2017 Recruiting Team Rankings & What You Need To Know: No. 76-100

2017 Recruiting Team Rankings & What You Need To Know: No. 76-100

2017 Recruiting

2017 Recruiting Team Rankings & What You Need To Know: No. 76-100


2017 Recruiting Team Rankings & What You Need To Know: No. 76-100

Ranking all the recruiting classes after 2017 National Signing Day, along with the best prospect for each team, the strongest position, and what you need to know for teams ranked 76 to 100.

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For all the team and conference rankings and analysis
2017 National Signing Day: College Football Recruiting Class Analysis, Signings & Rankings

2017 Recruiting Rankings 
Top 25 | 26-50 | 51-75101-130

2017 Recruiting Class Rankings: No. 76-100

100. New Mexico Lobos

Really? A New Mexico team without any top-shelf running backs coming in? There are a few versatile athletes who can work in different spots – like the backfield, but this class is for the defense, particularly the back seven with a good group of defensive backs coming in around a nice linebacking corps.

Best Prospect You Should Know: QB Cameron Burston
Strongest Position: Linebacker

99. Florida Atlantic Owls

Lane Kiffin’s first recruiting season – albeit, an abbreviated one – comes down to the controversial pickup of Florida State QB DeAndre Johnson. If he’s great, FAU is an instant player. He’s not alone for the offense, though, with RB Chase Lasater a good one to work the O around. There’s not a lot of bulk, but the top-shelf talent at linebacker and defensive end should be among Conference USA’s best.

Best Prospect You Should Know: QB DeAndre Johnson
Strongest Position: Defensive End

98. SMU Mustangs

The Mustangs came up with a slew of really good, really strong offensive linemen who only need a little time to beef up. A pair of good quarterbacks are signed on, along with a few top defensive backs who need to quickly grow into starters. Getting QB Austin Upshaw late was good, but the better prospect might be …

Best Prospect You Should Know: QB D.J. Gillins
Strongest Position: Quarterback

97. Wyoming Cowboys

While the running game has been great, the passing attack got more work with a slew of good receivers – led by C.J. Coldon – to go along with just enough decent defensive prospects to get by. DE Victor Jones and LB Ryan Gatoloai need to shine as the stars of the show, but this class is about the passing game needing a big career from …

Best Prospect You Should Know: QB Tyler Vander Waal
Strongest Position: Wide Receiver

96. Louisiana Tech Bulldogs

There’s not too much coming in for the offensive side – although the pitch-catch combo of Elijah Walker and WR George Scott should be good – with the defense getting next-to-nothing for the line. However, the secondary is loaded with options with lots of safeties and lots of size. It’s an okay class, but next year’s has to rock.

Best Prospect You Should Know: CB Amik Robertson
Strongest Position: Defensive Back

95. Tulane Green Wave

Willie Fritz is bringing in the targets, with a group of very big receivers who look the type. The defensive side gets a good end in Cameron Sample, while Michael Scott should be the leader of the linebacking corps. Sample boosted up the class coming in on Signing Day, along with a few late gets to help the overall depth.

Best Prospect You Should Know: WR Khalil McClain
Strongest Position: Wide Receiver

94. Hawaii Rainbow Warriors

There were a few key late losses, but it’s still a good overall class starting with a terrific receiving corps to help boost the Nick Rolovich offense. JUCO transfer Jamie Tago should be an instant help for the pass rush, Anthony Mermea has anchor potential at one tackle spot. A massive flurry on National Signing Day helped the class, getting Mermea, TE Kade Greeley, LB Paul Scott, and …

Best Prospect You Should Know: RB Miles Reed
Strongest Position: Wide Receiver

93. Miami University RedHawks

Signing Day turned into a big step for the program, landing TE Mitchell Lewis, DE Joshua Maize, and enough depth to round out an already okay class. The defensive front should be the strength of the class after a few years to develop, but there’s enough for the offense to keep the offensive pop going with WR Jalen Walker and …

Best Prospect You Should Know: RB Davion Johnson
Strongest Position: Defensive End

92. Ball State Cardinals

This class is all about running the ball, and stopping someone from throwing. The stars of the class are on the offensive side, with running backs Kevin Dominique and Caleb Huntley joining WR Justin Gibbs as good Signing Day gets to join an already good group of backs, but the defense gets the bulk with a loaded defensive backfield.

Best Prospect You Should Know: RB Jimmy Daw
Strongest Position: Cornerback

91. Texas State Bobcats

The Bobcats got lots and lots of prospects to try immediately adding more bulk and options across the board. Every job has to be open going into next year, and this class has freshmen who’ll play big roles. Can Jaylen Gipson take over the starting quarterback job early on? How fast can RB Anthony Smith get into the mix? There might not be a slew of top players for the defensive front or the secondary, but there are plenty of bodies.

Best Prospect You Should Know: CB Kieston Roach
Strongest Position: Wide Receiver

90. Western Michigan Broncos

P.J. Fleck might have taken several key prospects with him to Minnesota, but the Broncos were able to rally back late in the process to get a few good receivers while beefing up the defensive front. There’s nothing for the running game, and outside of WR Luke Sanders, there aren’t any obvious offensive skill stars. It’s going to take a year to work to get the boat rowing again.

