to be forced into third and longs. Third and less than five means an automatic first down with the way Manning is working.
– Chicago keeps getting just this close to making big plays, but Chicago isn’t coming up with the first stop.
– FINALLY, Manning is under pressure, doesn’t step into his throw, and Harrison gets popped. He had the catch, but Vasher made a nice play.
– Don’t kick it to Devin Hester, don’t kick it to Devin Hester, don’t kick it to Devin Hester.
– The kick goes into the end zone.

Chicago on its own 20
ONCE AGAIN, one good drive, and after playing like total garbage, Chicago is in the lead.
– Holding on Tait. Rex can’t be in first and 20.
– Jones runs for six.
– There’s no panic in Chicago, but there needs to be a sense of urgency relatively soon with a downfield strike.
– Good Rex throws a ball behind Muhammad, but it’s for a first down. That’s the type of play that can spark the offense, until …
– Bad Rex makes an awful read, Kelvin Hayden gets a gift pick, and takes it for a score. Chicago challenges, but it’s going to go Indy’s way. Ball game.
– It looks like the side of Hayden’s foot hit the sideline, but there’s no way you can reverse it.
– Touchdown. Thank you very much, good night. Enjoy the veal.
Indianapolis 29 … Chicago 17

– O.K., let’s try this one more time. This might actually be a plus for the Bears in a warped sort of way. Now Rex and the offense has to open it up and play with a sense of urgency. Essentially, it now has to wake up. Rex can sort of now play with nothing to lose.
– Who’s more overrated, Jay-Z or Don Shula? Discuss.

Chicago on its own 20
– 11:44 to play, Jones comes out running.
– Chicago’s offense is playing two clicks slower than the Indy defense.
– First down out to the Indy 40. Desmond Clark makes an appearance.
– One plus for Chicago is that the D has some rest.
– And then Rex does that. Bad Rex has Berrian wide open on a big post play, hangs the ball up in the air for ten minutes, and Bob Sanders finally ends it.
– Great for Manning and Dungy. This couldn’t happen for two better guys.
– I truly thought the Chicago D was going to control this game. Of course, it should’ve been obvious that you don’t take Rex over Peyton.

Indianapolis on the Chicago 41
– Now it’ll be the Addai/Rhodes show.
– Once again, Manning will win the MVP, but Addai probably deserves it.
– There’s no need for Indy to go for the dagger with a deep ball. With nine minutes to play, RUNNNNNNN!
– A sack? Mark Anderson makes an appearance.
– Indy has to punt it with just over eight minutes to play. Message to Hunter Smith … PUT IT IN THE FIFTH ROW.
– It’s STILL just 12 points. One Good Rex throw, and this gets interesting.
– Smith pins Hester on the eight.

Chicago on its own 8
– Clark bobbles a tipped ball for a near first down.
– Chicago is in the hurry up. This is how Good Rex appears.
– Indy is letting Chicago eat up yards and time. 6:30 to go, but the Bears are at midfield.
– Indy can’t go conservative. It has to generate some sort of pressure.
– Jones just doesn’t have anything special in the open field. Indy’s D is making tackles; Chicago’s didn’t.
– Now Rex has to push the ball down the field. Forgetting that it’s fourth down, the Bears have to try to force something positive.
– Fourth and nine …
– Rex makes a fantastic throw, but Clark gets hit and drops it.
– 5:05 to play.

Indianapolis on the Chicago 48
– Run for a first down from Rhodes. The Indy offensive line closes out the game with a dominant play to truly end the game.
– Chicago is going to look back on this game and be really, really ticked off with the way its D played.
– Another Rhodes first down run.
– Holding on Indy. Why wouldn’t Chicago decline it? Yeah, the game is over, but that would’ve been third down with the two-minute warning to stop the clock. You need the ball back, and that would’ve been it.
– Two minute warning.
– Now Chicago has no timeouts left and will get the ball back with about 1:25 to play instead of 1:55. It’s the Super Bowl; you still bomb away.
– Indy is going for it on fourth down instead of kicking the field goal.

Chicago on its own 16
– Dumb. The Bears aren’t working the sidelines. Jones doesn’t get out of bounds on a short pass. Of course, it doesn’t really matter. Chicago isn’t throwing deep.
– It doesn’t make sense. Why not bomb away and at least give it a shot for something happening like a pass interference? Time runs out, Indy wins, there’s much rejoicing.
– No more “Yeah, But” in front of Peyton’s name.
Final Score: Indianapolis 29 … Chicago 17


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