2017 Recruiting Team Rankings & What You Need To Know: No. 26-50

2017 Recruiting Team Rankings & What You Need To Know: No. 26-50

2017 Recruiting

2017 Recruiting Team Rankings & What You Need To Know: No. 26-50


2017 Recruiting Team Rankings & What You Need To Know: No. 26-50

Ranking all the recruiting classes after 2017 National Signing Day, along with the best prospect for each team, the strongest position, and what you need to know for teams ranked 26 to 50.

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2017 National Signing Day: College Football Recruiting Class Analysis, Signings & Rankings

2017 Recruiting Rankings 
Top 25 | 51-7576-100 | 101-130

2017 Recruiting Class Rankings: No. 26-50

50. Minnesota Gophers

P.J. Fleck went on a whirlwind run to crank up a recruiting class almost from scratch. He was able to bring aboard several prospects he was going after at Western Michigan, but he went and made the pitch for Minnesota on the school’s own merits, too. He had to go national for the top prospects, getting a few great defensive tackles, a whole slew of quarterbacks, and lots and lots of promising O linemen.

Best Prospect You Should Know: RB Mohamed Ibrahim
Strongest Position: Offensive Tackle

49. Ole Miss Rebels

A potentially lousy-looking class was saved by a solid Signing Day, bringing in several nice parts of the puzzle. While it might not come remotely close to being in the same world as some of Hugh Freeze’s better classes, this might be a better recruiting season than it first appears helped by getting star linebackers like Breon Dixon and Mohamed Sanogo.

Best Prospect You Should Know: WR/DB Kam White
Strongest Position: Linebacker

48. Illinois Fighting Illini

It’s more than good enough. Could Lovie Smith recruit? Could he start to get the guys he needs for his defense? He went national to bulk up his defense on Signing Day, came up with a great receiver out of Chicago in Ricky Smalling, another elite one out of Miami in Carmoni Green, and went after pass rush, pass rush, pass rush with Owen Carney – also out of Miami – the star of a fantastic group of defensive ends.

Best Prospect You Should Know: WR Carmoni Green
Strongest Position: Defensive End

47. Kentucky Wildcats

The Wildcats have always gone after speed and athleticism when it comes to their recruits, and then figured it out later. The same goes this time around, with JaVonte Richardson, Lynn Bowden, and Tyrell Ajian elite athletes who’ll be moved around where needed. UK has its high-powered offensive guys coming in, but the defensive ends should provide the bulk, with Joshua Paschal leading a strong group of versatile pass rushers.

Best Prospect You Should Know: WR/S Tyrell Ajian
Strongest Position: Defensive End

46. West Virginia Mountaineers

It might not be a special class full of superstar prospects, but it’s rock-solid up and down the board with the types of players that work well in the system – speed on offense, tough athletes on defense. This class is big in the secondary, has a few nice receivers, and isn’t bad on the defensive line. There wasn’t much happening on Signing Day – the Mountaineers got their guys early.

Best Prospect You Should Know: CB Derrek Pitts
Strongest Position: Defensive Back

45. Northwestern Wildcats

Pat Fitzgerald did a decent job of getting a little bit of something for everywhere. It’s Northwestern, so it’s never going to get a slew of the five-star guys, but it was able to come up with more good players than normal with little to no waste. The secondary is the best area, but the pass rushers are there up front, and the O line is beefed up. A few skill guys are coming in, but the offense will be bigger next year.

Best Prospect You Should Know: DE Trevor Kent
Strongest Position: Defensive Back

44. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Paul Johnson is trying to make sure the high-powered ACC passing games have to work a little bit. The defensive back class is loaded, and the defensive front gets a few nice players. Throw in the two kickers signed on, and some good-sized offensive linemen, and the Yellow Jackets have a few players who’ll make a big push right away. To note, there aren’t a whole lot of top running backs coming in – that’ll change next year.

Best Prospect You Should Know: LB/RB Bruce Jordan Swilling
Strongest Position: Defensive Back

43. Missouri Tigers

Head coach Barry Odom had a year to work, and he and his staff did okay. A defensive coach by nature, Odom was able to crank up the line and the secondary with excellent prospects, but the best overall players are on the offensive front with a few terrific talents who’ll be great in a few years when they beef up. There aren’t a ton of superstar prospects, but there’s a massive load of really good ones.