Best Prospect You Should Know: LB Treshaun Hayward
Strongest Position: Offensive Tackle

89. Navy Midshipmen

Here’s the crazy part about this class considering what Navy does and how the offensive rolls – the receivers are terrific. Of course, any and all of the prospects could be moved around to the secondary or offensive backfield, but the options are there to start going downfield more. There are a few real, live FBS talents to build around including G Nick Novak, DE Jackson Perkins, WR Gary Theard and …

Best Prospect You Should Know: RB Jamale Corothers
Strongest Position: Wide Receiver

88. Northern Illinois Huskies

Is this the class to help the Huskies get back into the MAC title chase soon? It’s good enough, with a few excellent receivers in Cole Tucker and Tyrice Richie to help out good-looking quarterback Rodney Hall. It’s a bit of a mish-mosh of a recruiting season without depth for any one spot, but a little of something for everyone.

Best Prospect You Should Know: LB Matt Lorbeck
Strongest Position: Wide Receiver

87. Central Michigan Chippewas

It’s a surprisingly deep class full of plenty of solid options and players to spread out across the board. The linebackers are going to be bulked up safeties, and the defensive front got its share of nice prospects.

Best Prospect You Should Know: DE Jonathan Berghorst
Strongest Position: Wide Receiver

86. FIU Golden Panthers

Butch Davis is building the program up from offensive line. The secondary got its players, and the linebacking corps should be okay in time, but the foundation is being set for the next several years – if this works – to get the skill guys later.

Best Prospect You Should Know: LB Brandon James
Strongest Position: Offensive Linemen

85. Marshall Thundering Herd

A good late rush helped push the Herd recruiting class up a few notches. The skills players are the stars, with QB Isaiah Green, along with a slew of good running backs, receivers, and TE Armani Levias soon to be big factors.

Best Prospect You Should Know: LB Darius Hodge
Strongest Position: Running Backs

84. Nevada Wolf Pack

Starting with QB K.C. Cureton, a great Signing Day get to take a mediocre class and help it to rise up late. The coaching staff hustled hard late in the process, getting pieces of the puzzle for several spots to what was starting to seem like a lost recruiting season.

Best Prospect You Should Know: WR/CB/RB Tyson Williams
Strongest Position: Wide Receiver

83. Tulsa Golden Hurricane

Who doesn’t want to be a part of the Tulsa fun offensive fun? Getting a ton of receiver talent to come in wasn’t any sort of a problem, but RB Shamari Brooks could end up being the star out of the class. There’s not much for the defensive front seven, but Garry Flanary could be the anchor at one tackle spot. The coaching staff did a nice job of getting things in place early on.

Best Prospect You Should Know: WR Sam Crawford
Strongest Position: Wide Receiver

82. Southern Miss Golden Eagles

The Golden Eagles would apparently like to stop teams from throwing the ball. Lamarque Davis and Emanuel Dabney lead a great group of defensive backs, while the offense came up with two quarterbacks and strong receivers in Tim Jones and Jaylond Adams.

Best Prospect You Should Know: LB Freddie Hartz
Strongest Position: Defensive Back

81. East Carolina Pirates

Throw the ball, get to the quarterback. That’s what East Carolina is trying to accomplish with a loaded group of receivers and a slew of good pass rushers for the defensive front, but the three linebackers coming in could make this defense a whole lot better in the near future. If the defensive ends rock, though, this will be a big recruiting season.

Best Prospect You Should Know: WR Jayden Borders
Strongest Position: Linebacker

80. Utah State Aggies

And in come the JUCO transfers to provide an instant boost. DE Devon Anderson, CB Deante Fortenberry and RB Eltoro Allen are just a few of the good new guys to help the position fights from Day One, but the goal overall appears to be to step up the options on offense. There might not be a slew of sure-thing high school prospects, but there are plenty of live bodies as the Mountain West’s biggest class.

Best Prospect You Should Know: QB Henry Colombi
Strongest Position: Linebacker

79. UTSA Roadrunners

It’s a really, really good class for a UTSA program on the way up. There are just enough good prospects to instantly add an infusion of upgraded options for several positions, especially in the secondary and on the defensive front. If Morris Joseph and Jaylon Haynes can become mainstays on the defensive front, look out – those two could be the foundation for an improved run D in the next few years.

Best Prospect You Should Know: S Samuel Barnes
Strongest Position: Defensive Back

78. San Jose State Spartans

It’s a surprisingly great first recruiting class for Brent Brennan, landing several real, live Mountain West starters who could change around the team early on. RB Tyler Nevens is a good, slashing runner to potentially work the offense around, Tre Walker is eventually a No. 1 receiver, and the defensive backfield got a slew of great options to throw to the wolves early on. But the offense needs big things from …

Best Prospect You Should Know: QB Terrell Carter
Strongest Position: Cornerback

77. Bowling Green Falcons

Mike Jinks got a full season to recruit, and it showed. It’s a sneaky-good class that probably won’t receive too much fanfare or love from the national services. There might not be major depth for any one area, but there’s an overall talent upgrade with players like RB Matt Wilcox, QB Jarret Doege, and JUCO transfer Matthew Tanner for one guard spot as just a few of the good new talents coming in.

Best Prospect You Should Know: TE Travis Koontz
Strongest Position: Defensive Tackle

76. South Florida Bulls

Charlie Strong stepped it up late in the process to put together a good stepping stone class to set the tone for 2017. Just when it seemed like a lost recruiting season, the Bulls came up with some excellent defensive backs and O linemen with tackles Demetris Harris and Jeremiah Stafford coming in. Watch out for the defensive ends – Darrien Grant and Jabreel Stephens need to be Strong’s main men soon for the front four.

Best Prospect You Should Know: WR Kevaughn Dingle
Strongest Position: Defensive Backs

2017 Recruiting Rankings 
Top 25 | 26-50 | 51-75101-130

2017 National Signing Day: College Football Recruiting Class Analysis, Signings & Rankings


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