College Football Playoff National Championship: Alabama's 3 Biggest Keys

College Football Playoff National Championship: Alabama's 3 Biggest Keys


College Football Playoff National Championship: Alabama's 3 Biggest Keys


College Football Playoff National Championship: Alabama’s 3 Biggest Keys

What are Alabama’s three biggest keys going into the College Football Playoff National Championship vs. Clemson?

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So how does Alabama pull this off? How does it beat Clemson for the national title a second straight time? Here are the three keys, starting with …

2017-ncDon’t Let Deshaun Watson Get Comfy

Watson can rip apart any defense no matter what gets thrown his way, but give him time to find his second receiver, or let him run on his terms, and it’ll be Glendale all over again. The pass rush got to him from time to time last year, but not enough when it really mattered. Clemson connected on half of its third down chances against the Tide – it didn’t convert more than 40% of its third down tries all of last season. The Bama defense has to get off the field, while the special teams have to …

Keep The Field Tilted

It might not have been a scintillating performance by Alabama against Washington in the Peach, but it was effective. The Huskies never got into the game in the second half, and why? Field position. Bama kept Washington pinned deep. The Crimson Tide defense doesn’t need any help. If Clemson has to go on long march after long march, that’ll play right into Alabama’s plans. With the better punting and return games, the Crimson Tide could keep Clemson on its side of the field way too often, and finally, Alabama …

It’s All About The NOT

The non-offensive touchdown. The D has picked off six passes for scores, and the special teams returned five fumbles for touchdowns, and returned four punts to the house. Clemson turned the ball over a whopping 26 times this season, but against Alabama, it has to be almost perfect. All teams get energized after a big score, but Crimson Tide have a way of turning the momentum around when it absolutely has to, or it’s able to put games away with the NOT. Tigers, no pressure, but be mistake-free.


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