Best Prospect You Should Know: WR DaRon Davis
Strongest Position: Offensive Tackle

42. Iowa State Cyclones

It’s not the sexiest class, but it’s got teeth. Look to next year for the potential skill position stars, but head coach Matt Campbell did a wonderful job of cranking up the defensive line with a great group of athletic ends around a few solid tackles. Overall, offensively, the line got the most good, strong prospects, but the tight ends are solid. The potential is there to get the offense rolling forward with …

Best Prospect You Should Know: QB Devon Moore
Strongest Position: Offensive Line

41. Wisconsin Badgers

It’s not like getting players on Signing Day changes everything, but getting a backup quarterback in Danny Vanden Boom, and a real, live No. 1 target in Danny Davis was at least a nod to the need for an upgraded passing attack. It’s Jack Coan, though, who’s the quarterback of the future, and more targets are coming in to help out Davis. RB Jonathan Taylor could be the next great Badger statistical superstar. Next year, the defense should get more help.

Best Prospect You Should Know: WR Danny Davis
Strongest Position: Wide Receiver

40. Washington State Cougars

Bringing in WR Jamire Calvin on Signing Day helped an already loaded group of receivers to do what the Mike Leach offense does best. But the other parts of the class might be even more important, coming up with several excellent prospects or the offensive line and the secondary. The options are there for the near-future, and the depth should be boosted in a big way.

Best Prospect You Should Know: WR Anthony White
Strongest Position: Wide Receiver

39. Texas Tech Red Raiders

There were two areas Kliff Kingsbury was going after very, very hard: O line and defensive back. There wasn’t much happening for the skill side with just a few prospects coming in, but the Red Raiders need to stop Big 12 teams from passing, and they need to reinforce the foundation for the offense. It’s about the bulk – find a few starters and create more depth chart fights. This group can do that.

Best Prospect You Should Know: C Jack Anderson
Strongest Position: Defensive Back

38. Pitt Panthers

Did the Panthers help out the woeful pass defense? Did Pat Narduzzi crank it up with the defensive backs needed to change things around? Maybe – it’s a good group. There’s not much happening for the pass rush, and there’s next to nothing for the linebacking corps. For the other side, the receivers are great, the tight ends are fantastic, and RBs Anthony Davis and Todd Sibley are going to be stars.

Best Prospect You Should Know: CB Paris Ford
Strongest Position: Tight End

37. Oregon State Beavers

It’s crazy considering Oregon State likes to run the ball with the spread, and head coach Gary Andersen is more about the defense than anything else, but the receiving corps is terrific. It’s a group loaded with variety, but can someone get them the ball? QB Aidan Willard should be able to fit in nicely. The secondary has a few nice players, and DT Craig Evans is going to be an all-star.

Best Prospect You Should Know: WR Isaiah Hodgins
Strongest Position: Wide Receiver

36. Arizona Wildcats

The versatility is there with several athletes who could fit into several different spots. There’s not much coming in specifically for the offense – QB Rhett Rodriguez, though, is in to help run his dad’s attack – but the linebacking corps is full of talent, the tweeners are there for the pass rush, and the secondary has several live bodies.

Best Prospect You Should Know: CB/WR Drew Dixon
Strongest Position: Linebacker

35. Baylor Bears

The ever-developing nightmare surrounding the school and the football program kept down the recruiting class with several key losses. Even so, new head coach Matt Rhule did a good job considering the issues. The defensive backs get most of the stars, but a few good players are coming in for the offensive side. The skill star power isn’t quite there, but the O line is bulked up and improved. The D ends came in on Signing Day to boost up the class even more, with Justin Harris and DeMarco Artis two outstanding gets.

Best Prospect You Should Know: CB Harrison Hand
Strongest Position: Defensive Back

34. South Carolina Gamecocks

The bulk of the class is on the defensive side, but the best prospects are on the other side. DTs MJ Webb and Aaron Sterling need to be the foundation of Kirby Smart’s D, while the secondary is full of future starters – it’s a terrific group. But the team needs offensive playmakers, getting a good tight end in Will Register to go along with a loaded group of receivers in Shi Smith, Chad Terrell, and …

Best Prospect You Should Know: WR OrTre Smith
Strongest Position: Wide Receiver

33. Utah Utes

The defensive backs coming in are outstanding, and at just the right time with the Pac-12 offenses getting stronger and stronger. The offensive backfield needs work next year, but the rest of the group is solid. The class started out okay, and then blew up on Signing Day getting a few great offensive linemen, a few terrific defensive ends, and added on to an already great season for the receiving corps with …

Best Prospect You Should Know: WR Bryan Thompson
Strongest Position: Defensive Back

32. Arizona State Sun Devils

Todd Graham came up with a massive group of defensive backs with great prospect after great prospect. The rest of the positions weren’t ignored, but there wasn’t any one area that’s remotely close to as being as good as the secondary. QB Ryan Kelley could be special, and Tyler Johnson should be a key part of the attack if he comes in as a tight end.

Best Prospect You Should Know: RB Eno Benjamin
Strongest Position: Defensive Back

31. Arkansas Razorbacks

The secondary might have the most good prospects for any one spot, but the offense has the playmakers everyone will probably know. Brandon Martin is the big receiver who fits the SEC mold, while Jeremy Patton should be the next great Hog tight end. The O linemen are just okay – at least for a Bret Bielema team – but the receivers are strong and there’s plenty of upside from QB Daulton Hyatt.

Best Prospect You Should Know: RB Chase Hayden
Strongest Position: Defensive Back

30. Texas Longhorns

It’s not a great class considering what’s expected out of Tom Herman, but that’s coming. This one has a couple of fantastic linebackers, a great QB in Sam Ehlinger, and enough good talents here and there to create a few position battles over the next few years. But the bulk isn’t there, and there isn’t any one area that received a ton of attention. Again, that’s coming next year if all goes according to plan.

Best Prospect You Should Know: LB Gary Johnson
Strongest Position: Linebacker

29. Colorado Buffaloes

Did Colorado bust out on the recruiting trail? Sort of, with head coach Mike MacIntyre bringing in several strong receivers, and a little more for the attack with RB Alex Fontenot and QB Tyler Lytle to be part of the near future. The skill guys might be good, but blockers Jake Moretti and Grant Polley should be great with a little time to hit the weights. It’s the defensive side, though, that got the most help with a loaded class of defensive ends and a few potentially fantastic defensive backs.

Best Prospect You Should Know: WR K.D. Nixon
Strongest Position: Defensive End

28. North Carolina Tar Heels

The defensive linemen got the best talents with Zach Gill and Jordon Riley on the interior, and Jake Lawler a good-looking pass rusher. But the offensive line got the top players and the most options, starting with OT Jonah Melton, and with plenty of versatile options to eventually fill in the gaps. There isn’t too much for the offensive skill side, but there’s help coming in for the receiving corps.

Best Prospect You Should Know: DE Jake Lawler
Strongest Position: Offensive Line

27. Oklahoma State Cowboys

The Cowboys are about to keep the firepower rolling with a big-time group of receivers to keep up the recent tradition of superstars. The defensive front has a few good prospects, and the secondary is getting its share of options for the future. Next year, though, the offense needs help for the line and could use more running back options. For now, the passing game – some of these receivers will get their shot to work with Mason Rudolph – will take the spotlight.

Best Prospect You Should Know: WR L.C. Greenwood
Strongest Position: Wide Receiver

26. Mississippi State Bulldogs

Dan Mullen’s defense takes over this class, especially up front. Tyler Dunning and Willie Gay are good-looking linebackers, and the defensive backs aren’t bad, but the front seven benefits the most. There’s not too much help for the offense, with just a few okay linemen, nearly nothing at running back and receiver, and the best scoring weapon likely to be K Tucker Day. However, Mullen did land …

Best Prospect You Should Know: QB Keytaon Thompson
Strongest Position: Defensive Tackle

2017 National Signing Day: College Football Recruiting Class Analysis, Signings & Rankings

2017 Recruiting Rankings 
Top 25 | 51-7576-100 | 101-130


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